Fantasy Football: The Perfect Mock Draft For Every Draft Order Position

Robby Carriger@robbycarrigerContributor IAugust 20, 2010

Fantasy Football: The Perfect Mock Draft For Every Draft Order Position

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    Every fantasy football league has its own little intricacies.  Some leagues give running backs more points for touchdowns than quarterbacks. 

    Some use a flex (rb/wr/te) position while others have strictly three receiver slots.  Still others give a point per reception, while others do not factor them in at all.

    Whatever your fantasy league’s special little details, you can always use a little help when it comes to your draft. 

    Each year, stores sell millions of fantasy magazines, and mock draft boards get lit up like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s house at Christmas.  Everyone who plays fantasy is looking for a little edge.

    That is why we are here to help.  I have gone through and broken down what your draft should look like based on your position in the draft.  To do this we must first be on the same page as far as league rules.

    I used the CBS Sports template of a starting lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, DST and a FLEX (RB/WR/TE).  Also I have gone through and listed the next 11 players for you to fill out your bench with.  The draft is done based on a 12-team, snake-style draft.

    The scoring is based on six points for any touchdown, one point per 10 yards rushing or receiving and 25 yards passing.  This is also a PPR league in which a player receives one point-per-catch.

    Now without further ado, I present to you exactly, unequivocally, inarguably, just how your draft board should look this fantasy season.

Position 1, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Chris Johnson - Non-PPR I take Peterson here, but since Johnson led the Titans in catches last year, this one is easy.

    2. Jamaal Charles – 1000+ yards in only 8 games… enough said

    3. DeSean Jackson – Big-play potential on offense and special teams.

    4. Tony Romo – Miles Austin, Jason Witten, and Dez Bryant make Romo one of the top fantasy quarterbacks of 2010.

    5. Vernon Davis  - Should follow up a breakout 2009 with an even better 2010.

    6. Steve Breaston - Numbers should increase with the departure of Boldin unless Leinart struggles.

    7. Pierre Garcon – Went from unknown to nearly unstoppable last season, should be even better with a year of experience under his belt.

    8. Malcolm Floyd – Chargers should be more pass oriented this season and Floyd she be the greatest beneficiary.

    9. Jets D – Revis WILL sign and the Jets D will be the stingiest in the league.

    10. Devin Aromashodu – Should emerge as the Bears No. 2 receiver by Week Four.

Position 2, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Adrian Peterson – Even in a PPR league I say he has to be the pick here.  Fumbling issue should be cleared up and he should be in for a career season.

    2. Brandon Marshall - Worth the risk if Dolphins make a point of getting him the football.

    3. Sidney Rice – Emerged as Favre’s favorite target last season.  Should be the same this season.

    4. Dwayne Bowe – Clashes with the coaching staff make Bowe a little less attractive but you can’t deny his talent.

    5. Reggie Bush – In a PPR league, Bush is very valuable with his ability to catch and run.

    6. Jermichael Finley – With Rodgers as the potential top fantasy QB this year, Finley should have big numbers.

    7. Jay Cutler – Risky pick but if Martz’s system is successful, it could pay big rewards.

    8. Carson Palmer – Take these two back to back and you’re sure to have one good QB.

    9. Chester Taylor – If Forte can’t bounce back, Taylor will see a lot of time and touches.

    10. Vincent Jackson – A good deep-ball threat for the strong-armed Rivers.

Position 3, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Maurice Jones-Drew – A great runner, receiver, and fantasy giant over the last few years.

    2. Larry Fitzgerald – If Leinart can get him the ball, he will still be one of the best in the NFL.

    3. Steve Smith (NYG) – Quickly becoming the best Steve Smith in the league.

    4. Antonio Gates – Should find a way to score double-digit touchdowns and be one of the top tight-ends once again.

    5. Brandon Jacobs – Look for a bounce-back season for Jacobs.

    6. C.J. Spiller – The rookie will see a lot of time in Buffalo and has big play potential.

    7. Brett Favre – Put up his best career statistical season in ’09.  Anything close to that will be valuable.

    8. Justin Forsett – Should see a lot of carries with Pete Carroll calling the shots.

    9. Nate Burleson – Gives Stafford a great second option across from Calvin Johnson.

    10. Steve Slaton – Was a top fantasy back until getting pulled for fumbling issues.  If he gets back in the lineup, he’s a big play threat.

