Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace Bring Professionalism To Cleveland's QBs

J GatskieCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010


The Browns new acquisitions had an excellent showing overall and the outcome of the Browns-Packers game was as close to a spine tingler as an exhibition game gets.

Beginning with the opening 11 play, 80 yard touchdown drive and continuing throughout the game, the Browns quarterbacks displayed poise and NFL ability.

Neither of those things were in great supply last year when we were treated to the foibles of the gruesome twosome, Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.

Jake Dellhomme went 6/7 for 66 yards and a 106 rating. Included in his completions were a beautiful 17 yard toss to Evan Moore and and a clutch 12 yard completion to Mohamed Massaquoi on fourth down and one.

Under his direction the team looked efficient, professional, and worthy of a paycheck. It's obvious he has been there and done that as the proverb goes.

Seneca Wallace came in and received some time with the first string and caused me to flash back to his Iowa State days. He is an electric athlete with a 50 caliber Desert Eagle for an arm. The laser he threw to Robiskie in the back of the end zone was Randy Johnson like. Wallace made the play possible by scrambling away from pressure.

On Wallace's next scoring drive he found three different receivers as he led the team on another touchdown drive that culminated with a 20 yard strike to Ben Watson after he ball faked an out. Wallace went four for eight for 72 yards with two touchdowns and a rating of 120. He looked more like a quality professional NFL QB than a perennial benchwarmer.


Is there anybody in Cleveland who seriously is pining for either Anderson or Quinn after that demonstration of what might be? Sure it's only an exhibition game but it sure looked like a well-managed offensive game to me, with the exception of Colt McCoy's time and he gets a pass.

Denver's Brady Quinn went 6/16 for 68 yards and a pick, for a rating of 25 over the weekend. Meanwhile, Arizona's Derek Anderson went 13/22 for 88 yards with one TD and two picks for a 45 rating.

Based solely on the acquisition of Wallace and the mere expectation of a veteran signee alone, I would have cut loose the "Angry" Anderson and the not so "Mighty" Quinn. They weren't the answer. Rookies Tim Tebow and the Fordham Flash, John Skelton, outplayed them on their respective teams this weekend.

At the very least the Browns looked professional and polished on offense, especially the first series under Delhomme, while Wallace brought electricity to the position along with his strong arm and commanded the huddle.

Perhaps, just maybe, the passing game will complement the Browns strong running attack and give the team a well rounded offense along with some much needed professionalism at the quarterback position.