Tim Tebow Preseason Live Blog: Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IAugust 15, 2010

Daniel Wolf here, AFC Team Leader and AFC Assignment Desk Editor here on Bleacher Report (B/R). I'll be here live blogging for the entire Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals game and specifically live blogging due to the fact that it is rookie quarterback Tim Tebow's very first time stepping onto an NFL football field.

Will this be the beginning of a great NFL career?

Only time will tell, but as of right now I will be updating this article often with my personal analysis, opinion, and commentary of the Broncos vs. Bengals game.

Plus there is a bonus, and that is both Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco are on the Bengals which makes this game and live blog even more exciting!

Now to clarify, I will be blogging about all the players, but when Tebow hits the field, the focus will be solely on him until he leaves the game.

Without further delay, let's get right into the game because both B/R and I know that not everyone can see this game and many do not have access to NFL Network either.

I hope you enjoy this and refresh this often to see my newest updates.



10:25 P.M. EDT: Thank you all for reading and hopefully I will have a chance to do this again very soon! Good night!

10:23 P.M. EDT: In the end, I think it is a matter of time until Tebow takes over, but it will not be this year barring any injuries to Kyle Orton. I will say that if Orton were to go down, that the Broncos have a better chance of winning games and competing with Tebow behind center over Quinn. (I have no clue what has happened to Quinn is the last few months, but it was REALLY bad tonight.)

10: 21 P.M. EDT: Also, when Tebow was on the move and out of the pocket, his "new throwing motion" looked the same as in college with a long wind-up and deliver. But when he stood in the pocket and got the ball out, he did have a snap to his throwing motion that I have not seen before when he was in Florida.

10:19 P.M. EDT: Finally on Tebow. I think he is a big and strong quarterback who is big enough to stand in the pocket no matter how much pressure is on him because he is as big as many of the defenders putting the pressure on him and a hit from them will not phase him at all.

10:18 P.M. EDT: I would also say that Brady Quinn is scary bad (he was never this bad when he was in Cleveland) and Denver better hope that Tim Tebow progresses fast.

10:16 P.M. EDT: My finals thoughts...I would say that Carson Palmer is hitting on all cylinders with both Terrell Owens and Jordan Shipley, which is good seeing as how I personally saw all three practicing on the field a couple hours before last weekend's Hall of Fame game.

10:15 P.M. EDT: Extra point is good. And the game is over with a final score of the Cincinnati Bengals 33 and the Denver Broncos 24 with Tebow getting his first taste of an NFL endzone at the very end.

10:14 P.M. EDT: Final play of the game...Tebow drops back, and he takes off for the endzone running with the ball and leaps through two defenders for a touchdown. I do not know who got it worse, the defenders getting hit by Tebow or vice-versa.

10:13 P.M. EDT: Play was ruled incomplete.

10:12 P.M. EDT: Touchdown pass is now under review. Looks like it was trapped. No touchdown pass for Tebow yet, but there still is :03 seconds left and the Broncos are at the 7 yard line of the Bengals.

10:11 P.M. EDT: TEbow still in hurry up and avoids pressure in the pocket and rolls out to his right again and finds a receiver in the endzone for a touchdown.

10:09 P.M. EDT: Tebow two more great throws down the field one for seven yards and the other for 33 yards while on the run to his right and having to throw across his body. I saw a long wind up that was very Floida-like, but great arm strength to throw across his body.

10:07 P.M. EDT:  Tebow short dump offs to the running back twice in a row for 17 and 9 yards. Bengals in a prevent defense.

10:06 P.M. EDT: Bengals just milking the clock and after the two-minute warning they wnet run, run, and run. And the Bengals go for it on Fourth down, but incomplete pass from J. Palmer. Turnover on downs. Tebow time once again from his own 27.

10:05 P.M. EDT: Broncos' defense needs to hold if they want to get Tebow back into the game.

10:03 P.M. EDT: Bengals ball, run on first for 7, run on second for 4, and run on third down for 9 and a first down. All ran by Peerman. Two-minute warning. Bengals still leading Broncos 33-17.

