Brandon Marshall to Pursue an NBA Career if NFL Lockout Occurs

Shane DePutronCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2010

Brandon Marshall with Anthony Carter of the Denver Nuggets
Brandon Marshall with Anthony Carter of the Denver NuggetsDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

Brandon Marshall is a lot of things: a Pro Bowl acquisition of the Miami Dolphins, an NFL record holder, and one of the nastiest wide receivers in the NFL.  However, will we soon be adding NBA star to that list?

In a recent interview, Marshall stated that if the NFL locks out its players next season, which is looking to be a rather likely scenario, he will elect to move on to a career in the NBA.

And this is no publicity stunt, as evidenced by that fact that he has had serious discussions with his agent regarding this possibility. Furthermore, Marshall claimed that, "I'm going to be on an NBA team.  Seriously."

There is no doubt that the 6'4", 230 lb UCF product with a 37 inch vertical jump has the size and athleticism to be an NBA shooting guard. However, whether or not his basketball skills are up to par is a different story.

Marshall last played basketball as a multi-sport athlete at Lake Howell High School in Winter Park, Florida, where he was also All-State in football and a state champion in the triple jump.

"Right now I'm rusty," Marshall declared, going on to predict, "After some training I'll be fine.  I'll be right back where I used to be."

Describing himself as an outside shooter, Marshall said that he would be happy to accept a minimum NBA salary.

The 26 year old even has specific teams in mind, citing the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat—teams located in the two cities in which Marshall has played during his NFL career—as his preferred destinations.

But realistically, does Marshall stand a chance of making it into the NBA?  It's very doubtful.

Marshall's lack of basketball accolades at the high school level serves to illustrate that he may have an inflated sense of his NBA potential.

Furthermore, history is not on his side, as there have been few athletes that have successfully transitioned from football to basketball.

Perhaps most notable attempt to do so was by Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, who played both football and basketball at the collegiate level at Cal.  As a 6'5" power forward, he had several NBA try-outs, although he was never signed to any teams. 

So it appears that Marshall's NBA future looks bleak. 

However, let's hope for his, as well as for all the fans' sake, that the NFL Players Association and the NFL owners are able to come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement by next year, thereby eliminating any chance of a lockout in 2011.