Ted The Terrific: Ted Thompson's Top 10 Draft Picks In Green Bay

Joe PrindlContributor IAugust 13, 2010

Ted The Terrific: Ted Thompson's Top 10 Draft Picks In Green Bay

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    Many have criticized Ted "The Polar Bear" Thompson over the past few seasons because of his refusal to pick up key free agents.

    He's also been criticized for the way he handled the whole Brett Favre saga, but that's a whole new ballgame.

    Taking over for Ron Wolf, arguably Green Bay's greatest GM ever, is far from an easy task.

    But if there is one thing Ted Thompson has thrived on during his tenure with Green Bay, it's finding talent via the draft.  He's trying to build a dynasty the "correct" way, rather than spending the majority of the team's budget on a superstar, who may or may not pan out.

    Thus far, Thompson has managed to do a tremendous job, as evidenced by his ability to find talent and bring it into Green Bay.

    If you so choose, take a gander at the talent in which Ted Thompson has accumulated, which currently has Green Bay contending for a Super Bowl.

    On a side note, isn't that picture amazing?  Ted Thompson looks like he's staring down the quarterback, reminiscing of his days with the Houston Oilers where he managed to get a prodigious one career sack!

Honorable Mention: DT Johnny Jolly and WR Jordy Nelson

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    Johnny Jolly

    Current Status - Suspended Indefinitely

    Jolly is definitely the type of individual who can not only pump up his teammates, but can pump up the crowd as well.  He wasn't the greatest pass rusher in the world, but by golly can he stop the run.

    He's also a master when it comes to batting down passes, as confirmed by his 17 career PD's.  There's no doubt that Johnny Jolly would be higher on this list if he didn't let his off-field issues get in the way with his football career.

    Jordy Nelson

    Current Status - #4 WR

    When you join an offense that already has receivers like Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, obviously the receiving numbers aren't going to be there, but there's no questioning what Jordy Nelson means to this team.

    Not only has Nelson been able to make plays when the ball was actually thrown to him, but he has the ability to play multiple roles for Green Bay.  Ever since Will Blackmon went down, Jordy Nelson has been a solid return man for the Packers.

10. WR, James Jones

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    Current Status - #3 WR

    Jones is one of those players who has the fortune of playing under Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, meaning he can present mismatches for the opposition at times. He seems to always come through in the clutch when the defense is expecting a pass to someone else.

    However, his hands must improve if he ever wants to replace Driver when he retires. Jones was second in drops per reception, maybe he just needs a little bit more time to get used to Rodgers' rockets.

9. NT, B.J. Raji

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    Current Status – Starting NT

    With Raji getting the starting role this season, having an NFL season under his belt, he should provide a solid bull rush while being able to defend the rush with his big belly.

    If he can push back opposing C's, he will be able to collapse the pocket and force the QB to scramble outside, where Clay Matthews or Brad Jones will be violently approaching.

8. LB, Brad Jones

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    Current Status – Starting OLB

    Although he missed two games and sat on the bench for about half of the season, Jones still managed to get 33 tackles and four sacks. Pretty good for a seventh round pick, eh?

    There's no questioning that Brad Jones was a significant upgrade for Aaron Kampman, who isn't a natural born linebacker.

    Jones took a helmet to the back early on in training camp, but shows no signs of slowing down.

7. RG, Josh Sitton

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    Current Status – Starting RG

    Sitton is arguably one of the most underrated G's in the NFL right now. He only surrendered four sacks on nearly 1,200 snaps last season and was the only bright spot during that horror story of a first half.

    His most impressive attribute? Reliability.

    Sitton didn't miss one snap last season, that's pure athleticism, conditioning, and talent.

6. LB, A.J. Hawk

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    Current Status – Starting ILB

    Hawk hasn't really been the player he was hyped up to be coming out of Ohio State, but he's proven to be a great tackler and run defender at the professional level. His pass rushing ability and coverage skills, however, not so much.

    Thus far, Hawk is having an excellent training, in fact, head coach Mike McCarthy stated he's looked the best since his time in Green Bay. Hopefully, we could certainly use it.

5. TE, Jermichael Finley

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    Current Status – Starting TE

    I feel like I'm talking about this monster in every article, but he definitely deserves the hype! Theft is the only way to describe how Green Bay landed him.

    Finley emerged as a Rodgers' favorite target and is a huge threat in the redzone. It's like playing Madden when Rodgers and Finley connect, too easy.

    When Finley is on the field, he creates huge mismatches will most likely result in a big play to himself, or it will open up a big play for our other playmaking receivers.

4. LB, Clay Matthews

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    Current Status – Starting OLB

    What a great move by Ted Thompson in trading up for Clay Matthews, without him our pass rush would be in shambles right now. Matthews didn't even start the season, yet he accumulated 51 tackles, seven PD's, and 11 sacks if you include playoffs.

    My favorite play? Clay Matthews chucking the ball into the Minnesota crowd after saying “gimme dat ball” to Adrian Peterson and running for a touchdown.

    Matthews currently has a minor tweak in his hamstring, but he will be back and fully prepared when it comes time to face Philadelphia.

3. WR, Greg Jennings

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    Current Status - #1 WR

    Considering he's our No. 1 receiver and deep threat, and a Pro Bowl caliber player, he's definitely one of Ted Thompson's best picks ever with the Green Bay Packers. Jennings is coming off his second straight season with more than 1,000 yards, following his predecessor Donald Driver's footsteps well.


    Jennings had a down year in regards to catching touchdowns, but with Rodgers having more time to look deep, that should immediately change next season.

2. FS, Nick Collins

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    Current Status – Starting FS

    One of the best FS's in football right here, ladies and gentlemen. His 13 interceptions, three touchdowns, and 28 PD's in the last two seasons have established him as one of the elite ball-hawks in the game today.


    Packer Nation hopes he grooms Morgan Burnett into the same type of player. Collins is also one of the best tackling FS's in the NFL as well.

1. QB, Aaron Rodgers

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    Current Status – Starting/Franchise QB

    Anytime you draft a franchise quarterback, it's a huge sigh of relief for GM's around the NFL. Finding quarterbacks who can play at the NFL level is one of the toughest, if not the toughest thing to do for a GM.

    Aaron Rodgers is the first quarterback in NFL history to surpass the 4,000 yard mark in his first two seasons as a starter, and has potential to be a Pro Bowler for the next decade. Green Bay is blessed to go from Favre to Rodgers, and this is without a doubt, Thompson's best draft pick ever.