"Finally Time For Al Davis To Take a Step Back?"

Bleacher ReportContributor IAugust 11, 2010

NAPA, CA - AUGUST 01:  Jason Campbell #8 of the Oakland Raiders works out during the Raiders training camp at their Napa Valley Training Complex on August 1, 2010 in Napa, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Al Davis has been a California guy for just about his whole NFL career.  His first head coaching job in the NFL was with the Los Angelas Chargers for just two years. In 1963, Davis switched both his company and his position when he signed with the Raiders as the general manager and head coach.

Davis was not always loyal to the Raiders and the NFL.  In 1966, Davis left the NFL to become the commissioner of the AFL.  As commissioner, Davis, fought against the NFL with all of his might,  Davis stole major stars from the NFL to the AFL.  He wanted nothing to do with a merger; however, Davis eventually stepped down as commissioner and bought a small stake in the Oakland Raiders in 1970.

Davis slowly started buying more and more of the Raiders until he was finally named the majority owner in 1995.  Davis remained the teams general manager, even after buying the majority of the team.  

The Raiders have been irrelevant in the league since 2002.  One year after Davis fired Jon Gruden.  Since 2003, the Raiders have been a horrible 29-83.  This tells me one thing, and sorry to go Obama on you, but the Raiders need change.  

Davis has been a great NFL guy until his recent days.  He now makes bonehead moves day after day; Darrious Heyward-Bey, Jamarcus Russel. Just to name the most obvious.  Clearly his mind just isn't there now a days, but that comes with aging.  

At eighty-one years old the time has finally come for Al Davis to take a step back and either sell his team, or the much more likely hire a general manager to look over the club.  

I understand that neither of these two things will ever happen in Davis' life time.  He's just one of those guys who can't take a step back from it all.  That's kinda honorable, but i find that if you want complete honor you have to be able to step down when your time comes, and for Davis that was eight years ago.

So Davis for the good of your team, hire yourself a general manager, and fire him every couple of years.