New York Jets' Coach Rex Ryan Is Profane, Causes Tony Dungy to Complain

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 15:  Head coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets shouts from the sidelines against the Jacksonville Jaguars on November 15, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Jacksonville defeated the Jets 24-22.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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If there's one thing Rex Ryan proved on HBO's "Hard Knocks", it's that he'll be one of the most consistent "F" bomb droppers.

Ryan displayed in full affect just how many ways the vulgar word could be used. Verbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, you name it. 

Sure, it is HBO, but Rex Ryan's mouth seems even too much for a late-night show on the same channel. The station even re-aired a "safer, more moderate" version of the first episode of "Hard Knocks", bleeping out many of Rex's expletives that aired on the first showing.

Many who watched may have just shaken their heads and realized it's just, "Rex being Rex."

Former Indianapolis Colts head coach and current "Football Night in America" analyst, Tony Dungy, felt otherwise.

In a recent radio appearance on "The Dan Patrick Show," Dungy made known his stance on inappropriate language, and Rex Ryan's mouth in particular.

"I'm disappointed with all the profanity," Dungy said. "I think Rex can make his points without all that."

Later, when asked by Dan Patrick if he'd consider hiring someone with a habit of using vulgar language, Dungy responded, "I would not. I personally don't want my players to be around that. I don't want to be around that. . .It's hard for me to be around that, and if I were in charge, no, I wouldn't hire someone like that. Now, I've been around 'F' bombs, so it's not like it's new. I just don't think that has to be part of your every minute, everyday vocabulary to get your point across."

Dan Patrick re-stated the question, this time presenting it asking if Dungy would turn down a coach with a vulgar mouth, even if he was one of the greatest defensive or offensive minds in the game?

Dungy reiterated he would.

The saying goes, "to each to his own", and Dungy definitely feels that there are many different tactics and methods to coaching, but that is not one he would like to be around or have his players around.

Dungy feels so strongly about Rex's language and the image it is presenting to viewers about the NFL, he feels that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should step in and talk with Rex.  

"I would hope that he does," Dungy said of Goodell stepping in. "I don't know that he will or not but I hope that he does because I just don't think the league needs that. I don't think our young people need to hear that that's what's done to be successful. Because it doesn't have to be that way."

Rex Ryan has not only drawn the potential attention of the NFL Commish, but also his own mother.

After the debut episode of this season's Hard Knocks, Rex's own mother made the call to talk with Rex about his persistent profanity.

Many are against Rex's mouth and tactics, but there are many who feel he wouldn't get the same results out of his team and players without it. There is definitely more than one way to coach, and there is no one that is necessarily better than the rest.

Ryan has since come out and apologized via the Associated Press, saying he's sorry if he, "offended more people than I usually offend."

Does Rex Ryan need to address his language, and apologize for his vulgarity?

Will a display of Ryan and his coaching on a widely popular television series taint the image of the New York Jets, or the National Football League?

Should someone with this vulgar of a mouth be kept away from coaching young men and players in the NFL as Dungy insists?

For now, we'll just have to learn to live with Rex Ryan and his mouth.

One thing's for sure: there are about as many opinions on Rex's mouth as their are "F" bombs by Rex in an episode of "Hard Knocks."