Position 4, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Ray Rice – Breakout season last year did not go unnoticed and Ray Rice is now one of the top backs in the league.

    2. Roddy White – Top receiver for Matt Ryan on a very good Atlanta Falcons team.

    3. Ryan Mathews – The rookie has been given the starting slot in San Diego and has a lot of buzz surrounding his skill.

    4. Matt Schaub – Will put up big numbers if he can stay healthy and Andre Johnson is his usual self. 

    5. Jason Witten – Tony Romo’s favorite target is perhaps the most consistent fantasy tight-end around.

    6. Hakeem Nicks – Superstar at North Carolina poised to become a superstar in the NFL.

    7. Ahmad Bradshaw – If Jacobs struggles again, Bradshaw will get a great deal of touches.

    8. Jerome Harrison – Came out of nowhere to put up big second-half numbers.  If Cleveland continues to improve, Harrison could become a weekly start.

    9. Dez Bryant – If his ankle heals, Bryant should become a weekly start by mid season.

    10. Chicago D – One of the best in the league a few years ago, youth and renewed health should lead to improvements from last year.

Position 5, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Andre Johnson —Johnson is perhaps the best all-around receiver and has a quarterback with a strong enough arm to get him the ball.

    2. Shonn Greene—The Jets ran the ball more than anyone else last season.  Now Greene will shoulder most of that load.

    3. Ryan Grant—With Rodgers blossoming into one of the best in the league, Grant will see a lot of room free up to run the football.

    4. Tom Brady—Weapons galore and one of the best quarterbacks in the league makes Brady a no-brainer in fantasy. 

    5. Tony Gonzalez—Perhaps the best tight end ever is still hauling in footballs for a good Falcons team.

    6. Santana Moss—If McNabb can rejuvenate the offense, Moss should be in for a big year

    7. LaDainian Tomlinson—Not only are you handcuffing Greene but potentially getting a revived LT.

    8. Eli Manning—Not a fantasy juggernaut but good enough if you can get him for a backup.

    9. Devin Hester—Still trying to find his niche at receiver, but combines with Cutler to be a big play threat.

    10. Philadelphia D—Plenty of playmakers should lead to plenty of points.

Position 6, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Michael Turner—Should benefit from getting into better shape.

    2. Marques Colston—Drew Brees’s top receiver should put up great numbers.

    3. Pierre Thomas—Gets a great deal of NO’s goalline carries.

    4. Mike Sims-Walker—Being the top receiving threat in Jacksonville makes him a solid start each week.

    5. Philip Rivers—Now in full control of the offense and should have a season to match.

    6. Jahvid Best—Should see a great deal of the carries in Detroit and has the ability to go the distance. 

    7. Derrick Mason—Numbers should increase with the arrival of Boldin.

    8. Santonio Holmes—Misses a few games because of suspension but is too good not to draft.

    9. John Carlson—Pete Carroll’s offense should benefit Carlson if Hasselbeck can stay healthy.

    10. New England D—Young playmakers makes the Pats' D a scoring threat in fantasy.

Position 7, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Frank Gore—The 49ers should be improved and Gore will have a huge season if he can stay healthy.

