Weekly Scout's Take: August 18th Edition

Dave AuerbachContributor IAugust 18, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 27:  Brian Westbrook #36 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs the ball against the Denver Broncos on December 27, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Broncos 30-27.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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The first week of preseason action is officially in the books. We got to see a little glimpse of what our favorite starting teams’ offense and defense will look like. Some new faces in new uniforms definitely looked refreshing.

Some teams looked like they have a new life this season, and let’s face it: Right now, every team is undefeated.

We got a lot to cover, so let’s dive right into this edition of the Weekly Scout’s Take.

*The first week of preseason definitely reminded a lot of people why it’s such a rough time before the season starts. Every year, preseason seems to claim a couple players from teams that have big offensive roles. Ask Houston’s Ben Tate. His ankle injury was a big blow to a Texans team who desperately needs an efficient running game to keep up with the red hot Colts in the AFC South. This puts more pressure on the Texans to stay as productive in other areas.

With TE Owen Daniels returning this year from a bad knee injury, the increase in production with the passing game might have to slightly cover for the loss in the run game. That’s a tall task to ask a QB who threw for over 4,700 yards and 29 touchdowns. I still believe they can stay efficient, but to topple the Colts in the South, I just can’t see that happening anytime soon. As long as Peyton Manning’s under center, the Colts should stay dominant.


*I know the Brett Favre story has captured so many headlines with "FavreWatch", what he is gonna do, is he gonna retire, etc, etc… I think that half the media guys are sick of writing and covering it, but when you’re dealing with a future 1st Round Hall of Famer coming back to a loaded team that has the chance to win it all, the sooner you can be on top of that story, the better you look. I just wanted to bring up some food for thought on this whole situation that I haven’t really heard discussed from any media outlet.

Think for a second about the pressure cooker that Favre is walking into. Minnesota wouldn’t be giving him another $3.5 million dollar raise if they didn’t believe that this could be the year they change the history of the franchise. I personally believe that as long as Brett’s healthy, he’ll play. If he’s 50 and can still throw a 40 yard bomb and scramble, he’ll be on the field. This team has somehow found a way to improve their roster from last year. The only key to driving this machine is having a QB under center that can run it properly. Anything less than an appearance in Dallas this year is going to be considered a failure. I know Brett is looking for that storybook ending, but this has to be sitting in the back of his head that it’s basically Superbowl or Bust for the Vikes.

The window is closing for Minnesota too. This team is getting old in various positions and not to mention, Green Bay is right at their heels in the fight for the NFC North title. I think everyone expects to see Minnesota in the playoffs whether it’s a wild card or division title. I hope the wily veteran can make the best of it, because he’s carrying the hopes for the entire state of Minnesota.


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