Another Slip Up: Sports Journalist Jay Mariotti Arrested For Assault

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Jay Mariotti needs to see his career punished for his actions that occurred last night.
Jay Mariotti needs to see his career punished for his actions that occurred last night.

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Another sportscaster bites the dust, and this time, it is veteran sportswriter Jay Mariotti.

The controversial sports writer was reportedly arrested for an assault of his girlfriend late last night in Los Angeles, and currently remains in jail.

I guess he, like many other people in the sports world, still don't get it.

Currently writing for and a panelist on Around The Horn, Jay should have a smarter head, and not a huge ego.

Garnering that much attention as a national sports columnist, you can't afford slipping up on the opportunity.

Thousands of men and women (including myself someday), look to enter the major of journalism each year, and it isn't an easy task.

I still remember just a few years ago when Mariotti was in a public dispute with White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.

Guillen was blasted by fans, and most of the media, for having a big head like he normally does.

Maybe now Jay was a little more trouble than we could have realized. After all, you get a pass once, but once you are always dealing with controversy multiple times, you are the one that is going to be at fault.

Mariotti is already one of the more disliked journalists in the country, from the fan perspective.

I always read articles on, as I do indeed, love almost all of the work published there.

But Jay's inability to just spew out opinions or, in many cases, ignore facts, has given him a shaky reputation already as a sports writer.

He has made countless stops at the Chicago Sun-Times, and many other media companies. Who knows, maybe he left those companies for better opportunities, as sources say. Or maybe he was asked to leave the company, as his egotistical personality may show.

Here is what we do know: He is one of the most hated sports writers in Chicago, if not, the most hated.

In his time, he has received negativity from many of his former colleagues within the Chicago newspapers, and was once claimed "The biggest sports fraud" by White Sox broadcaster Ken Harrelson.

Now, let's look to the present. Moments ago, Chad Ochocinco did make a tweet to his new friend Terrell Owens about Jay Mariotti, which despite the humor, is true in many ways.

"Holy jail time Batman,another ESPN analyst has been arrested, Jay Mariotti, lets see if they crucify their own like they do us".

The media is quick to rip apart many of the sports stars as Tuesday ( myself included). But is the media ready to do the same for a fellow sports journalist who clearly doesn't realize he is ruining his career as a sports journalist?

This now brings me to the actions that needs to be taken. I'm getting right to the point. Jay Mariotti needs to be fired from the both media outlets he is working for.

FanHouse is one of the more respectable websites out there, and would only garner a negative reputation if Mariotti continues to publish there.

More importantly, ESPN needs to take action right now. Last year they fired Steve Phillips for having an inappropriate relationship with an employee.

A double standard can't be held here. They need to release Mariotti from Around The Horn. If they feel they are going to lose reads if he isn't on the show, no need to worry.

You can tell most of the writers on there (especially Woody Paige) aren't a fan of Mariotti or his opinion.

They are only opening themselves to controversy if they keep him on board.

Before anyone wants to rip me for speaking the truth here, this is what you have on me. Yes, I am a rising journalist, who does not have a degree in the field yet.

Ripping a veteran sports writer may seem out of line in some retrospects. But here is the difference. I would bring respect each and everyday as a sports journalist, during and after publishing hours.

Journalists such as Jay shouldn't be given the time of day to voice their opinion, especially when they are breaking values that this country has held since it's inception.

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