    2. Rashard Mendenhall—With Ben suspended, Mendenhall will have to put in a lot of work early in the season.

    3. LeSean McCoy – Should get a lot of carries to ease the burden on Kevin Kolb.

    4. Dallas Clark—Gradually becoming Manning’s favorite target and a fantasy superstar.

    5. Cadillac Williams—If he can stay healthy, the Tampa Bay offense runs through him.

    6. Michael Crabtree—Came on late after sitting out early and should benefit from a summer spent in camp.

    7. Mike Wallace—With Holmes gone, Mike Wallace should be targeted much more.

    8. Chris Cooley—A steal at backup tight end, especially with McNabb slinging him the ball.

    9. Kevin Kolb—Risky but a good value with the weapons he has.

    10. Antonio Bryant - Will benefit from T.O. and Ocho and get open in the slot

Position 8, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Randy Moss—Still one of the best and Tom Brady’s favorite target.

    2. Miles Austin—Exploded on the scene in ’09 and enters his first season as a no. 1 receiver.

    3. Greg Jennings—Aaron Rodgers is expected to be a top fantasy QB and Jennings will be his no. 1 target.

    4. Marion Barber—Still the starter in Dallas and should get most of the goal line carries.

    5. Clinton Portis—If he can stay healthy, he will help balance the offense with McNabb manning the passing attack.

    6. Joe Flacco—Wins games and should have improved numbers with Boldin’s arrival.

    7. Tim Hightower—Big-play threat to counter Beanie Wells as the every down back.

    8. Robert Meachem—Emerging as one of the best receivers on the Saints’ depth chart.

    9. Zach Miller—Very talented tight end may finally have a quarterback to compliment his ability.

    10. San Fran D—Should be one of the best with Patrick Willis leading the way.

Position 9, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Drew Brees—The Madden cover boy should follow up a Super Bowl win with big numbers.

    2. Cedric Benson—Resurrected his career in Cincinnati and should have more room to run with the improvements in the passing game.

    3. Wes Welker—Still should be good for near 100 catches if his knee is healthy.

    4. Knowshon Moreno—The starter in Denver but needs to find consistency.

    5. Brent Celek—Big ’09 and should be the safety blanket for Kolb in his first full season as a starter.

    6. Felix Jones—Workload increases each year and could be the starter if he stays healthy.

    7. Arian Foster—The starter for now in Houston but could platoon a lot with Slaton and rookie Tate

    8. Lee Evans—Still Buffalo’s top receiver and showed the big-play ability in their preseason game against Indy.

    9. Bernard Berrian—Speedster with the ability to stretch the field for Favre, especially if Harvin can’t get past migraines. 

    10. Chris Chambers—Cassel’s top target with the problems Bowe has had. 

Position 10, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Steven Jackson—Even with a horrendous offense in ’09 he still put up great numbers.  Should be better in 2010.

    2. DeAngelo Williams—One of the premier backs in the league and the ability to score three times any given week.

    3. Anquan Boldin—Becomes a featured receiver for the first time in his career and should see the ball a lot more because of it. 

    4. Jonathan Stewart—Handcuff Williams with a runner who has very comparable skill and still gets a great deal of time.

    5. Hines Ward—Should haul in a lot of passes to help Steelers’ backup quarterback.

    6. Owen Daniels—One of the best fantasy tight ends until his knee injury.  Should get back to that form.

    7. Michael Bush—Gets the first team carries in Oakland on what should be an improved offense.

    8. T.J. Houshmandzadeh—If Hasselbeck stays healthy, he should get back to his Bengal-like form.

    9. Matt Ryan—Doesn’t put up big numbers but protects the football and can be a good bye-week fill in.

    10. Nate Washington—Should get more catches with teams becoming more aware of Kenny Britt.

Position 11, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Aaron Rodgers—The favorite of many to be 2010’s top fantasy quarterback.

