Fantasy Football: Every League Is the Perfect League

Gene ZarnickCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010


My fantasy football league is better than your fantasy football league.

Some of you may think your scoring is the greatest. Others may think your owner talent level is the best.

I know the truth.

My league beats you at any aspect you can think of.

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but am I really that wrong for feeling this way?

Listening to other friends rant about their famous fantasy gridiron gambles is an excruciating task, but if you’re part of the league, then there’s nothing greater than reopening old battle wounds.

Every league has seen the matchup where a team loses by one point because a player breaks out on Monday night or a team loses thanks to an untimely interception.

I had a team in my league last year that had won his head-to-head matchup thanks to his Monday night football performers. He actually ended up losing thanks to the NFL changing a sack to a negative rushing attempt on Thursday.

This was an epic change of fate that will never be forgotten in my league, but do you want to hear all about it?

I didn’t think so.

What I’m really trying to show is that everybody’s league is special for a variety of reasons, but most importantly the league is special to us and the owners within it.

Some of you may be in a 12-team league; others will be in a 10-team one.

Some people may use an auction type draft and others will use a snake.

There is no right and wrong in fantasy football and that’s what makes it perfect.

I recently read a Bill Simmons column that evolved around the main idea that fantasy football needs a specific set of rules that makes it consistent for everyone who plays.

First of all—it would never happen; second of all—I would never want it to.

What makes every fantasy league so great is the ability to conform the league, the rules, and the scoring to the players that are around it.

If I want to redraft completely new teams every year and you want to have keepers, then so be it.

Whatever makes your league better is what’s best for you.

Just because there is a game out there doesn’t mean the rules have to be identical for everyone that plays it.

Would basketball really be better if the NBA and NCAA had the exact same rules?

In the game of Monopoly, some of us put in $500 to start with, some of us don’t. 

Some of us allow players to skip paying rent if the owner didn’t notice and some of us enforce the fee.

Every game comes with a base set of rules, but eventually we transform the game into what works best for us.

Fortunately, fantasy football allows us to manipulate our rules and scoring like no other game or no other fantasy sport.

We can pick draft type, number of league teams, if we have divisions, how many teams make the playoffs, if we should have points per reception, if returns are attributed to the returner or the special teams, and many more variables that are meticulously selected by the owners within the league.

What it all comes down to is each of our fantasy league’s are considered the greatest to us, because unlike any other single game we’ve played, fantasy football truly allows us to make it our own game.

I don’t care if you don’t want to hear about the biggest upsets and biggest failures of my fantasy football league, but I know eleven other guys who would love to.

My league’s perfect.

Yours is too.