The 20 Funniest Sports Announcer Bloopers (With Video)

Brad GoldbachCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2010

The 20 Funniest Sports Announcer Bloopers (With Video)

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    People tune in to sporting events to see the amazing happen.

    You have heard the legendary calls for the Band on the Field and Doug Flutie's Hail Mary among other all-time greats.

    Those are certainly ones you will never forget; but these days waiting for those memorable moments comes at the cost of sitting through some poor announcing.

    With that in mind, sometimes it's even better to hear one of those guys screw up and say something ridiculous on the air.

    Here are 20 of the funniest sports announcer bloopers (with video).

20. There's a What in the End Zone?

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    Taking on Notre Dame, Jimmy Clausen throws one up in the end zone as he's getting hit.

     The result? “There's a fag in the end zone.”

19. We're on the Air?

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    This is what happens when you have two local hockey guys calling a game.

    Someone please tell them that they are on the air.

     The look on their faces is priceless when they finally realize it.


18. Ismail's Mic Failure Angers Corso

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    College Game Day really builds up Rocket Ismail's appearance on the air.

    Unfortunately, his mic fails and you can't hear a thing.

     Apparently, Lee Corso's mic is working just fine, though. He can be heard dropping an F-bomb as they cut back to the set.

17. John Clayton Stutters

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    The Raiders aren't the only dysfunctional thing in the NFL.

     Clayton tries to talk about DeAngelo Hall's move to the Raiders.

    But he can't quite get it out.

16. Stat Boy Falls Out of Chair

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    Tony Reali tries to look cool by shooting a paper ball into the trash can at the end of Around the Horn.

     This time, Stat Boy loses the battle with the chair.

15. Ditka Needs to Make an On-Air Adjustment

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    Mike Ditka thinks he is in the clear when his two co-hosts are talking about the play on the field.

     The camera guy goes back just a little too soon, catching Ditka in the act.

14. Ditka Pops Tom Jackson

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    Ditka's at it again. This time at Tom Jackson's expense.

     When the ESPN crew is doing one of their useless mock plays, Ditka goes a little too far and stiff arms Jackson right in the face.

13. Like a Bloody Blanket

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    The announcer tries to diss the local news coverage of the local hockey team.

     They might provide more coverage than the local newspaper, but I think he went a little to far with this one.


12. Britney Spears

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    The game is going down to the wire. Alabama is up by three on Georgia in overtime.

     So, naturally, the only thing on Mike Patrick's mind is Britney Spears.

11. Rome Gets Put in His Place

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    Shaq recently challenged Jim Rome to a fight.

     It wouldn't be the first time Rome bit off a little more than he could chew, though.

     Rome called Jim Everett “Chris” one too many times before he got thrown to the ground.


10. Hard Wood

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    Lou Holtz could probably make this list a few times for all the ridiculous things he says.

     But this time he just make things really awkward by talking about “hard wood.”

9. Emmitt Smith Likes Young Jeezy

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    If we get Lou Holtz for being a terrible ESPN on-air personality, we have to include Emmitt.

     But this time, it's not what he says on the air, but what he does.

     Smith has made a few touchdown dances in his time as an NFL player, but this one may top them all.

8. Enormous Dick Save

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    That was a pretty ballsy save, I guess.

     As to whether he blocked it with his enormous “stick,” this announcer seems to think so.


7. Double Penetration

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    Sideline reporter Christine Nubla tries to talk about the Clippers' dribble penetration.

     But she has other things on her mind.


6. Rick Majerus Is a Big What Guy?

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    Rick Majerus is big.

     Rick Majerus doesn't like Rudy Gay.

    That means he isn't a big gay guy.

    The look on Steve Lavin's face is priceless.

5. Shitty Field

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    Many people rag on Shea Stadium.

     But, according to this guy, Citi Field isn't much better.

4. Announcer Loses Voice

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    The horses are crossing the finish line, but the announcer doesn't quite make it.

     At least he acknowledges that he needs a little help, saying “I don't quite think I'm going to make it.”

3. Rookie Mistake

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    The new girl on ESPN stumbles and forgets to talk with the mic on.

    She finally finds her voice once the tape rolls, though.

    What the @#$! is that?!” is right.

2. “That's Kind of Gay”

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    Northern Illinois receiver drops a ball that would have converted a third down against Iowa.

     The announcer proceeds to explain how you should catch the ball in a, well, very “gay” way.

1. Boom Goes the Dynamite

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    Naturally, nothing can top the extreme awkwardness of “Boom goes the dynamite.”

     I think the video speaks for itself.