Is This the New York Jets' Year?

Kyle MoCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2010

CHARLOTTE,NC- AUGUST 21:  Armanti Edwards #10 of the Carolina Panthers fumbles the ball as David Clowney #87 and Marquice Cole #34 of the New York Jets recover the ball during a preseason game at Bank of America Stadium on August 21, 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images)
Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images


Last year, Rex Ryan made a bone-headed mistake by not knowing the Jets had life in a press conference, saying it was sad that they couldn’t make the playoffs after a tough lost to Atlanta (10-7).

On Week 16, they had to face the undefeated Colts and beat them to stay alive. They hung around with the Colts’ starters longer than anyone would’ve thought. The score was 9-3 at halftime.

However, around the 3rd quarter the Colt’s head coach decided to take out his starting player in order to play it safe for the Playoffs. This was a huge shock as many fans thought the Colts would want to break history, but this was an opportunity for the Jets to win, and that’s what they did by a score of 29-15.

Each team lost in order for the Jets to have a chance at the playoffs. All they had to accomplish was a win in their next game.

On week 17, the Jets faced the Bengals, and luckily for the Jets, the Bengals didn’t want to risk any injuries for the playoffs; therefore, the Jets rolled over them by an embarrassing score of 37-0.

In the first week of playoffs (aka the Wildcard), it seemed as if the Bengals were going to roll over the Jets, but the total opposite happened.

The Jets totally dominated the Bengals offensively and defensively, as well as out coached them by a mile. Rex Ryan’s play calling and the Jets great run offense made Mark Sanchez look like a million bucks.

The affective run game opened up the pass and play-action perfectly. Scores never tell the story of the game (24-14), but minus a few good Bengal plays, this game was one-sided.

In the divisional playoffs, everyone then thought the Jets tooted their last horn. They were facing the hungry and powerful Chargers.

Predictions for this game were all one-sided, leading towards the Chargers to blow them away, but with superb coaching and great defense by the Jets, they were able to pull off another upset (17-14).

After that game, people started to wonder if this Jets team prematurely developed chemistry and confidence when it mattered the most—the playoffs. Their biggest test was among them, that being the Colts.

Due to their momentum and week 16 where they showed they could at least hang with the Colt, there were possibilities of this being the biggest NFL upset since the Giants beat the Patriots in the Superbowl of 2008.

The Jets played a rigorous and tough game and kept up to the Colts to make it an interesting game. The Colts ended up sneaking by the Jets (30-17), but nevertheless, it was a great effort by the Jets who established themselves to be a great unsung team.


Now, with the Jets looking stronger than ever is this their year? All I can say is they are my favorites for this year.

From Mark Sanchez becoming less green and more experienced every time I see him, to the attributes the Jets acquired over the pre-season, the biggest being LT of course, to their underrated offensive of line, and to arguably one of the best wide-receiver line ups in the NFL today, they certainly have the tools to get it done on offense if it holds up and doesn’t flirt with injuries.

Their defense might need to step up their game, not saying they’re bad, but they don’t want shoot out games. But, I’ve seen this defense get it done, and I think their assets to the defense such as Jason Taylor is going to benefit positively in creating havoc on quarterbacks as well as stopping sweeps and counters.

If everything works to plan, this team is my Superbowl pick this year. If they don’t get it done this year, I think they will at least have one in five years.

So for all you Jets fans who have waited since 1969 for the trophy, pay attention this decade because good things are coming your way.