2010 Mock Redraft As It Happens, With Commentary: Round 4

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2010

Does Felix Jones land on a team in the fourth round of our mock redraft?
Does Felix Jones land on a team in the fourth round of our mock redraft?Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Three rounds done in our redraft mock draft (check them out here: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3), and there definitely have been some surprises along the way. Do things quiet down in Round 4? …

4.01 Steve Smith, CAR (jzak)

Quite a dilemma here in terms of which WR to snag. Three guys had my attention… Sidney Rice has big upside potential if everything falls into place. His hip is not healing as hoped and there is still uncertainty about Brett Favre’s status for 2010. According to Vikings coach Brad Childress, Rice is a “ways away” from returning from the PUP. Vincent Jackson is a stud receiver who continues digging himself a hole.

He’s threatened numerous times to hold out this season, and the Chargers aren’t blinking. Looking more and more like he’ll face a rocky season. Steve Smith is aging, and had a flag football injury this summer, but is looking on track and will be playing week 1. He’s much safer than the other receivers remaining and Matt Moore really seemed to lock in with Smith late last season.

4.02 Knowshon Moreno, DEN (ep)

He’s not a favorite, but I’m going for balance here with this “B” squad. Moreno’s the last feature back on the board and is a good ADP value at 38th overall, making him the top choice.

4.03 Felix “the cat” Jones (consigliere)

Should be deadly out of the backfield and that’s worth some money in PPR leagues. He has great speed and should get some long touchdowns. I think he will get about 5-6 catches a game which will make up for losing some carries inside the red zone.

I get a good back here, plus he is a high reward guy. There are some concerns with extra running backs, but when the Cowboys go to the sky he will be in there and when they need a spark he will be in there. Barber is wounded and Jones has more talent.

4.04 Ronnie Brown, MIA (sockonfl)

Brown has always been a stud fantasy producer when he has been on the field. The problem is getting him to stay healthy a full season. Hopefully a contract year will motivate him to play healthy an entire season.

4.05 Sidney Rice, MIN (jaymo)

He may not be the No. 1 red zone target I prefer in a WR1 for my team, but I like his upside after breaking out last year with more than 1,300 yards, 15.8 YPC and 8 TDs. Brett Favre’s arrival certainly played a part, but we should also give Rice some credit in developing during his third year – an evidenced-based trend in WR progression.

I’m not as worried as many may be about Favre’s return. If he was that worried about his ankle he wouldn’t be standing on a high school field chucking the ball around, instead would be in Vikings’ camp getting treatment by a top-notch sports medicine team.

Favre will be under center this season, and I got a nice value pick to make up for my “tragic” picks of the previous two rounds (Note: sarcasm). Regarding Rice’s injury status; it’s training camp. I’m drafting for the regular season.

4.06 Michael Crabtree, SF (jzak)

There is nothing worse getting sniped on a draft pick… and with all of Sidney Rice’s issues, I was chomping at the bit to snag him here. Crabtree isn’t a bad consolation prize. He produced well despite missing time with the offense last year as a rookie.

This year, he says he’s feeling really comfortable with the offense for the first time, and is a main cog on an up-and-coming Niners offense. Taking him in the fourth round is a little higher than I would have liked, but I also didn’t want to take a chance of losing him to someone else between now and my next pick.

4.07 Matt Forte, CHI (speedy)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and hope last year was a fluke/sophomore slump.

4.08 Hakeem Nicks, NYG (ryder)

It was tempting to pick Vincent Jackson at this spot,but picking him in the 4th rd.is to early with his suspension and his possible lengthy holdout. I like that Nicks will give you a deep home run threat and is a big bodied red zone target for a WR.

4.09 Mike Sims-Walker, JAX (krause)

Here we are, the most crucial point of the draft. this is the point where you have to decide if your going stick with your strategy or turn a new leaf (No, not Ryan Leaf). I was originally going to draft a QB here but with the lack of QBs being drafted (average of one per round) I feel I could wait until round 8 or 9 and still get a top ten QB. So I’m going to zag from my strategy and zig with everyone else.

Sims-Walker had a breakout season in 09. He’s the number one WR in Jacksonville. there’s huge upside here with very low risk. I like that.

4.10 Chad “Esteban” Ochocinco, CIN (consigliere)

He is a legit weapon on a team with some other big time weapons. He is capable of big numbers and even though he is aged a little bit i think he still has one more good season in him. I am not overly worried about him losing out to TO, i see him as going back to the numbers he got when TJ Housh was there.

He has top fantasy potential, and that is important to me.

4.11 Dallas Clark, IND (ep)

With WRs still flying off the board at an alarming rate for a non-PPR, I’ll zag and take the top TE. Clark over Antonio Gates because Vincent Jackson is not in SD to spread out secondaries.

4.12 Tony Romo, DAL (sockonfl)

Romo will be phenomenal once Bryant gets on the field, which will be as soon as he possibly can. Bryant was the first first rounder to sign indicating his desire to play. I can’t believe Romo is still on the board here.

Follow along with the draft as it happens.