    2. Reggie Wayne—Still Peyton Manning’s top asset.

    3. Chad Ochocinco —With T.O. there, Chad should be open more.

    4. Ronnie Brown—If he can stay healthy, he is capable of huge numbers in the wildcat.

    5. Matt Forte—Looks to bounce back from disappointing sophomore year with an improved offensive line.

    6. Percy Harvin—Speedy threat on offense and special teams if migraines allow him to stay on the field.

    7. Visanthe Shiancoe—Favre loves tight ends and Shiancoe is a very good one in the red zone.

    8. Fred Jackson—Questionable health and the addition of Spiller may lead to a decreased workload for Jackson.

    9. Kenny Britt—Emerging as Vince Young’s favorite receiving target, especially in the end zone.

    10. Pitt D—James Harrison and Troy Polamalu offer points galore.

Position 12, Picks 1-10

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    Round 1. Peyton Manning—Still one of the best.

    2. Calvin Johnson—Should see numbers improve as Stafford’s comfort level increases.

    3. Joseph Addai—Benefits from Manning’s knowledge of the offense and numerous goal line carries.

    4. Beanie Wells—Will see the ball a lot more with Leinart under center.

    5. Donald Driver—Should catch a ton of balls from the pass heavy Packers and Aaron Rodgers.

    6. Terrell Owens—Appears to be on the same page as Carson Palmer and an asset to Chad Ochocinco.

    7. Jeremy Maclin—Ability to stretch the field opposite Jackson and could be a beneficiary of Kolb’s strong arm.

    8. Laurence Maroney—Technically the feature back in New England’s platoon system.

    9. Kellen Winslow—Still a talented pass catcher in an improved offense.

    10. Bal D—Ray Lewis and Ed Reed can still make plays.

Position 1, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Ricky Williams—Ronnie Brown’s questionable health + Wildcat formation = plenty of touches for Ricky.

    12. Devery Henderson—Just one of the many options for Drew Brees, should be a solid bye week fill-in

    13. Matt Cassel—Viable backup as KC should be improved from ‘09

    14. Correll Buckhalter—The Denver running game is still searching for it’s alpha dog.  If Moreno struggles, Buckhalter could see some quality carries.

    15. Benjamin Watson—Good backup tight end option as Brady always seems to find him in the end zone.

    16. DEN D—Dawkins and Springs offer some ints for a decent backup defense.

    17. Johnny Knox—Handcuff Aromashodu with Knox and you’re guaranteed to have Chicago’s no. 2 on your bench.

    18. Sam Bradford—With room on your roster, might as well take a flier on Bradford as a third QB.

    19. Arrelious Benn—Rookie with star potential in Tampa.

    20. Garrett Hartley—Strong leg and good in the clutch.

Position 2, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. NO D—Showed a good ability to score points defensively last season.

    12. Mike Williams (TB)—Rookie drafted to help solve Tampa’s receiving woes.

    13. Toby Gerhart—Just to handcuff Peterson

    14. Jason Campbell—Not a terrible backup if he can turn it around in Oakland.

    15. Jermaine Gresham—Huge upside for a rookie tight end.  Cincy is making a point to get him involved.

    16. TB D—Gerald McCoy will help provide a spark.

    17. Golden Tate—Tremendous playmaking ability could turn him into a late-round steal.

    18. Mike Bell—If McCoy goes down, Bell could see some touches

    19. Josh Morgan—49ers should be improved and Morgan will contribute to that

    20. David Akers—One of the most consistent kickers over the last decade

Position 3, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Cincy D—A great front seven should help keep scores low.

    12. Matthew Stafford—A steal as a backup as he could be poised to break out for a big year.

    13. Heath Miller—A good backup, especially since he may be the safety blanket for whichever Pittsburgh quarterback starts the season.

    14. Mario Manningham—Should benefit from extra coverage Smith sees.

    15. NYG D—viable backup defense with an improved secondary.

    16. Julius Jones—Important for handcuffing Forsett and still has some yards left in his legs.

    17. Donnie Avery—If Bradford is the real deal, Avery will be the recipient of many of his passes.

    18. Chris Ivory—The Saints are not bashful about going deep into their bench at the running back position.  Ivory could see more time than expected.

    19. Laurent Robinson—If the St. Louis offense picks up, Robinson could be a big part of the reason

    20. Ryan Longwell—The Vikings should score a lot, and Longwell will be a big part of it.

Position 4, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Austin Collie—Another Manning favorite, making him a viable backup.

