Why Darrelle Revis' Holdout Could Send The Jets Packing In December

Alex PetersonContributor IIIAugust 11, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 29:  Darrelle Revis #24 of the New York Jets intercepts a pass intended for Steve Smith #89 of the Carolina Panthers during the second quarter  on November 29, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The NFL's off-season has been headlined by the Jets from the day it started, with Rex Ryan running his mouth about the Jets winning a super bowl in 2010, to why Darrelle Revis should have been the defensive player of the year.

There is always another story with this team. 

Going out to get big name players such as Antonio Cromartie, Jason Taylor, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Santonio Holmes headlined free agency and Super Bowl aspirations have hovered over the Jets since they were knocked out of the playoffs by AFC Champion Indianapolis Colts.

However, the most recent news of interest from this Jets team hasn't been as positive or light hearted as the other information we have heard.

Star corner and third year stand out Darrelle Revis is holding out of training camp because of a messy contract situation as he is seeking out the biggest contract in the history of the NFL for a corner.

The negotiations haven’t been getting very far between Revis and the Jets and many in or close to the organization believe that Revis could sit out for most, if not the entire season considering Revis is getting advice from a man who held out an entire NFL season himself in Sean Gilbert.

It looks as if Revis could be on the sidelines for a long time, so where does that leave the Jets?

Not in a good place, to say the least.

Revis was in most peoples eyes, the most valuable player on the defensive side of the ball last year, holding opposing teams top wide receiver to about 30-yards-per-game. That’s about twenty yards less than the second team on that list, a big difference between one and two.

Revis is by far the best cover corner in the league, absolutely dominating opposing receivers. He held the best receiver in the NFL, Andre Johnson, to a four catch 35-yard game week one and continued to dominate opposing receivers like Chad Ochocinco, Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne and Randy Moss.

He took any team’s top receiving weapon out of the game, which in turn, led to unbelievable flexibility for the coaching staff to change formations and play calls defensively.

Out of all the teams in the NFL, the Jets had the highest percentage of plays defensively where they blitzed, bringing guys from all angles. They were also able to play a 4-6 defense, which mean there is generally eight men in the box and only one safety.

That was one of the main reasons why they were so good against the run last season, and it’s all because of Revis' stability in the secondary. He was a main reason for all that blitzing, because he could shut down his man every play.

Revis is the defensive equivalent of Peyton Manning to the Jets; he makes everyone else around him so much better and gives the rock of that defense that can always be relied on.

With out him, however, I'm not sure the Jets defense will be able to thrive like it did last year. They would be left with question marks across the defense.

They would no longer have the ability to bring eight guys on the blitz with Antonio Cromartie as the teams top corner. They would need to find an effective pass rusher to put pressure on the quarterback, who at this point, they don’t have.

The Jets secondary would go from one of the best to one of the most questionable with there No. 1 corner being Cromartie, who had another poor season last year for the Chargers, and unproven rookie Kyle Wilson as the second corner.

The Revis trickle down effect could also affect the Jets ability to stop the run, especially with an injury prone Kris Jenkins as there nose tackle. They would need to keep another safety in the secondary most of the time with Revis out, and with the loss of Kerry Rhodes, that safety spot belongs to Brodney Pool who has 11 career interceptions in six seasonsnot exactly a star.

The Jets offense probably won’t be able to pick up the slack with Revis out either. They have a young, talented, but inexperienced quarterback in Mark Sanchez who is still learning how to play quarterback in the NFL.

The unbelievable offensive line the Jets had last year will also be weaker in 2010, considering they have to replace Alan Faneca, who they released.

The Jets also suffered the lost of old timer Thomas Jones, who had a remarkable season last year, running for over 1,400 yards.

Braylon Edwards is primed for another mediocre season with the Jets and the new back-up running back LaDanian Tomlinson is coming off the worst season off his career and isn’t getting any younger.

Shonn Green is a promising young running back for the Jets, but still hasn’t proven much so far in the NFL and is a bit of a question mark, which this team seems to be filled with if Revis decided to sit out the year.

This Jets team has done a lot of talking this off-season, but with Revis out, that doesn’t mean they are going to do any walking during the season.

This was a 9-7 team last season that barley snuck into the playoffs after beating the Colts second team in week 16 and now they are a trendy pick win the AFC east and win the super bowl, but without there best player, I’m not sure they will even make the playoffs, much less win there division or the super bowl.

The Jets have a weak passing game, a questionable defense without Revis and a head coach with a blown up head. Every team will be marking there calendar when they play the Jets to shut them up and without Revis on there defense, teams will be able too.

If Revis holds out, this Jets team is going to fall flat on their faces to start the season and get the balloon that is there ego popped, in a hurry.