Tim ListAnalyst IAugust 4, 2008

Paul Heyman is the visionary sports entertainment television producer whose style, characters, and product created a new audience for professional wrestling with his original ECW promotion. Since both ECW and WCW went off the air in 2001, Heyman spent 6 years as a controversial member of the WWE Creative Team. He has since launched The Heyman Hustle broadband show, the most popular digital program in the UK and the flagship show for the UK Sun's new broadband network, which is helmed by heir apparent James Murdoch. Heyman is a master marketer and his blogs have been usually on-point and discussion-worthy. This week's look at WWE after the draft is no exception.
Here is a key excerpt:
To its enormous credit, WWE has made global celebrities of John Cena, HHH, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Batista. Joining that top tier is Edge, Randy Orton, and either MVP or Ken Kennedy, if he can get out from underneath his latest lack of faith from those who make talent assessments.


So watching, for example, Cryme Time step up and get the chance to run with Cena or DiBiase/Rhodes being the young punks who are taking over is exciting to the average fan.


It brings in more fans, because you've squeezed the juice from the current crop, and need new berries for the cash vine.

Watching Punk only get to bide his time as champion? Not exciting. Oh yeah, Rey's on Raw, too. Thought I'd remind you of that, because WWE sure hasn't made a big deal about it, have they?


Hey, what about the straw that stirs the Smackdown drink, Edge?




In my opinion, Edge is WWE's best performer (as discussed in a prior blog) and the storyline reason for Undertaker's return makes sense, but the breakup of Edge and Vickie has taken away an act that people truly enjoyed to hate.

Edge and Vickie Guerrero were magic together, every bit as compelling and contemptible as the Edge/Lita pairing.

Much different in so many ways, but equally as riveting, thanks in major part to the remarkable heel performances by both Edge and Vickie. These two clicked. It worked. They got "over."


They were despised, reviled, thought of with vengeful wishes of bloody revenge. And people loved feeling that way for the heels who would surely suffer their ultimate "wrestlefate."


Splitting Edge and Vickie has taken a big buzz away. While The Undertaker v Edge in a Hell in a Cell Match at Summer Slam is a huge attraction, and will probably be one of the greatest HIAC matches ever, the excitement surrounding wrestling is nowhere near the level it was a month or so ago.


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