    12. Darren Sproles—Handcuff Mathews as well as prepare in case he isn’t as good as advertised.

    13. Willis McGahee—Handcuff Ray Rice.

    14. David Garrard—Solid quarterback who can serve as a decent fantasy backup during bye weeks.

    15. Demaryius Thomas—This Denver rookie has superstar potential if they can get him the ball.

    16. Fred Davis—Chris Cooley’s backup could benefit from McNabb’s arrival if Cooley goes down.

    17. Mohamed Massaquoi—If Cleveland finds someone to get him the ball, he could be a threat.

    18. Sammy Morris—Good for a few touchdowns each season in New England’s running back platoon.

    19. Ryan Moats—If Gerhart can't fill the Minnesota backup role, Moats will.

    20. Mason Crosby—Great kicker on a good offensive team.

Position 5, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Dexter McCluster—Look for the Chiefs to get the Ole Miss rookie the ball in open space so he can make plays.

    12. Louis Murphy—Perhaps the most solid receiver in Oakland.

    13. Ben Roethlisberger—Yes, he’s missing a few games but he could turn out to be a steal if you get him late.

    14. Dustin Keller—Solid backup tight end since he plays for a team that should have the football quite often.

    15. Jacoby Jones—Should see a lot of single coverage opposite of Andre Johnson.

    16. Brandon Jackson—Handcuff Ryan Grant

    17. Jason Avant—if Kolb is the real deal, Avant could haul in a lot of passes.

    18. Peyton Hillis—Good goal line back who could find his way into the end zone frequently.

    19. Oakland D—Still a few playmakers who can score points

    20. Stephen Gostkowski—Patriots kicker who should score plenty.

Position 6, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Thomas Jones – If Jamaal Charles struggles, Jones is more than capable of shouldering the load in KC.

    12. Kevin Smith – Handcuff Best with Detroit’s starter from last season.

    13. Eddie Royal – Tailed off after a big rookie season, but should bounce back.

    14. Kyle Orton – Not a terrible option as a backup QB for bye week fill-ins.

    15. Shawn Nelson – If Edwards can get the ball around, Nelson can be a good backup tight end.

    16. Jason Snelling – Handcuff Michael Turner

    17. Michael Jenkins – The Falcons No. 2 receiver should benefit from the increased coverage Roddy White will face

    18. Jerious Norwood – If a Turner goes down, Norwood is likely to see a great deal of work in both the offense and the wildcat formation.

    19. Brandon Pettigrew - Good pass catching TE in Detroit gives Stafford a goal line option

    20. Rob Bironas – One of the biggest legs in the NFL.

Position 7, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. San Diego D – Should be able to account for plenty of sacks.

    12. Brian Westbrook – Frank Gore has had trouble staying healthy, and Westbrook still has some miles left.

    13. Josh Cribbs – Getting better at receiver and a great kick returner if your league rewards that.

    14. Chad Henne – Getting better and now has Brandon Marshall to make his life easier.

    15. Tony Scheffler – Not a bad bye-week start.

    16. Atlanta D – Look rocky in preseason but worked in the offseason to shore up coverage issues.

    17. Darrius Heyward-Bey – Failed to meet expectations last season but may benefit from the arrival of Jason Campbell.

    18. Matt Leinart – Doubts galore but could be valuable if he can fill Warner’s shoes.

    19. Johnny Lee Higgins - If Campbell spreads it around, Higgins has shown the ability to find the end zone

    20. Lawrence Tynes – Has shown a great ability to kick in any weather in New York.

Position 8, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Donovan McNabb – May not be a starting option right away but could be mid-season if he fits in with Washington.

