Dan Marino and Peyton Manning- Winners Or Pretenders?

Owen MarksContributor IAugust 24, 2010

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning  and Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino pose for a photo  during a flag-football legends  game during 2005 Pro Bowl week in Ko Olina, Honolulu February 11, 2005.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images
When you think of great quarterbacks there are names that instantly jump to mind. It might be Bart Starr ,Bob Griese, Joe Montana, Warren Moon, Terry Bradshaw, Fran Tarkenton, Johnny U, Roger Staubach and the list of these few backs could be and would be debated and argued for hours. Let's for the sake of argument give you a list. This list is most likely inclusive of any back that you would name. http://www.listology.com/list/greatest-nfl-quarterbacks-all-time Submitted by baker on Fri, 02/25/2005.It's a good list and I'm not here to argue order.

We all know what it takes to be a great, not good quarterback, but a great back. This list is not exclusive to these attributes. They need to be football smart, decisive with enough arm to get the job done and steely under pressure.The extra beyond that is what makes them special. I want to talk about two I saw that more than fits this special group. I sincerely believe if Warren Moon had not wasted those years in the CFL (sorry Canadian Football League aficionados he too would be in this special group).

Those two are Dan Marino and Peyton Manning..However here's the rub. Though those two are special are they actually pretenders to the group. I'm not going to take the time to debate who else deserves to be in that special tier but my two favorites have a very special flaw. And yes Warren Moon falls into it as well. Between these three giants they have two Superbowl appearances and and only one trophy. Hey,Hey, hey I know. This hurts.

Dan Marino arguably one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks I have ever seen. Surprisingly no one knew it when he was drafted out of Pittsburgh. In any case he only got to the big game once. Not his fault, I hear you say. His defense continuously let him down and when he lost Duper and Clayton, the mighty mites, who did he have to catch the ball in the clutch? Where were his running backs? I must admit all good points but irrelevant. Did he win Superbowls ? Did he get to Superbowls ? Let's move along.

Peyton Manning was put together by daddy, Archie(another special quarterback that had the bad luck of playing in New Orleans)along with his younger brother Eli, to be quarterbacks. Archie did a good job. If I had to pick a quarterback to win a regular season game it would be Peyton(or maybe Dan). However if I needed playoffs games or Superbowl trophies there would likely be trepidation in my pick. He has been to two Superbowls and won one and lost one. Hey his defenses let him down during many playoff games and his running back failed to punch in touchdowns when he needed it you say. And let's not forget all those drops from receivers and running backs over the years you continue. Yes, Yes I hear you but though, those issues are true they are irrelevant, as well. The playoff losses are unfortunate but whether his team let him down or he threw one interception too many is not important. He lost.

Listen I love these two players(yes and Moon as well. They gave me, and in the case of Peyton, is still giving me many enjoyable viewing moments. But facts are facts. Though Peyton has time to turn this around, his younger brother has as many Superbowls as he does. That would be one folks. I as mentioned understand Peyton has time..but I've come to accept him for what he is. One of the greatest regular season quarterbacks of all time. He and his buddy Danny.

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