No One Wants To Hear The Truth About Orton!

D. WebbCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2010

      Broncos Country is buzzing with Orton contract news and the “Orton is Great” club is back out in force sporting their fake neckbeards or hastily trying to grow their own. There are those that say it’s a validation of Orton’s steller play and that it means long days on the bench are waiting for Tim Tebow. After all they locked him up for a whole extra year.


 (That question will be addressed in an upcoming article.)


  Here’s what a one year contract means, they don’t like him enough to give him a longer deal and they know he’s not the kind of guy to be a good team-mate sitting on the bench or holding a clipboard.

            As in Chicago, Orton’s play isn’t making coaches in Denver fall in love. They tell him he’s their girlfriend and then get engaged to Tebow right in front of him. If that strange metaphore didn’t throw you, then consider Orton’s contract a cubic zirconian promise ring from a pawn shop to keep him around long enough to fix him up with another guy in trade for a case of beer and some Nuggets tickets! It’s less than a meaningful relationship by any stretch.


            Why not in love?


Here’s the truth about Orton that might shed some light on it:


 Orton’s first 6 games where decent. His stat line looks something like this per game 19-32.1 for 244.2 yards, 63.25 completion rate, 7.6 average, 1.5 per game on TDs and Sacks. He threw .167 INTs per game and a 100.99 QB rating. Overall: a very decent performance. As a result the Defense was able to spend more time off the field and held the opposition to 11 points a game, first in the league in points and 2nd overall.


Then came the bye week.


Three teams the Broncos faced had a bye week to prepare starting with the Ravens. The Ravens defense decided to play close to the line, jump the run and the short pass, and dare Orton to go deep. Ed Reed lived five yards and Moreno in particular reaped the rewards. Ravens one defensive weakness was their corner who were nicked up and vulnerable to deep routes. Orton’s lack of mobility and lackluster arm wouldn’t allow him to exploit this weakness


      The result was the first loss of the season and the blueprint for beating Kyle Orton and the Bronco Offense. Orton’s pass yardage of 154 and average o0f 4.1 was way below his average and threw 0 tds. In the Pittsburg game the slide continued. Orton had a QB rating of 43.9 QB rating and a 5.8 per pass, way blow his win streak average. Orton also threw 3 interceptions.


Orton’s last 10 games he averaged 22.2-34.7 for 233.7 yards, a 60.86 completion rate, 5.8 per pass, 1.1 Tds and 1.2 interceptions per game. Orton also posted a QB rating of 82.65.

The one shining light was the first half of the Washington where the Broncos jumped out to a first half lead on two deep passes to Marshall and Orton actually rolling out and utilizing play action also for the first time all season. He had 2 TDs and a 134.7 QB rating and nearly 11 yards per completion.


     This game raised several questions, if Orton could do the deep ball and moving the pocket and launch point: actually run play-action where had it been all year and why did we never see it again all year. With out the one exceptional half of play Orton’s QB rating drops dramatically to 76.87 from the win streak rating of 100.99.


His stats severely declined and effectiveness along with it. Also the inability to sustain drives put a heavy burden on an undersized front line. While the Secondary remained top of the league, fatigue and wear took its toll on the run defense. It slipped to the bottom third of the league. Anybody who knows football understands the disparity is a result of time of possession and the ‘Big Guys’ getting gassed!


Finally one quizzical fact, as Orton became more familiar with the Offense games 7-16 his play severely declined. One would think it would improve as his knowledge and comfort level improved.

            The truth is as opposing defenses dissected and game-planned for Orton’s  deficiencies his play got worse and  wins were few.


     If Kyle Orton does not show that he has improved in several criticical areas: Deep ball Accuracy, Arm strength, Mobility, and toughness in the pocket, It will be another long year till Tebow takes the reigns. Unlike last year, when Coach McDaniels didn't really have another option to replace Orton's pedestrian play, this year he does. Expect the leash on Kyle Ortonary to be very short.  Expect the post gum ball machine promise ring afterglow to be short lived.



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