Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb: The First Impressions Of 2010

WesAnalyst IAugust 13, 2010

Quicker decisions will benefit Kolb and the offense
Quicker decisions will benefit Kolb and the offenseNick Laham/Getty Images

Perched up in Club Level 18 at beautiful Lincoln Financial Field, one could tell the fans were in love with Kevin Kolb.

He really could do no wrong in their eyes even though he was far from flawless. Kolb finished the night with 96 yards on 9 of 16 passing with no touchdowns and no interceptions.

His most notable mistakes came on the second possession.

Early in the drive, Kolb hit Brent Celek for a 12-yard gain even though he had Jason Avant wide open down the seam for what could have been at least a 30-yard completion.

Those things happen to even the most experienced veterans. But the next mistake needs to be eliminated.

As the Eagles marched down the field, Kolb learned a valuable lesson in making a quick decision.

On first and 20 from the Jacksonville 24, Kolb took a shot at the endzone with a pass to Jeremy Maclin.

I'm not sure how it looked it on TV, but Maclin was open. The problem wasn't necessarily the pass, it was the timing of the pass. Kolb waited too long to get the ball to his receiver, which allowed Reggie Nelson to come over the top and nearly come up with a pick.

The offense ultimately stalled twice in the redzone with Kolb at the helm, and some of the blame can fall on Kolb who seemed uncomfortable throwing to receivers that had limited separation from defenders.

In between the 20s Kolb had all day in the pocket, which allowed his receivers to stretch the field and find soft spots in zones or breakdown man-to-man coverage.

But once the Eagles got inside the redzone, the receivers ran out of real estate to make things happen.

He did take shots as seen with his pass to Maclin and a pass over the middle to Brent Celek in traffic.

Going forward it seems like Kolb needs to make quicker decisions and find a way to finish off drives in the redzone. The first part falls squarely on Kolb, while the second piece sounds like an old problem that he has inherited.

Too bad it is up to Kolb to figure out a solution that has plagued the Eagles.