The Ladies of Fantasy Football: The Player's Club

Angie MeyerContributor IIAugust 16, 2010


I'm going to start this column with one of those super annoying disclaimers. I don't claim to be the Goddess of Fantasy Football. I don't know all of the answers, and I'm not always right, all the time.
However, I've been told that I'm a sugary cross between Rachel Zoe and Roger Goddell—interesting, but I'll take it.
Push come to shove, I've played fantasy football most of my adult life, and have items in my closet to show for it.
With all that said, crazy things happen in the sport of fantasy. Which is why it's absolutely imperative to continue reading the site throughout the fabulous fall months.
Glam Girls will keep you refreshed weekly on all the latest fantasy football reports.
To help begin your journey down the yellow brick road, we've provided you with the top fantasy prospects for each position
You'll notice alongside the names, we've listed the statistics for each player. It's also important to note each players predraft ranking.
It's obvious the ladies certainly add the glitter and spice to fantasy football. Always remember dolls, anything THEY can do, WE can do better!
Let us begin!!

**Please note, the ranking overall of each player is listed first. Keep this in consideration as these names are chosen. It's a good idea to keep up with rankings during the draft**



(8) Aaron Rodgers, Team: Packers, CAREER NFL STATS: TD: 59, Interceptions: 21, Passing Yards: 9,901, Total QB Rating: 97.2

(13) Drew Brees, Team: Saints, CAREER NFL STATS: TD: 202 Interceptions: 110 Passing Yards: 30, 646 Total QB Rating: 91.9

(21) Peyton Manning, Team: Colts, CAREER NFL STATS: TD: 366 Interceptions: Passing Yards: 181 Total QB Rating: 95.2

(27) Tom Brady, Team: Patriots, CAREER NFL STATS: TD: 225 Interceptions: 99 Passing Yards:30,844 Total QB Rating: 93.3


Running Back

(1) Chris Johnson, Team: Titans, CAREER NFL STATS: Rushing Yards: 3,234, Average Per Game: 5.3 Rushing TD's: 23 Receptions: 93, Receiving Yards: 763, Receiving TD's: 3

(2) Adrian Peterson, Team: Vikings, CAREER NFL STATS: Rushing Yards: 4,484, Average Per Game: 4.9, Rushing TD's: 40, Receptions: 83, Receiving Yards: 829

(3) Maurice Jones-Drew, Team: Jaguars, CAREER NFL STATS: Rushing Yards: 3,924, Average Per Game: 4.7, Rushing TD's: 49, Receptions: 201, Receiving Yards: 1,782, Receiving TD's: 5

(4) Ray Rice, Team: Ravens, CAREER NFL STATS: Rushing Yards:1,793 , Average Per Game: 5.0, Rushing TD's: 7, Receptions: , Receiving Yards: , Receiving TD's:


Wide Receiver

(6) Andre Johnson, Team: Texans, CAREER NFL STATS, Receptions: 587, Receiving Yards: 7,948, Receiving Average: 13.5, Receiving TD's: 42

(10) Randy Moss, Team: Patriots, CAREER NFL STATS, Receptions: 926, Receiving Yards: 14, 456, Receiving TD's: 148

(12) Reggie Wayne, Team: Colts, CAREER NFL STATS, Receptions: 676, Receiving Yards: 9,393, Receiving Average: 13.9, Receiving TD's: 63

(14) Calvin Johnson, Team: Lions, CAREER NFL STATS, Receptions: , Receiving Yards: , Receiving Average: , Receiving TD's:


Tight End

(39) Dallas Clark, Team: Colts, CAREER NFL STATS, Receptions: 193, Receiving Yards: 3,071, Receiving TD's: 21, Yards per Catch: 15.9

(50) Antonio Gates, Team: Chargers, CAREER NFL STATS, Receptions:479 Receiving Yards: 6,223, Receiving TD's: 59 Yards per Catch:

(57) Jermichael Finley, Team: Packers, CAREER NFL STATS, Receptions: 61, Receiving Yards: 750, Receiving TD's: 6

(58) Vernon Davis, Team: 49ers, CAREER NFL STATS, Receptions: 181 Receiving Yards: 2,097, Receiving TD's: 22



*HINT* Always draft your kickers and returners last

(182) Nate Kaeding, Team: Chargers, CAREER NFL STATS, Field Goals Made: 150, Field Goals Attempted: 172, Field Goals %: 87.2, Long Field Goal: 57

(184) David Akers, Team: Eagles, CAREER NFL STATS, Field Goals Made: 262, Field Goals Attempted: 321, Field Goals 81.6%:, Long Field Goals: 57

(200) Stephen Gostkowski, Team: Patriots, CAREER NFL STATS, Field Goals Made: 103, Field Goals Attempted: 121, Field Goals 85.1%: , Long Field Goals: 53 Average Kickoff Yards: 65.4

(TBD) Ryan Longwell, Team: Vikings, CAREER NFL STATS, Field Goals made: 296, Field Goals Attempted: 360, Field Goals 82.2%: , Long Field Goals: 55


Kick Returner

(TBD) Josh Cribbs, Team: Browns, CAREER NFL STATS, Total Return Yards: 8,190, Total Touchdowns: 14

(TBD) Danieal Manning, Team: Bears, CAREER NFL STATS, Total Return Yards: 1,274, Total Touchdowns: 1

(TBD) Derrick Williams, Team: Lions, CAREER NFL STATS, Total Return Yards: 52, Total Touchdowns: 0


Best Team Defense

(96) New York Jets

(103) Minnesota Vikings

(115) Philadelphia Eagles

(127) Green Bay Packers


Defensive Lineman

(TBD) Jared Allen, Team: Vikings, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 331, Sacks: 72, Interceptions: 2

(TBD) Justin Tuck, Team: Giants, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 22 Sacks: 28.5 Interceptions: 1

(TBD) Julius Peppers, Team: Bears, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 381 Sacks: 81, Interceptions: 6

(TBD) Trent Cole, Team: Eagles, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 309, Sacks: 47, Interceptions: 1



(TBD) Patrick Willis, Team: 49ers, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles:467, Sacks: 9, Interceptions: 4

(TBD) Jon Beason, Team: Panthers, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 419, Sacks: 3, Interceptions: 7

(TBD) DJ Williams, Team: Broncos, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 601, Sacks: 10, Interceptions: 2

(TBD) Barrett Ruud, Team: Bucs, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 446, Sacks: 3, Interceptions: 5


Defensive Back

(TBD) Bernard Pollard, Team: Texans, CAREER NFL STATS: Tackles: 300, Sacks: 2.5, Interceptions: 7, Touchdowns: 1

(TBD) Yeremiah Bell, Team: Dolphins, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 352, Sacks: 7.5, Interceptions: 4

(TBD) Charles Woodson, Team: Packers, CAREER NFL STATS, Tackles: 732, Sacks: 11.5, Interceptions: 45

(TBD) Tyvon Branch, Team: Raiders, CAREER NFL STATS Tackles: 131, Sacks: 2, Interceptions: 1


... and there you go.


Stay Lovely,