Why The New England Patriots Are Not a Dying Dynasty... A Rebuttal

Greg PostContributor IAugust 16, 2010

This article is actually in rebuttal to Evan Chavez's article "A Dying Dynasty: Why the window has closed for the New England Patriots". And if you haven't read the article yet please do before you continue with this so you have an understanding of what I am referencing.


Now to start I can understand where some of his ideas are coming from, but I completely disagree. Now are the Patriots rebuilding? Definitely, but how many teams that are "rebuilding" also remain competitive? Slim to none. Last year our defense definitely lost us games, but like Evan said they were young and inexperienced. What you also have to understand in regards to the defense is that they let go of all of their emotional leaders and veterans and that had a serious effect on the young guys coming in. Belichick is many great things as a head coach, but being an emotional leader that rallies the troops is not one of them. This is why he brought in talented veterans like Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel and Junior Seau to keep the emotions and energy high for his defense alongside Tedy Bruschi.. because he knew he wasn't going too... that's not his style. So now you've got a bunch of young, albeit talented, defensive players coming in... and what are they going to do? They are going to follow the head coaches lead. And as far as Belichick goes in that regard that's zero emotion and that's fine, but what's not fine is when that translates to zero emotion on the field. This is why someone Rex Ryan is such an effective defensive coach because he has emotions with some to spare, but in his case it also leads to the immaturity and mistakes by some players. That's why you need a coach like Belichick to keep his players in check while having his emotional leaders on the field. You get them emotional on the field, but get them in check on the sidelines so that they are mentally ready for what comes next. If you are emotional all game with no time to think about what your supposed to be doing and digest it it leads to big, sometimes game costing, mistakes. I'd also like you all to take notice of how Belichick drafted a very specific way this year... leadership and passion. Those two characteristics are particularly evident in Brandon Spikes. If you've ever watched this guy play in Florida then you know what I mean. He's a beast on the field and motivates his defense like Ray Lewis motivates his. You get this guy performing to his full potential and the Patriots have just found a defensive player very similar to Ray Lewis that could be on their team for possibly the next 15 years. Despite their mistakes on defense last year the Patriots are undoubtedly very talented on the defensive end. You get the right kind of leadership and my feeling is you could have a defense on the Patriots that rivals that of the Jets, Steelers and Ravens for years to come.

Now as far Evan's opinion on the offense goes I COMPLETELY disagree with his comment about Randy Moss. This comment made me realize he was not writing this article as a Patriots fan who is trying to make a possibly disappointing season less painful, but more of a wishful thinker who is hoping that the Patriots are about to see their gradual demise. If you were a fan of the Patriots you'd know that Randy Moss has been working like a beast this off-season and as a player that has something to prove. Saying that he's "mentally checked out" is a ridiculous statement. When he said he didn't expect to be playing for the Patriots next year he didn't say it as if he was in Oakland and he was ready to get out, but more as a player that knows how the Patriots do business most of the time and wouldn't be surprised if their future plans didn't include him. Randy Moss said he has much more football left in him and I guarantee you he's going to play his ass off this year so that either the Patriots resign him to lucratively end his career in New England or so that another team signs him to lucratively end his career on their team. Either way... as far as this season goes for the Patriots it's a win/win situation because you are going to get the best Randy Moss has to offer. And then there is the topic of Wes Welker. It looks like he is going to be primed and ready for week one, but if for some reason he can't then maybe you have heard of certain player named Julian Edelman. This kid is a Welker clone plain and simple. I would say that he may even be more dynamic then Wes Welker. During practice they have even lined him up as a running back just to see how many effective ways they can put the ball in this guys hands. When you have got the Patriots doing that it's a very good thing considering how they feel about versatile players. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Moss, Welker and Edelman are the WRs lining up on the field for the Pats this season. With the talent this team has on offense this year with this receiving crew and the emphasis they put on drafting quality TEs in this draft by picking up Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez and free agent acquisition Alge Crumpler the Patriots are looking to have a very balanced and dynamic offense in 2010.

And last, but never least there is Tom Brady. As a Patriots fan I can't say enough about Tom Brady and what he has meant to this organization and fans alike. To me he is a once in a lifetime quarterback. I mean you hear all these wonderful things about Peyton Manning, and believe me they are more then deserved, but Tom Brady is a guy that came into the NFL against all odds and battled his way to the top. This guy doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. He's a sixth round draft pick that never had anything handed to him and made the best of what he had. What did he get in return? Only four Superbowl appearances, three Superbowl rings, two Superbowl MVP awards, NFL MVP, broken records and when it's all said and done possibly being regarded as the greatest QB the league has ever seen. As long as you have got this guy on your team you have always got a chance and the window is never shut. Brady went down with an injury after his record setting MVP season and Superbowl loss to the New York Giants and had to sit out the 2008 season. In 2009 he came back and only posted the second best statistical season of his career behind the 2007 season, but lacked the clutchness that he's become famous for... something had to give in his recovery process right? Now it's 2010 and he's fully recovered and been fully able to participate in the full off-season routine without having to worry about the recovery process. He's got new and dynamic toys to play with on offense and a sense of urgency about him that should scare every other team in the NFL. When you have got a player like Tom Brady celebrating after his running back, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, runs into the end zone in a pre-season game like his team just won the Superbowl you know there's something to be excited about if you are a New England Patriot fan in regard to this upcoming season. Brady is looking to make a point this year and I personally can't wait to see if he delivers.

Now I am not here to guarantee the Patriots, Belichick and Brady are a lock for a Superbowl season, but to say that the window has shut on such aspirations is supremely premature. This team may be relatively young now, but as long as you've got Brady and Belichick at the helm of this New England Patriots ship you can bet they are on a mission. They haven't forgotten about the bitter taste left in their mouths after the 2007 season and the new guys certainly haven't forgotten what it felt like losing to the Ravens last year in the playoffs after going undefeated at home all last season only to be embarrassed. In Belichick and Brady you've got two future Hall of Famers, two of the greatest ever at what they do, looking to solidify their legacies in the NFL and then you've got new, talented and hungry young players looking to create their own. The window has not closed for this team... not by a long shot.