Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Training Camp: Five Players That Need To Improve

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent IAugust 19, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Training Camp: Five Players That Need To Improve

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    The Kansas City Chiefs conclude their annual training camp in St. Joseph today with an afternoon practice, and judging by their performances in camp, there have been many pleasant surprises, and there is much to look forward to for the 2010 season.

    However, with the positives, there are also some negatives as well. Every year, there are players who underperform and do not live up to the expectations of scouts, fans, and coaching staffs alike.

    For this feature, I examined five Chiefs who have been underachievers in this year's camp.

Ron Edwards

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    Edwards is going into his fifth season in the yellow and red and is yet to really take charge of his position of DT on this Chiefs 3-4 defense.

    Heck, Edwards never took charge of the DT position in the old 4-3 defense that KC used to run. Edwards hasn't got a lot of push off the line in camp and does not command double teams enough to really be dominant at his spot on the field.

    You have to figure that time is running short for Edwards in Kansas City, especially if the Chiefs find an adequate DT that fits their defense better than the journeyman.

Demorrio Williams

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    Williams has struggled throughout camp, as he has missed his gaps, missed tackles, and been very weak in pass coverage thus far.

    He hasn't shown much since the team signed him back in 2008 and has really been a weak point in the linebacker corps for not only all of training camp, but also during his tenure with the Chiefs.

    Williams needs to step it up, or he might have to step off the field for the Chiefs in the near future.

Alex Magee

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    Second-year defensive end Alex Magee has really had a tough camp this year for the Chiefs.

    Magee, who at times looked dominant last year when he was rotated in to help out the Chiefs defense, has done anything but that at camp, as he has been the one getting dominated for the most part.

    He has been running with the third team defense for much of camp, which is very disappointing considering the talent level that he has flashed in the past.

    The Chiefs need immediate help on this defense, and they really need Magee to start getting his act in gear and impacting this defense again this year. He won't be able to do that from the bench.

Ryan O'Callaghan

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    The Chiefs' incumbent starting right tackle has struggled for most of camp with his run and pass blocking.

    O'Callaghan, like teammate Brandon Carr, has been getting beat by anyone and everyone that the coaching staff puts up against him.

    His struggles really showed in the Chiefs' first preseason game again Atlanta last Friday night, as he was constantly getting pushed around and beaten by the faster Atlanta defensive linemen.

    If the offense is going to gel this year, Ryan O'Callaghan needs to do his part and protect the right side, or the Chiefs might look elsewhere.

Brandon Carr

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    Third-year cornerback Brandon Carr has been anything but impressive during the entire Chiefs camp this year in St. Joe.

    Practice after practice, Carr was beat up and down the field on a consistent basis by a multitude of Chiefs receivers.

    In the picture to the left, Kansas City's former first round pick Dwayne Bowe handily beat Carr, as was the case many times for Bowe and others in practice.

    The Chiefs' starting CB has seemed to regress heading into his third campaign and will really need to start improving his game if he wants to maintain his job in the KC secondary for this year and beyond.