The Spirits Did It In One Night: Decker's Bronco 'Carol' vs Lions!

D. WebbCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2010

DENVER - AUGUST 21:  Wide receiver Eric Decker #87 of the Denver Broncos makes a first down pass reception from Brady Quinn #9 and is tackled by free safety Marvin White #25 of the Detroit Lions during preseason NFL action at INVESCO Field at Mile High on August 21, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. The Lions defeated the Broncos 25-20.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

     On a night where ghosts of Broncos past returned to haunt Invesco Field in the present, one Bronco stepped up and showed that he could channel the spirit of a past Denver standout, and embody the soul of Broncos future. A present day night of reflection, and redemption that would make even Dickens smile.

Josh McDaniels: the young Ebenezer Scrooge.

    Broncos from the past; Dre Bly, Tony Sheffler, and Brian Clark, and even Kory Bosworth, all contributed to a Detroit Lions 5 point win Sunday night. Tony was especially 'surprised' by the raucous boos, but several good catches by he and Brian, and a 52 yard interception return by Dre Bly of a High pass to Lance Ball helped soften the blow of a cold Bronco country reception. Kory Bosworth recovered the Brady Quinn sack fumble to seal the Detroit win.

     While being haunted by the specters of castoff Broncos of recent past, the embodiment of a Broncos greats Past seemed to enter the current #87 as he stepped onto the field for the Broncos. In a little over a half of play the current embodiment of Easy Ed McCaffery showed much the same toughness, route running prowess and sure hands that Eddie Mac did in his years of helping Denver to it’s first two Super bowl wins and a golden age of Broncos football.

     Incidentally when this #87 was drafted Ed gave the standout Minnesota Gopher a signed #87 jersey and asked him to wear the number, citing that his play reminded him of himself and that he would be honored (paraphrased) if he would wear it. Pretty high praise for a rookie, who had just came into the league. Despite having his college career shortened by a foot injury, #87’s 354 catches and 3 drops , yes I said THREE drops (1 every 118 passes), tough over the middle catches and almost angry tenacious blocking might have been what drew the comparisons by McCaffrey and others.

Who is this man apparently in need of an exorcism?

Easy Ed Decker!

If that catches on I want credit ha ha!

 Eric Decker had 5 catches, many of them Eddiesque over the middle and in traffic, for 66 yards and a 13.2 yard average. Easy Eric also had one drop while being drilled in the back by a Defensice Back. Welcome to the NFL Mr Decker. If Decker's Stats hold, he's not due for another drop for atleast another 111 times he's targeted.

     Worries about the injury, and him being behind due to lost practice time, should largely be put to rest. He was fast and quick and made precise clean cuts on routes. He looked every bit the second coming of Easy Ed McCaffrey!

    With Royal, Gaffney, Graham, the emergence of Brandon Lloyd, Marquez Branson, the speedster Mathew Willis, and the return of the Broncos first round receiving monster Bey Bey Thomas, the Broncos receiving corps looks to be very formidable this year.

    And as long as Eric Decker keeps channeling the spirit of Easy Ed, let’s hold off on calling for the Exorcists just yet!