10:01 P.M. EDT: Broncos going for it on Fourth with Tebow in shotgun, but a bad snap forces Tebow to run for it and he gets tackled well short of the first down. Turnover on downs. Bengals ball on the Broncos' 44.

9:59 P.M. EDT: The official said Tebow's arm WAS moving forward. No fumble, no touchdow. Broncos ball on their own 42 with a Fourth and 11.

9:58 P.M. EDT: Tebow is sporting a shaved head with a beard now.

9:56 P.M. EDT: The play is under review to see if Tebow's arm was moving forward and after watching replays I would say that it will be called an incomplete pass.

9:55 P.M. EDT: Tebow DRILLED and FUMBLES the football.....picked up be Frosty Rucker and ran into the endzone for a TD. WOW!

9:54 P.M. EDT:  Hurry up offense...Tebow throws down the sideline to Arnett right on the money for 21 yards.

9:53 P.M. EDT:  Tebow stands in the pocket with heavy pressure and gets out a short pass over the middle to RB Hall for 6 yards. Third and short.

9:53 P.M. EDT: Tebow nearly hit right when he throw and he nearly threw a pick since the defender throw off his throwing motion slightly.

9:50 P.M. EDT: Great special team tackle by Cosby by the Bengals and Tebow will take the field at his own 16 after another commercial timeout.

9:48 P.M. EDT:  Tebow time once again after this upcoming kickoff.

9:47 P.M. EDT: And now a quick three and out for J. Palmer, Rayner on for a 26 yard field goal. Bengals increase lead to 33-17 over Broncos with only 5:35 left in the game.

9:45 P.M. EDT:  With J. Palmer moving the Bengals' offense, it is only taking time off of the clock and that is less playing time for Tebow. Only 7:05 remaining in the fourth quarter.

9:43 P.M. EDT: And again it was almost another three and out, but J. Palmer runs out of the pocket and jumps over an oncoming defender and flips over to get teh first down. WOW!

9:41 P.M. EDT: Just when you think J. Palmer and the Bengals offense is about to go three and out, he runs for two yards to move the chains.

9:40 P.M. EDT:  Geting back the that throw by Tebow with the defender hangin on him, Tebow showed tremendous upper and lower body strength to not take a sack and get the ball out to his receiver.

9:39 P.M. EDT: Broncos punt returned by Cosby for a 43 yard return and the Bengals will start on the Broncos' own 39.

9:38 P.M. EDT: Pocket collapses on Tebow and with a defender hanging on him, he stills throws a short pass to B.Davis for 7 yards. He then followed up that play with a mid-range incomplete overthrowing his receiver on third down.

9:37 P.M. EDT: Tebow handoff to Hall for a loss of one yard.

9:36 P.M. EDT:  Bengals kickoff gets returned by Vaughn to the Broncos' 26.

9:33 P.M. EDT: Kick by Rayner is good. Bengals now lead 30-17 over the Broncos with Tebow set to take the field for his second series after a commercial break.

9:32 P.M. EDT: Bengals try to punch it in on first and second down, but were denied. Then on third RB Johnson leaps in for a TD.

9:31 P.M. EDT: J. Palmer deep pass to Simpson into the endzone, but pass interference called on Denver and the ball is now on the Denver's 3 yard line.

9:29 P.M. EDT: Jordan Palmer is indeed in the game at quarterback for the Bengals now.

9:27 P.M. EDT:  Third and 10 for O'Sullivan and he throws over the middle to TE Ben Coates for a gain of 16 yards to the Broncos' 27. End of third quarter and quite possibly the end of O'Sullivan since Jordan Palmer has been warming up on the sideline.

9:25 P.M. EDT: RB Johnson two nice runs of 15 and 12 yards and the Bengals are now at the Broncos' 43.

9:23 P.M. EDT: O'Sullivan 18 yard pass to Simpson out to the Bengals' 26.

9:22 P.M. EDT:  Broncos punt to Bengals 8 yard line.

9:21 P.M. EDT: Tebow in shotgun, throws a FANTASTIC pass downfield on third down that was right in Willis's hands, but dropped. GREAT throw with a quick wind up.

