The Five Most Overrated Quarterbacks of the Past Decade

WesAnalyst IAugust 12, 2010

The Five Most Overrated Quarterbacks of the Past Decade

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    Peyton's at the top of a lot lists, including this oneAndy Lyons/Getty Images

    Do you ever notice how members of the national media drool over certain players and blindly praise them?

    It's sickening, right?

    You almost feel like you're listening to a dad go on and on about how great his son is. You get the sense that the accomplishments aren't that great, but after a while you begin to cave in and you want to dub his 10-year-old son the next Joe Montana.

    The same thing has happened to us when it comes to the players on this list.

    We are led to believe their flaws are few and far between. And if they have made mistakes then surely they can be attributed to someone else.

    Too bad that's not how things works for quarterbacks.

    They typically are the face of the franchise, which means they have to take the criticism when they screw up. And the five players on this list have screwed up a lot more times than you would think.

No.5: Donovan McNabb

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    5 represents the number of losses in NFC Championships and the Super BowlRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    I can't stand it when people say, "How can you get rid of Donovan McNabb, who is the greatest quarterback in franchise history?"

    I mean, when Randall Cunningham, who had a career playoff record of 1-4, was considered one of the elite quarterbacks in franchise history, the bar isn't exactly set too high.

    You're probably laughing at how bad things must be to consider a guy with a 1-4 playoff record amongst the elite quarterbacks to ever put on pads for the Eagles.

    Well then you're sides are going to hurt when you hear that McNabb has a 1-5 record in NFC Championships and the Super Bowl.

    That's right people. McNabb went out to the field six times in those situations and emerged victorious once.

    That's a .166666 winning percentage. For those who are really big McNabb supporters you can round it up to .167 to make the situation seem not so bleak.

    But I know, I know. He didn't have weapons.

    Well I guess when you have one of the best all-purpose running backs in Brian Westbrook, one of the best offensive lines anchored by tackles Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan, and one of the best defenses lead by Brian Dawkins, you really do need to have great receivers to succeed.

    It really must be tough to win when you don't have the perfect team.

    And I love it when people say he didn't have a balanced offense.

    Really? You want to go down that road?

    If you're a border-line Hall-of-Fame quarterback, don't you want the ball in your hands with the game on the line?

    Go look at how many times Drew Brees threw the ball in the Super Bowl last year. How'd he do without balance?

    The talent was around him and never converted on it.

    He was able to play at home in three conference championships and only won once.

    What am I missing here?

    Are Eagles fans supposed to be happy that their team made it to five Conference Championship games and didn't win a Super Bowl?

    How would that scenario fly in Dallas, New England, Oakland, Washington, New York, or any other major market?

    And to really drive the point home, pretend they don't have any Super Bowls and then went through the pain of watching their franchise quarterback choke in the biggest games.

    And this is not about Kevin Kolb or any other player. This about McNabb and him being overrated.

    It's time people stop deflecting the blame for him and actually hold him accountable for his shortcomings.

No.4: Brett Favre

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    Stop throwing picksRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    It seems like most fans hate Brett Favre right now, but I can't understand why.

    Anyone whose favorite team plays in the NFC should be dying for this old bag to step back onto the field because if your team faces Favre in the postseason there is a great chance he is going to throw some costly picks to help your team advance in the playoffs.

    Let's take a little look at what Favre did over the decade in his final postseason game:

    In 2002 Favre went into St. Louis and threw two touchdowns. That's pretty good, no?

    Too bad he chucked up six picks.


    The Packers had never lost a home playoff game heading into a 2003 showdown with the Atlanta Falcons.

    Favre promptly threw two picks with only one touchdown. Can I mention that he only completed 47.6 percent of his passes?

    Well I just did.

    In 2004 the Packers went into overtime against the Philadelphia Eagles.

    The Packers won the toss, but Favre thought it would be a great idea to throw a punt to Brian Dawkins.

    Donovan McNabb thanks you.

    Then in 2005 Favre tacked on the Packers' second home playoff loss as he threw four interceptions in a loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

    I never thought the pick he threw to Dawkins could be outdone, and then I saw what he did against the New York Giants in the 2008 NFC Championship game.

    Favre aimlessly floated a ball into the hands of Corey Webster, who is not a teammate of Favre's.

    Four plays later, the Packers lost their third home playoff game all of which came at the hands of the old guy pictured above laying around in misery on artificial turf.

    And then to cap it all off Favre threw two picks in last year's NFC Championship game. The last one came when the Vikings had a game-winning field goal waiting for them.

    It may seem like a long-winded explanation, but what do you want me to do, turn down the evidence?

    When you are considered one of the elite players you are held to a higher level than everyone else. And the way I see it, Favre did not live up to those expectations in the playoffs.

No.3: Eli Manning

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    It's okay buddy, we'll get you a puppy for Christmas next yearNick Laham/Getty Images

    When Eli Manning is not busy receiving gift-wrapped games from Brett Favre or pinning passes against his receiver's helmet, he is choking in the playoffs.

    Yes, he won a Super Bowl. And yes, it was a complete fluke. But I don't even want to focus on that gift from the football gods right now.

