Hard Knocks: Jets, Please Sign Darrelle Revis

Danni SantanaContributor INovember 2, 2016

Darrelle Revis is still holding out for more money than the $1 million he is scheduled to make this season, and the $12 million a year the Jets offered him in the proposed contract extension.

Revis wants more money. More specifically he wants to make Nnamdi Asomugha money. In 2009, Asomugha signed a three year $45.3 million deal, making him the highest paid corner in the league.

Of the $45.3 million, $28.5 million is guaranteed. The contract given to Asomugha by Al Davis was highly criticized because it was too much money ($15 million a year) for a corner back.

Apparently, the Jets are "victims" of Asomugha's contract. However that is not true at all. Asomugha's contract is not what is causing the Jets problems. Its all the hype and praise that they have given Revis that has caused the problem with his contract. 

Rex Ryan is the one who claimed Revis was the best corner in the league. Better than Asomugha and Woodson. Well, if Revis is the best corner in the league, he has to be paid like the best corner in the league.

Meaning that Revis has to make what Nnamdi Asomugha makes or more. The Jets made their bed and now they have to lay in it. Revis should be paid, because if the Jets are supposed to make huge strides this season, Revis will make it that much easier.

It does not look good when you can't sign your best defensive player and arguably the best player on your team, and yet sign General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan to extensions.

How do you give a guy an extension whose team only made the playoffs last season because the Colts rested their starters?

The Jets also had money to sign Ladainian Tomlinson, Jason Taylor and sign D'Brickashaw Ferguson to an extension for 8 years $73.6 million. Funny part is, Ferguson had two years remaining. 

They also took on Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie contracts after trading for them. And yet not only does Revis not have his new contract, but Nick Mangold doesn't have his either.

It's not like this was not to be expected. Over the last few years, players in all sports  have wanted rewards for having great seasons.

So while Revis was shutting down every No. 1 receiver he's faced last season, the Jets should have been working on a new deal for him. The Jets argue that they know that Darrelle Revis is underpaid and has out performed his contract, but he still has three years left on his deal.

Well that is a contradiction, because if he has outperformed his contract, it shouldn't matter how many years the player has left.

Jets...honestly. Just pay the man. He deserves it. The scenario where Revis does not even lace 'em up this season should not happen. If it does, it will be a shame. Mike Tannenbaum, you got your extension, give Revis his.

Furthermore, the Jets are in a situation where they are buying in to all the hype they are receiving in press clippings and on ESPN. Well, Revis has a lot to do with that. Get the man dubbed the best corner in the game in camp and back on his island.