9:20 P.M. EDT:  First pass is a roll out and short throw to Branson for 5 yards. Long wind up to throw that short pass though.

9:19 P.M. EDT: TIM TEBOW coming in right now!!!

9:18 P.M. EDT:  Rayner 31 yard field goal and now lead 23-17 over the Broncos. Is Tebow about to come out for the next drive?! I hope so.

9:17 P.M. EDT: O'Sullivan sacked on third down...field goal coming.

9:15 P.M. EDT: O'Sullivan scrambles for a yard after sitting in the pocket for several seconds and not throwing the ball. Good Broncos coverage to shut down the recievers.

9:13 P.M. EDT: What a lucky break by the Bengals on that one and the long snapper came up with the ball. Great hustle downfield!

9:12 P.M. EDT: Ball was fumbled by the Broncos' returner Cox and Bengals recover at the Broncos' 12. Commercial timeout.

9:11 P.M. EDT: A quick three and out for the Bengals with an O'Sullivan sack mixed in. Punt to Denver coming.

9:09 P.M. EDT: Shipley looks great! Very quick and he runs tight routes to get open especially in the middle of the field. Shipley will have a ton of catches in this offense this year easily.

9:08 P.M. EDT: Shipley returns the punt making moves where three Broncos defenders missed their tackle on him and returned it 21 yards to the Bengals' 37.

9:06 P.M. EDT:  Third and long for Quinn and the Broncos and Quinn gets sacked for a loos of four yards. Punt coming.

9:06 P.M. EDT:  TO sideline interview and he just pitched his own VH1 TV show from the sidelines. Shameless self-promotion.

9:04 P.M. EDT:  Quinn pass over the middle into traffic COMPLETE (WOW!) to Willis for a gain of 30 yards to the Bengals' 48.

9:04 P.M. EDT: The announcers just said that the Denver Post reported this morning that Tebow WILL play in the fourth quarter, but again I say earlier pending on Quinn's performance in the third quarter.

9:02 P.M. EDT: Quinn is back into the game...no Tebow just yet, but if Quinn has one more series like his prior one's then my best guess is he will get pulled and Tebow will come in.

9:01 P.M. EDT:  Bengals kick returned 22 yards to the Broncos' 22.

9:01 P.M. EDT: Big play by Scott set up that drive, too bad they couldn't punch it into the endzone.

9:00 P.M. EDT: Field goal attempt after a short pass to Shipley falls short of the first down sticks. Rayner kicks the field goal from 27 yard out. Bengals 20-17 over Broncos with 11:26 left in the third quarter.

8:59 P.M. EDT:  Third and 8 after an incomplete by O'Sullivan in the back of the endzone.

8:56 P.M. EDT: Big pass play over the middle to Jerome Simpson for 21 yards to the Broncos' 18.

8:54 P.M. EDT: Scott takes a screen pass and weaves through traffic for 46 yards to the Broncos' 39. Pass from O'Sullivan. Injury timeout.

8:50 P.M. EDT:  And we're back to footbal! Broncos kickoff to Shipley, who returns the ball 13 yards to the Bengals' own 20.

8:40 P.M. EDT:  Time to take a short break and I'll be back right before the second half begins. I'll be back very soon.

8:38 P.M. EDT:  Wow...that was an interesting and disappointing first half. No Tim Tebow right, but after Quinn's horrid showing, I'm sure Tebow will be in very soon if not at the start of the third quarter. I have seen some bad QB play (remember I am a Browns fan), but I have never seen Quinn play THAT bad.

8:37 P.M. EDT:  Draw to Scott up the middle to run out the clock and it is now halftime with the game still tied at 17-17.

8:36 P.M. EDT:  Broncos kickoff returned by Shipley for 22 yards to the Bengals' 24 yard line.

8:35 P.M. EDT: Third and 10 and Quinn rolls out due to pressue and heaves a pass into heavy traffic which falls incomplete. He should have just throw it out of bounds because that ball hit a bunch of Bengals hands and no Broncos hands. Field goal attempt good by Prater for 28 yards. Score is tied 17-17 with :19 seconds left.