    I want to look at the three other playoff appearances by the sulking quarterback.

    In his three playoff loses Eli Manning managed to score a combined 31 points, which was highlighted by a shutout.

    He completed only 55 percent of his passes while throwing six interceptions and only two touchdowns.

    His average quarterback rating was 53.7.

    To make matters worse, two of those playoff games were at home, including the shutout.

    So to recap his playoff accomplishments: He's gone one-and-done three times, never won at home, and was shutout once.

    Oh, and he lost to divisional rival Philadelphia twice.

    But yeah, he's a good quarterback.

    He finally threw for 4,000 this past season, he's never tossed more than 24 touchdowns, and he's never had less than 10 interceptions.

    In all fairness I do need to mention the incredibly lucky postseason Eli had in 2007, so let's get to it:

    Game 1 @ Tampa Bay

    Eli Manning managed to help the Giants offense move the ball for a grand total of -2 yards int he first quarter.

    Stand up, take two steps backward and that's what Manning did.

    Somehow the Tampa offense was worse and Manning passed test one.

    Game 2 @ Dallas

    Manning was only asked to throw the ball 18 times and I assume it's because Tom Coughlin didn't want to stroke out on the sidelines.

    But to Manning's credit he did play well as he complete 12 of those passes and threw two touchdowns.

    I give him all the credit in the world for that game.

    Game 3 @ Green Bay

    I still don't know how he won this game.

    Even after Brett Favre threw a pick in overtime, a field goal was not in the bag. The Giants took over on the Packers' 34-yard line.

    Eli did nothing to move the ball as the Giants went run, run, incomplete pass.

    Manning can thank Lawrence Tynes for booting a frozen bolder 47 yards and sending the luckiest man in the world to his first Super Bowl.

    Game 4 vs. New England

    Manning played well in this game at times, but he has to thank Asante Samuel for dropping an interception that would have ended the game before he can begin to thank David Tyree for making the luckiest catch in Super Bowl history.

    The best part about Eli is that he will continue to struggle and the media in New York will not let it go unoticed. Too bad that can't be said for the next guy on the list.

No.2: Philip Rivers

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    The West Coast version of Donovan McNabbRobert Laberge/Getty Images

    I don't get it.

    How is Philip Rivers not crucified by the national media?

    The guy has a 46-18 regular season record followed up by a 3-4 postseason record.

    In the regular season he's thrown 106 touchdowns against a mere 45 interceptions. Yet when the game has a do-or-die scenario he has eight touchdowns with nine picks.


    He uprooted Drew Brees in 2006, yet it is Brees who won a Super Bowl. And Brees did it with New Orleans in all places.

    Shouldn't Rivers be feeling all kinds of heat for his underperformance?

    People bitch and moan about East Coast bias when players or teams get all of the attention. So what do we call it when players constantly fail on the West Coast and go unnoticed? Can we call it West Coast ignorance?

    People gush about his stats, his arm, his this, his that.

    I point to 3-4 postseason record and there is no rebuttal because there is nothing you can say about it.

    Maybe you have excuses, but you certainly don't have any explanations.

    At least two of those wins came against the Indianapolis Colts, which leads us to the most overrated quarterback of the decade.

No.1: Peyton Manning

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    Not a Brady-like finishJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Overrated does not mean you are a hot mess and it certainly does mean you are considered a bust or a terrible player.

    When a player is overrated it simply means you are rated much higher than you should be.

    Enter Peyton Manning.

    How many times do you hear people say things like, "Peyton is one the greatest quarterbacks to ever play."

    As soon as the sentence flies out of someone's mouth it is a layup to tag Manning as "The Most Overrated Quarterback of the Past Decade."

    The so-called all-time great quarterback has been to the playoffs nine times in the past decade, but has lost in the opening round five times.

    I know he has a Super Bowl ring on his hand, but if you want to label someone as one of the best quarterbacks then he better not go 0-fer in the playoffs more than half the time. A 9-8 playoff record in the last decade is kind of troubling considering he went 4-0 in one postseason appearance alone.

    Hate to say it, but this guy choked more often than not.

    The best quarterback in the past decade, Tom Brady, had two game-winning drives in the Super Bowl and found a way to win three Super Bowls, which were all decided by three points. And in the four Super Bowls Brady played in, he threw seven touchdowns against only one pick.

    Manning on the other hand doesn't exactly have a flair for the dramatics or a track record to suggest he is clutch in the postseason.

    The most damagin piece of evidence came last year in the Super Bowl against the New Orleans Saints.

    With 5:42 remaining in the game, and his team trailing 24-17, Manning was asked to march his team 70 yards down the field to tie the game. Manning marched 40 yards down the field and choked. He threw a pick-six to Tracy Porter and that's all she wrote.

    And how bad is it that Manning has only won twice on the road in the playoffs?

    I don't care how many fantasy football championships he won for you or how many touchdowns he throws for in Madden. I only care about the number of championships he blew.

    How many times did he have incredible regular seasons only to absolutely bomb in the playoffs?

    Look, the guy is a good player and he has stats that would make your mind explode. But to call this guy one of the greatest to play the game is a little much given his track record in the postseason, which leads to him being the most overrated.