NFL Lockout: Brandon Marshall Plans To Go To the NBA In 2011

Tommy TorkelsonCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2010

Have we learned nothing from the Jordans, Lesnars, and Barkleys, that crossing over into the unknown is generally a bad idea for pro athletes?

For every Herschel Walker going into MMA or making a bobsled team, there's a Brock Lesnar trying to play in the NFL, or Michael Jordan whiffing at a fastball in the minor leagues.

Now, adding his name into the "crossover athlete" discussion, is Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall. 

He can't be serious, right? 

Unless he's trying to get the attention in Miami away from Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James and onto him, why is he doing this?

He claims he could have played shooting guard at the NBA level, but his coach disagrees.

"I've seen him jumphe's not playing basketball," says Tony Sparano.

Well, I've seen him jump, too, over just about every defender when he goes up for a ball. Not too often have I seen Marshall get beaten for a jump ball. 

Would that translate to the NBA, and add to his supposed high school greatness at the two-guard? I'm not so sure, but I'd absolutely love to see it. Just imagine an alley-oop to Marshall for a slam dunk.

Just once, I'd like to see that.

Then, I'd like the lockout (which looks to be almost a certainty at this point) to come to an end, and football players remain that—football players.

If the NBA were to become a haven for NFL'ers while on lockout, would we see a wave of transfers? Maybe Antonio Gates, Terrell Owens, and Brandon Marshall could be the Miami Heat's bench in 2011. 

I hear they need some help.

Back to Marshall, though. He appears totally 100 percent serious about this, and I'm shocked. What if he blew out a knee? Or if he truly is NBA-quality? What then? Does he forgo the NFL for the NBA? He'd have a messy contract issue, but buyouts have happened before.

Like I said previously, I'd love to see it, if for no other reason than the shock value. What if he dominates? What if he is a total flop? All too interesting to ignore.

What if Marshall pulls a Jordan, and does terrible? Would he finally quit being a diva who's so full of himself he can't eat a whole meal?

If it really comes to the point where Brandon Marshall is even coming off of an NBA team's bench, and having any kind of regular success, sign me up.

Let's just hope Marshall has a better post game than me.