8:34 P.M. EDT:  Quinn uses the Broncos' final timeout with :32 seconds left. Quinn needs to get his head together. Good timeout.

8:33 P.M. EDT:  Quinn ANOTHER incomplete pass. Pass was high and it was deflected by the Bengals.

8:32 P.M. EDT: Quinn pass deflected at the line and falls incomplete. Quinn just can't catch a break. All that time in the film room is not translating right now.

8:31 P.M. EDT:  Quinn up the middle for a first. Timeout Broncos with :42 seconds left.

8:30 P.M. EDT: Quinn two short passes gaining a total of nine yards. Third and one at the 13 yard line.

8:29 P.M. EDT:  Sears pass interference again. Broncos at Bengals' 22. Sears better shape up otherwise he will not make the team.

8:28 P.M. EDT:  Bengals pass interference on Johnny Sears, Broncos ball on the Bengals' 45.

8:27 P.M. EDT:  Quinn's next pass...incomplete. Overthrown again.

8:23 P.M. EDT: Bengals Kickoff returned to the Broncos' 28. Quinn FINALLY completes his first pass on a short screen to Stockley for six yards. Two-minute warning.

8:22 P.M. EDT: Quinn is not going to make this roster with this type of play.

8:21 P.M. EDT:  Quinn throws a duck and right into the hands of cornerback David Jones who takes it in from 25 yards out for the TD. Nugent kick good. Bengals 17-14 over Broncos with 2:15 left in second.

8:20 P.M. EDT: Bengals kickoff to Cox who brings it back only 17 yards to the Broncos own 20.

8:19 P.M. EDT:  Quarterback play is bad right now...

8:18 P.M. EDT:  Shipley wide open in the middle of the endzone and O'Sullivan ocerthrows him. Rayner nails a 36 yard field goal. Broncos 14-10 over Bengals wil 2:26 left in the second quarter.

8:17 P.M. EDT: Two passes from O'Sullivan to Matt Jones both incomplete Third and 10 on the Broncos' 18. Cox on the coverage.

8:16 P.M. EDT:  Bernard Scott breaks free for a big run down the sidelines for 48 yards to the Broncos' 18 yard line.

8:15 P.M. EDT:  If Quinn continues this type of play then Tebow will be in sooner than later.

8:14 P.M. EDT: Quinn ANOTHER throw over Brandon Stockley's head. Punt received by Quan Cosby and the Bengals will start on their own 34.

8:13 P.M. EDT:  Lance Ball two runs in a row probably due to the lack of confidence in Quinn's arm now. Then Quinn fumbles the snap but recovers. Third and seven at their own 29.

8:11 P.M. EDT: Broncos ball after a Bengals punt at their own 15.

8:08 P.M. EDT:  O'Sullivan tries to run for the first down, but comes up short. Bengals punting to

8:06 P.M. EDT:  JT O'Sullivan in the game for Carson Palmer and it quickly comes to Third and 7 with a false start on the Bengals offense. Third and 12 now from the Bengals' 31.

8:05 P.M. EDT: Quinn looked terribe on that drive an I can see why new Cleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren traded him away. (And that is coming from a Browns fan.)

8:04 P.M. EDT: Broncos punt and returned by Pacman 17 yards to the Bengals' 33 yard line.

8:02 P.M. EDT:  Quinn...another incomplete pass down too low on second down. Third and 10 and Quinn throws yet again another incomplete pass. Overthrowing his receiver completely. Broncos to punt.

8:01 P.M. EDT: Brady Quinn in the game and his first pass was batted down and incomplete.

7:58 P.M. EDT:  Kickoff by the Bengals returned by Cox to the 29 yard line of the Broncos.

7:56 P.M. EDT: Benson up the middle for a one yard TD. Kick is good by Nugent. Broncos still lead 14-7 over the Broncos with 8:03 left in the second quarter.

7:52 P.M. EDT: C. Palmer throws to rookie WR Jordan Shipley for a first down. The pass was for 17 yards to the Broncos' 20.

7:49 P.M. EDT: End of first quarter. Bengals passes to Gresham and TO. Then Bernard Scott a four yard gain for a first down. Bengals at the Broncos' 42.

