Houston Texans' Ben Tate on IR: Arian Foster Now a Solid Fantasy Back

Kevin RobertsSenior Writer IAugust 16, 2010

Foster could scamper to fantasy success in 2010.
Foster could scamper to fantasy success in 2010.Bob Levey/Getty Images

If you weren't already giddy about all the possibilities oozing out of Arian Foster's "Houston Texans starting running back" pockets, then now is the time to start getting revved up.

With the news that rookie tailback Ben Tate is scheduled to go on IR due to an ankle injury, Arian Foster, who was already looking at the starting job for the 2010 season, is now a near-lock to start the season for the Houston Texans.

With Steve Slaton's fumbling issues still alive and well in the early going of the 2010 NFL preseason, it looks like Foster will pick up right where he left off in his stretch run of the 2009 season.

Foster displayed a solid physically running style, as well as an ability to pick up pass protection and catch passes out of the backfield. His versatility and strong fundamentals have him above Slaton from a talent standpoint, and the fact that he's held onto the ball in his short time as a starter gives him an extra edge.

Foster put up three touchdowns and over 200 rushing yards in Houston's final two games to end the season in 2009, while averaging roughly 5.5 yards per carry.

So, what's the end result of all this jabber and hype? Foster is the starting tailback on a pass-first team that is looking to get more balanced, and has addressed its sketchy offensive line woes in the offseason.

Foster will be the lead back, top short-yardage back, and top goal-line back. And while the explosive Slaton is primed to get most of the third down and passing down action, Foster's solid receiving abilities and ability to pick up the blitz could eventually make him a featured back, and could even make Slaton fairly expandable.

While Foster may never translate all of this into elite fantasy production, we can easily see him putting up quality RB2 numbers, out-performing Slaton, and being worth every cheap penny you pay for him as a mid-round selection in your fantasy draft.

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