Little League World Series 2010: Five Reasons To Watch

Nicholas RoddyCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2010

Little League World Series 2010: Five Reasons To Watch

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    The Little League World Series is alive and well, and looking for fans to tune in.

    Why would I want to watch 12-year-olds play baseball, you ask?

    First of all, you sound a little jealous. Just because your team didn't make it when you were a kid, doesn't mean you have to boycott the whole sport.

    Anyways, how about a sense of community? A whole town packs up for a month and relocates to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to cheer on their beloved Little League team. 

    Not good enough for you? 

    Well here are five more reasons to watch the Little League World Series.


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    Remember the 2001 Little League World Series when Danny Almonte was destined to become the next Nolan Ryan? I do too.

    It turns out he was two years older than the limit for the LLWS, and has jumped around minor league teams and state colleges since.

    If there is one reason to watch the LLWS, it is for those baseball fanatics to scout future prospects.

    Who will be the next Gary Sheffield? What about Derek Bell? Or even a two-sport Chris Drury? 

    Years later, when that kid actually pans out, add him to your resumé and send it in to become a professional scout. 


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    It's the only sporting event where crying is perfectly fine.

    These teams play all year-long just to get to this stage, and it would be heartbreaking to lose.

    From the first team out of the tournament, to losing in the Championship Game, these kids could go for a good cry.

    What makes this even better is the camaraderie that the teams show. Kids from different countries, sometimes half way across the globe, become best friends in just a few weeks and show sportsmanship that most sports lack.

    Think Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Howard hugged it out after the New York Yankees won the World Series? Think again.

Sheer Boredom

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    Home from school or taking a day off of work?

    It's going to be great! Right?

    After you watch SportsCenter three times, and it's only noon, what else can you watch?

    There are always re-runs of Home Improvement and Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    Not doing it for you?

    Perfect! The Little League World Series is just starting its lineup for the day. 

    Can't get passed the fact that these kids made it to the big stage, and your team didn't win a game? Here is a quick solution to solve your boredom. 

    Try the Little League World Series Drinking Game

    Here are a couple of my favorites.

    • HR by kid under 5'0'' or 100 lbs.
    • Kid's favorite actor is Will Ferrell
    • Coach says something like "It's just you and the catcher" or "Don't aim the ball, just throw"

It's Not MLB

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    Sure they are both baseball, with the same rules and positions, but that's about where the similarities end.

    So what are the differences?

    Steroids - I don't think it is physically possible for a 90 pound, 12-year-old to take Manny Ramirez's women's fertility drug.

    Bogus contracts and egos - Do you hate Alex Rodriguez because he's making $27 million per season? Can't stand Milton Bradley's latest tirade? These kids do not have egos the size of Yankee Stadium. They are happy just to be in Williamsport and will give 110% in every game.

    Instant Replay - This year's World Series will be the first to offer expanded instant replay in games. Not only will umpires review dead ball situations, but will now look at hit batters, tags on the base paths, and force outs.

    Finally someone is showing Major League Baseball that instant replay is good for the game.


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    I know I can't wait for college football to roll around, what about you?

    Well in the meantime, sports fans can get a preview of the pigskin with legendary broadcaster Brent Musburger. He will broadcast the Championship Game with Orel Hershiser.

    For the elimination round games, Hershiser, Karl Ravech, Bobby Valentine, Gary Thorne, and Nomar Garciaparra will be in the booth calling the games.

    These guys are great at what they do, and know more about baseball than most of us ever will. 

    So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.