"To Tebow, Or Not Tebow! That Might Be The Question!

D. WebbCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2010

"To Tebow, or Not Tebow? that is the question!" - a quandary that even Hamlet would not relish! So far there have been plenty of slings and arrows!

   More has been said for good or ill about this highly accomplished, highly visibility, highly vilified than any other NFL rookie in media frenzy history. Listing his accomplishments, his unimpeachable character and work ethic would turn this into just another mundane Tebow puff piece. Amongst all of the stories about how hard he works, when he will start, if he will succeed (even written by me), is lost an interesting dilemma with it’s horns pointed squarely at the Denver Broncos and Head Coach Josh McDaniels. Much has been said about Tim Tebow’s unique skill set and athleticism, and his critics would say that it doesn’t translate to typical Quarterback success in the NFL. So does Coach McDaniels let Tim be Tim? Now theres the RUB so let’s get down to brass tacks, see if this dog will hunt! 

OMG I just turned into my Grandfather for a second!    

     People who think Tebow won’t succeed in the NFL as a typical QB are making two mistakes: One, they are seriously underestimating Tim’s ability to adapt and progress and the maniacal work regiment he has undergone, self imposed. Two, Those people are seriously lacking imagination, something Josh McDaniels does not suffer from. It has been speculated that Tim Tebow will be used in special packages in Wild Horse formations, short yardage, and red zone situations. *Many would agree that his versatility and athleticism make him a threat in these circumstances. Another component of this is “the element of surprise”, misdirection, the unexpected.

     That’s where this could get interesting. Preseason is a perfect time to trot your new stallion and see how he runs. The score doesn’t matter and win or lose, you have a chance to evaluate your young and new players under live action conditions.

     Coach McDaniels has a choice to make in how he uses Tebow in the upcoming game in Cincinnati.

Option ONE: 

   Test him in live fire situations in the packages and gadget plays that they have been working on all off season where he can shine on national television and risk ruining the surprise for defensive coordinators on the schedule that would have fallen victim. Having Tim look really good in a series of plays especially designed to showcase his talent could help raise fan excitement and go along way in silencing critics of his choice.

In effect, let Tebow be Tebow!

Option TWO – Allow Tebow to sink or swim in traditional offensive sets and run the risk of him appearing less than ready to take over the reins anytime soon as the Broncos starting quarterback. Many would say that this approach could stymie his progression and his confidence. The likelihood of Tim’s confidence being damaged is remote but if he was actually not superhuman in that regard it would be a valid concern. On the upside it would give Josh an accurate assessment of his progression within the whole offense and pay dividends as the season progresses.

In other words not let Tim be Tim!

     It’s very likely we will see some of option one and a lot of option two. Orton will see very little action under center during the first and fourth preseason game and likely less than last year due to his perceived improved familiarity and ability in running the *Broncos offense. Quinn and Tebow should get plenty of work in the base offense and as a good friend of mine once said, that’s “where the rubber will hit the road!”

     No matter which option Coach McDaniels chooses, the game in Cincinnati will set NFL Network ratings records, and the new question will be to “to Tivo, or Not Tivo! Now that’s a good question!