What Free Agent Pitchers The Brewers Should In The Offseason

Clint RhodeContributor IAugust 21, 2010

What Free Agent Pitchers The Brewers Should In The Offseason

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    The Milwaukee Brewers do have the offense to be a potential MLB powerhouse. The Crew has been the league leaders in homeruns for the past couple of seasons.

    The problem with this club is the pitching staff. The group has been in the bottom tier in ERA for the past couple season. As of right now, the Brewers are giving up nearly 5 runs per game.

    With this problem, the Crew does need to make a move for a starting pitching to fit in the rotation.This offseason, there will be a number of good pitcher out there on the market. So in this slideshow will highlight some the pitcher the Brewers should target.There will be 3 starting pitcher and 2 relief pitcher that are expect to be on the market this offseason.

Cliff Lee

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    Cliff Lee is going to be the top free agent this offseason, if the Rangers can sign him before then.

    Cliff Lee's career stats:

    • Record- 100-58
    • ERA-3.82
    • K's-1047
    • WHIP-1.26

    Lee was also the 2008 Cy Yound Award Winner.

    Why he would fit in?

    He would be a perfect fit as the Crew's ace and Yovani would be the number 2 guy.He is a leader on the field abd the team could rally behind him.

Tim Hudson

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    Tim Hudson would be a great addition to the Crews staff. He does remind me of a pitbull, because he does not waste any punches.Hudson goes after the batter with authority.

    Tim Hudson's Career Stats:

    • Record- 162-83
    • ERA-3.38
    • K's-1493
    • WHIP-1.24

    Why would he fit?

    Hudson would fit, because the Crew needs a power pitcher in the rotation. He has pitched consistently throughout his career. So that means the Crew would not get another Suppan.

Ted Lilly

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    Ted Lilly might not be an ace for the rotation. He certainly would be a great asset for the Crew.

    Ted Lilly's Career Stats

    • Record-110-92
    • ERA-4.16
    • K's-1423
    • WHIP-1.27

    Why would he fit?

    Lilly might not be considered a top-tier free agent this offseason. The Crew might have a chance to acquire him and for a decent amount of cash as well. Lilly could be the #2 or #3 pitcher in the rotation behind Yovani and maybe Randy Wolf.

Scot Shields

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    In Scot Shields, he has been used as a situation pitcher for most of his career in the big leagues. Whoever he goes to, he would be that regardless.

    Scot Shields Stats

    • ERA-3.19
    • K's-627
    • Saves-21
    • WHIP-1.25

    Why he would fit?

    He has the mentality to go on the mound and get the job done. In his career, opponents have a .229 batting average against him. Shields would be a great body to have in the pen and plus he does have postseason experience under his belt.

Jon Rauch

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    Jon Rauch has done a great job for the Twins when he has been called upon this season. The Twins did lose their closer Joe Nathan very early in the season. He had his career high this season with 21 saves out of 25 opportunities.

    Jon Rauch's Career Stats

    • ERA-3.76
    • K's-370
    • Saves-47
    • WHIP-1.25

    Why would he fit?

    This season, the Brewers have been up and down in the bullpen. Jon Rauch could be a great addition on the bullpen and hold the opposing batters down. In his career, opponets have a .248 batting average.