    12. Kevin Walter – Benefits from all the coverage Andre Johnson sees.

    13. Larry Johnson – Handcuff Portis

    14. Brian Robiskie – If Delhomme can find his old ways, Robiskie will be one his top targets

    15. Tenn D – Not a terrible backup defense with Cortland Finnegan’s ability to intercept passes.

    16. Bo Scaife – Good backup tight end as one of Vince Young’s favorite goal line targets.

    17. Brian Hartline - Should be open a lot more with Marshall drawing double teams.

    18. Anthony Dixon – Good sleeper at running back since San Francisco’s top two backs are injury prone.

    19. Desmond Clark - Good goal line option for Cutler if Olsen is out

    20. Nate Kaeding – Big leg on a team that should score a lot of points

Position 9, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Miami D – Karlos Dansby makes this defense tougher than in the past.

    12. Bernard Scott – Handcuff Benson and get a bonus of a young playmaker in the special teams.

    13. Jeremy Shockey – Numbers have fallen off but can still be a factor with Brees.

    14. Josh Freeman – Should benefit from revamped receiving corps.

    15. Julian Edelman – If Welker isn’t back all the way, Edelman will fill his role.

    16. Tashard Choice – Gets a lot of touches despite being Dallas’ third running back.

    17. Earl Bennet – Has a good rapport with Cutler on a team looking for consistency at WR.

    18. Kevin Faulk – Part of the NE running back platoon.  Should see catches and red zone carries.

    19. Torry Holt - If anyone can spread it around, Tom Brady can

    20. Robbie Gould – Almost automatic from 45 yards in.

Position 10, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Indianapolis D – Still one of the best pass rushing teams in the league.

    12. Alex Smith – A lot of weapons, if he can put a season together he may be a steal as a backup.

    13. Jabar Gaffney – Will see an increased role with the departure of Marshall.

    14. Todd Heap – Good rapport with Flacco makes him a good backup fantasy TE.

    15. Arizona D – Lost some big names but still has playmakers in the secondary.

    16. Leon Washington – Don’t be surprised if he gets a majority of the touches in Seattle by the end of the year. 

    17. Devin Thomas – Gives McNabb a young threat opposite Santana Moss.

    18. Matt Hasselbeck – One of the best in the NFL when he’s healthy.

    19. Patrick Crayton - Looking to prove he can be more than a backup WR.

    20. David Buehler – Has a huge leg and Dallas should score quite a bit.

Position 11, Picks 11-20

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    Round 11. Early Doucet – Has great speed and will see increase in targets with Boldin’s departure.

    12. Greg Olsen – Cutler’s favorite target and a great receiving tight-end. 

    13. Marshawn Lynch – Handcuff Jackson and get Lynch in case he returns to starting form.

    14. Mark Sanchez – Not huge fantasy numbers but a solid bye-week start.

    15. Anthony Gonzalez – Could become Indy’s big-play threat if knee is healthy. 

    16. Washington D – Plenty of guys to rush the passer on this defense. 

    17. Mike Thomas – Talented young receiver in Jacksonville.

    18. Derrick Ward – If Cadillac goes down again, Ward becomes a weekly start.

    19. Brandon LaFell - If Matt Moore can run the offense as expected, LaFell may have a breakout year

    20. Matt Bryant – Has struggled lately but is still a quality NFL kicker.

Position 12, PIcks 11-20

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    Round 11. Darren McFadden – Still oozing with talent, just needs to stay healthy and win his job back.

    12. Steve Smith (CAR) - Only ranked this low because of injury and unproven QB.

    13. Roy E. Williams – May show us something to prove he is still above Dez Bryant in the organization.

    14. Donald Brown – Will eventually take Addai’s job and should see workload increase this season.

    15. Kevin Boss – Familiar with Manning and a good bye-week fill in.

    16. James Jones – Good No. 3 receiver in Green Bay giving Rodgers yet another option.

    17. Houston D – Great pass rushing team and will be better when Cushing returns.

    18. Davone Bess – Speedy receiver still looking to fit in down in Miami.

    19. Fred Taylor – Yes, another New England Running back.

    20. Jay Feely – Consistency is key with Feely.