Fantasy Football IDP: Top 20 Cornerbacks of 2010-11' Season

Mike Pendleton@MP2310Correspondent IAugust 20, 2010

Fantasy Football IDP: Top 20 Cornerbacks of 2010-11' Season

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    The cornerbacks, the equivalent of wide receivers to IDP leagues. Ironic because they cover the wide receivers. While one of the point categories are deflected passes there are only a select few corners who can get those for you.

    Tackles, Deflections, Interceptions are the main points for corners and some thrive more then others. Here are your top 20 for this upcoming fantasy season.

    While Darrelle Revis is the best corner in the NFL (with all due respect to NNamdi Asomugha who won't make this list) just because you stop receivers from making plays doesn't make you a top fantasy corner. You must make plays.

No. 20 Chris Gamble, Panthers

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    What's wrong with this picture? Nothing, that's what. Play making is exactly what Chris Gamble does and this is your photographic evidence. 

    Marques Colston is a wide receiver for the Saints and on this play Gamble has the ball, clearly showing that Gamble made a play. much like he did last year in which he had 58 tackles and four interceptions.

    Gamble is a good second corner for your team but you don't want him as your top. 

No. 19 Joe Haden, Browns

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    The only rookie that will appear on this list. The only rookie that deserves to be here as well. The Browns took Haden with the seventh overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft after a very successful career at the University of Florida.

    Haden as a Gator in three years had, 197 tackles, two forced fumbles and eight interceptions. He provides a defensive threat to the Browns that hasn't been there in quite sometime. 

    While opposing quarterbacks won't look Haden's way you as a fantasy owner want to. The only reason he is low is because he is a rookie and will have his ups and downs. 

No. 18 Cedric Griffin, Vikings

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    He's got his injury problems. He's also got some of the most consistent numbers year in and year out, despite the injuries. Playing for the NFL's most consistent defense Griffin is just another player who thrives.

    Last season Griffin made 78 tackles, three forced fumbles, and four interceptions while battling injuries. If he can remain healthy he can once again find himself at the top of this list but he must prove he can.

    Take Griffin as a second CB or your backup as the prove himself is the biggest factor. He can bring you value as he is overlooked but don't rely heavily on him. 

No. 17 Vontae Davis, Dolphins

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    The one man that Randy Moss absolutely hates, fantasy owners love that is of course only when he is performing. Davis, who is 22 is becoming one of the better corners in the league but he's not at the top. Yet.

    Last season Davis had 53 tackles, four interceptions and eleven deflected passes. Yes, Davis will be a pickup of the year for you but don't draft him to early.

    The Dolphins are building a solid defense and Davis could soon become the core of it. Soon isn't right now but he will provide you with reliable points throughout the year. 

No. 16 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cardinals

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    For purposes of my fingers we will refer to him as DRC. The man with one of the longest last names is also the man with some of the best wheels in all of football.

    Using that blazing speed DRC had 50 tackles, 25 deflected passes, three forced fumbles,  and six interceptions. Showing he can do it all DRC is a young option at corner for your fantasy team.

    Whether or not he can be consistent remains the biggest question and his age is something that might hold him back as he still tries to reach his highest potential. Take notice, if he does reach his highest potential he will be one of the game's best corners for many years to come.

No. 15 Champ Bailey, Broncos

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    He's not old!! Wait yes, he is, he's actually 32 years old but Champ Bailey is still one of the best out there. It's not every day a future Hall of Famer would be 15 on a list but Bailey has started to slow down.

    Bailey who might get drafted just because he's Champ will always perform to the highest of his abilities. Last season he did it again with 75 tackles, 15 passes deflected, three interceptions and one forced fumble.

    While he may be a big time player, he won't be a big time fantasy player for much longer. He'll provide but time will tell how long he can provide you might want to look else where if you're thinking long term.

No. 14 Dunta Robinson, Falcons

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    Yet to play for the Falcons, Robinson needs to prove he's ready to play and provide on a consistent basis. Playing for the Houston Texans Robinson was the cornerback star but after not getting his money he decided to head to ATL.

    He may have not gotten the money he wanted because he wasn't showing up every game. Last season as a Texan Robinson had 64 tackles, nine passes deflected and one forced fumble.

    If he wants to be drafted at this ranking Robinson must over-perform and prove to all the ATLiens that he can play for the Falcons. Robinson will fly high again but just make sure you don't clip his wings. 

No. 13 Ronde Barber, Buccaneers

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    He isn't the Ronde of old he's the new Ronde. Barber, who has produced every single year and lasted longer then his brother Tiki has only a few years left in the tank but will make the most of them.

    Last season Barber remained consistent on tackles, piling up 77 of them to go along with six deflected passes and two forced fumbles. While Tampa Bay's defense isn't as strong as it used to be, Barber remains tough.

    Barber may not be drafted this high but his play certainly brings him here. He will be a consistent player until he retires, not sure when he will retire just know he is a player to have while he's around.

    Like that one quarterback in Minnesota.

No. 12 Brandon Flowers, Chiefs

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    Don't laugh because he plays for the Chiefs, Brandon Flowers is really, really good. One of the few stars on their team Flowers is very consistent and a wonderful player to have for your fantasy team.

    Last season for the Chiefs Flowers had 65 tackles, 23 passes deflected, five interceptions and two forced fumbles. With their defense headed in the right direction Flowers will soon be a household name implanted in your brain.

    Draft Flowers while you can, he is only 24 years old and his upside is very high. He will be continuing to produce for the defensive side of fantasy football and that can make all the owners smile. 

No. 11 Cortland Finnegan, Titans

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    Finnegan is a reliable source in more then one way which puts him at this spot. If your league also gives you return points Finnegan who does some punt returns for the Titans will bring you more points.

