Oakland Raiders: No, Not Football

Salvatore MigliaroContributor IAugust 13, 2010

So I'm going to start a little bit of controversy here. Recently I wrote an article, factually, laying out the first half of the Oakland Raiders First Pre-Season game at Dallas. 

And because I wasn't kissing the feet of the Raiders and saying how we are going to win the Super Bowl for years coming with Jason Campbell at the helm, with other un-proven players such as DHB, Murphy(Can he do it now that the light is shining on him), Schilens, Higgins, and just about every other Raider Receiver.

Because I laid out everything that happened the way it happened I got called a "JERK", "Douche", and labeled a "Bigot"(All courtesy of Riley Cruz) All the while Ezra Ruiz chose to respond to my response by saying it is "Not cool" to single a person out in Raider Nation. Well i say i'm not afraid to do it. Never have been afraid to do it. People need to be made an example of, and today, Mr. and Mrs. Insult to Intelligence, are prime candidates.

First of all Riley Cruz, calling me a bigot actually got a laugh out of me as it is a funny way to describe someone who is just honest. I'll admit, by definition I fit the description.

What you don't know is that i only cast aside the, oh how could i put this so i don't insult you and the rest of the "Respected members of Raider Nation", a clique I guess I'm banned from, back to my point, i only cast aside the un-educated ones who think hope will make Jason Campbell go to the Pro Bowl this year. I'm not saying you are un-educated in Scholarly exercises or life, rather football.

When you talk about something you don't know about and think you are right, yes that is ignorance and idiotic.

From the bottom of my heart, the one you think is non-existent, I "Hope" you have a great life living on "Hope". But really, where is me hoping you will be o.k. get you? Nowhere. It translates to football. No but really, I hope your life goes great just to be sure i don't insult. I'm just making a point.

On to Ezra. 

I read a few of the authors articles and came to the conclusion that these articles were, for lack of a better term, dreamy articles, much like a blog?

I got scolded for singling "Ben RaiderFan" as he is a respected Raider fan in Raider Nation, here in Black Hole HQ on BR.

I'll be the first to admit I am honest to the point to where it hurts. That is much of the reason I don't have a fanbase here on Bleacher Report. Eventually fans will catch on to my reality and get out of dream world with Ezra.

I'm here to write articles about the Oakland Raiders. I keep away from putting my own opinions into my legit articles, and if I do, I make it a point to let the audience know where I stand and what the facts are so they can make their own interpretation of the content.

I refuse to give into the simple-mined clique of Raider Nation that I will continue to call the "Derders".

Anyone who wants some facts and honesty go to my archives. And to the enemies I did not wish to create, please feel free to call me all the names you please