7:44 P.M. EDT: Carson Palmer still in the game for his third series. Bengals to start from their own 22 yard line after the kick return.

7:43 P.M. EDT:  The Broncos have to be thanking for that pass interference call because it was a bit questionable as to whether it was really interference or not.

7:42 P.M. EDT: Orton to Brandon Lloyd on a quick pass for the TD. Extra point good. Broncos 14-0 over the Bengals with :59 seconds left in the first quarter.

7:40 P.M. EDT: Two completed passes by Orton and the Broncos move down to the Bengals' 9 yard line.

7:38 P.M. EDT:  Orton two incompletes in a row. Third and 10.

7:37 P.M. EDT:  Orton still in the game. Broncos starting from their own 32 yard line after the turnover on downs.

7:34 P.M. EDT: Bengals are not going for the long field goal and brought the offense back out on Fourth and one.

7:31 P.M. EDT:  Short pass to TO who takes it to the sticks for a third and one at the 31. Benson gets stopped on third down for a loss though.

7:29 P.M. EDT: Palmer pass to Ochocinco knocked down again by Champ Bailey.

7:28 P.M. EDT:  Bengals starting from their 44 yard line, first Carson Palmer pass to TO knocked down by Champ Bailey.

7:27 P.M. EDT: That drive was a product of bad play calling and good Bengals coverage.

7:26 P.M. EDT:  Pacman returns Denver punt 28 yards putting on some moves and tip-toeing the sideline.

7:22 P.M. EDT:  Bengals moved the ball well, but TO really needs to come up with that third down catch to move the chains. He is a veteran and should always catch anything that is in his grasp.

7:21 P.M. EDT: Bengals kicker Dave Rayner misses a 34 yard field goal attempt.

7:19 P.M. EDT: Cedric Benson a big hole opens up and Benson bursts through for a 21 yard gain into Broncos territory and tack on another 15 yards due to a personal foul on the Broncos.

7:18 P.M. EDT: Palmer connects on his third pass to rookie tight end Jermain Gresham for his first NFL catch.

7:17 P.M. EDT: Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco starting...Carson Palmer's first pass to TO for six yards and Palmer's second pass goes right to Ochocinco for four yards and a first down.

7:14 P.M. EDT:  Bengals defense was very loose on that drive and Orton picked apart open holes in the secondary. The Tank Johnson personal foul didn't help the Bengals stop the Broncos from scoring either.

7:11 P.M. EDT: Orton over the middle to receiver Eddie Royal who takes it in for a 13 yard TD. Extra point good. Broncos 7-0 over Bengals with 12:19 to go in the first quarter.

7:10 P.M. EDT:  Orton overthrows Gaffney into the back of the endzone. Third and six...incomplete over the middle, but roughing the passer on Tank Johnson gives the Broncos a first at the Bengals' 13.

7:06 P.M. EDT: Kyle Orton starts and passes deep over the middle to Jabbar Gaffney for 35 yards to the Bengals' own 41 yard line.

7:06 P.M. EDT: Lined up and the Bengals are kicking with the Broncos receiving. Kick goes to Parrish Cox and he brings the ball back to the Broncos' 28 yard line.

7:02 P.M. EDT:  Kickoff is just after a current set of commercials!

6:58 P.M. EDT: Anthony Munoz (former Bengal and now TV analyst) says that second-year offensive tackle Andre Smith is falling behind the preseason program due to his weight. Also, Munoz said, "I hope they [Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco] can put their differences aside and not worry about how many catches they have...they need to concentrate on being productive and not get distracted from their off-the-field activities." Wise words from Munoz.

6:54 P.M. EDT: I have my TV tuned to NFL Network and now I'm just waiting for the game to come on momentarily after a NFL Network update that is quickly previewing the Broncos vs. Bengals and they are saying that Tebow is entering his first game as the third stringer.

6:15 P.M. EDT:  Kickoff is in approximately 40 minutes from when this live blog posted to B/R. Stay tuned and check back at kickoff for continual coverage live as the game is played!


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