    Last season Finnegan had 63 tackles, 11 passes deflected, and 5 interceptions. Clearly Finnegan makes the plays on the ball. While he may not be the most attractive option he is a good option.

    Don't take Finnegan to high as there are some better options. If you get burned on the top guys Finnegan will be there to provide. 

No. 10 Brent Grimes, Falcons

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    Grimes will have a nice season this year because of his teammate, Dunta Robinson. Previously Grimes was the only corner that Atlanta had but now with Robinson in town Grimes won't be picked on so much.

    Last season Grimes had 66 tackles, thirteen passes deflected, and six interceptions for a secondary that needed him to perform.

    Grimes may not be taken this high or before his new teammate Robinson but with less pressure he may soon be thriving in the system and putting up wonderful fantasy numbers.

No. 9 Tracy Porter, Saints

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    Porter who made the most important play ever for the Saints in the Super Bowl should be making important plays for your fantasy team now that he will have a full season to be a starter.

    Last season after progressing from a knee injury Porter had 57 tackles, 12 passes deflected, four interceptions and two forced fumbles. There should be a statement made by Porter throughout the year the he didn't just get lucky in the Super Bowl.

    Look for Porter to rise through the rankings and you want to put him on your fantasy team whether he's your number one or your number two. 

No. 8 Jonathan Joseph, Bengals

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    Joseph is just one half of a great fantasy duo who also perform great together in real life. His partner in crime ranking may surprise you but that's for later. 

    Joseph last season had 69 tackles, 20 passes deflected, six interceptions and one forced fumble. While the Bengals continue to get better on defense Joseph will be one of the main points to the secondary.

    Draft Joseph as one of your top corners but if you end up with Joseph just know that Leon Hall might be making more plays. He's not a bad option and he actually might be one of the best options there are for corners. Leon Hall holds him back.

No. 7 Richard Marshall, Panthers

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    A tackling machine Marshall is. If he was any more productive he'd be a top pick for sure. For the Panthers who need the best defensive effort they can get out of Marshall, he may be the best player on that side of the ball outside of Jon Beason.

    Last season Marshall had 88 tackles, 9 passes deflected, and four interceptions. Julius Peppers' departure may mean opposing quarterbacks will throw more on the Panthers.

    If they throw more Marshall better be ready. He's not a bad pick just a risky one based on the team he has around him. He'll provide you tackles but not much more after that. Safe but also risky pick. 

No. 6 Darrelle Revis, Jets

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    Please don't yell at me because of his ranking. Revis will sign he has to, he loves the game of football to much to sit out an entire year. The Jets just hope he signs soon and doesn't miss any time during the season.

    Rightfully so for Rex Ryan because last season Revis had  54 tackles, 31 passes deflected and six interceptions. Being the best corner in the league doesn't make him the top fantasy option.

    Revis would be lethal fantasy wise if he had more tackles but what Revis is lethal for is his name. If you draft Revis and have another top corner people will offer offensive players for Revis because everyone wants a vacation on Revis Island. 

No. 5 Leon Hall, Bengals

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    When writing up Johanthan Joseph Hall was mentioned as the other partner in crime and if anything, Hall has taken lead command. Providing the Bengals with two of the best corners in the game Hall is a true playmaker.

    Last season Hall had 71 tackles, 24 passes deflected, six interceptions and two forced fumbles. The defense of the Bengals has been greatly improved by the play of Joseph and Hall.

    Your fantasy team will also be greatly improved with either Hall or Joseph on it. Hall can be the do it all playmaker for your defense and is one of the top options you have for fantasy corners this year.

No. 4 Antoine Winfield, Vikings

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    Injuries, injuries and more injuries. The Vikings secondary somehow always performs even when their best players are injured. Winfield is getting up there in age and has been in the league for twelve years but he can still perform.

    Last season Winfield had 55 tackles, five passes deflected, one forced fumble, and one interception. If he wants to be back on top Winfield will have to prove he can remain healthy. 

    If he does remain healthy it will be interesting to see if Winfield can become the tackling machine he once was. If that is the case some people might pass him up which means he could fall to you in a nice spot.

No.3 Charles Tillman, Bears

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    While he progresses in age, Tillman continues to play at a high level for a depleted Chicago Bears' secondary. Tillman who has been the face of that secondary for his whole career now has all the potential to be one of the best his year.

    Last season he had 77 tackles,  seven passes deflected, six forced fumbles and two interceptions. He will need to continue to make plays for the Bears' on defense and that will bring fantasy owners the points they need.

    Tillman may not be drafted this high but his play sure indicates he deserves to be. The age and injuries are always a factor but this year could be a statement year for "Peanut".

No. 2 Charles Woodson, Packers

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    Last year's defensive player of the year was the top corner in fantasy football last year as well. Some might say I don't like the older guys but I am almost 100% positive that Woodson will out perform this whole list.

    Last season out performing everyone, Woodson had 74 tackles, 18 passes deflected, nine interceptions and four forced fumbles while nearly carrying Green Bay on his back.

    Mr. Pack is back and no I'm not talking about Brett (He's in 'Sota). While Woodson prepares for another long season fantasy owners pray he can produce just as well if not better then last year. 

No. 1 Terrell Thomas, Giants

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    Last year pre-season Thomas wouldn't have made this list and now he's at the top. Thomas who enjoyed more then a breakout season put up wonderful numbers for the Giants last season and fantasy owners as well.

    Last season Thomas had 85 tackles, thirteen passes deflected, five interceptions and one forced fumble and made his name known to everyone around the league. 

    At only 25 years old Thomas is on a mission to be recognized as one of the top corners in the league. Most of you won't draft him this high because "he may be a one year wonder" Sit back, relax, and watch what this young kid from USC can do. He was second overall last year for corners but this year he will be second to none.