Madden 11 Review: What Top Critics Are Saying About This Year's Game

Jon StarSenior Writer IAugust 10, 2010

Madden 11 Review: What Top Critics Are Saying About This Year’s Game

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    Football fans received their annual treat with today's release of Madden NFL 11.  The game itself is now an annual rite of passage for the upcoming NFL season with gamers and football fans lined up to get their hands what never fails to be one of the biggest video game releases of the year.

    The release of the Madden franchise game has become one of the landmark moments of the year in gaming with reviews coming in fast and furious.

    Metacritic, a compilation of all reviewers, gives the game an 85 out of 100, a solid number though not the magical 90 that game companies shoot for.

    Gamers have been unimpressed thus far with a 5.3 rating, but it's still early.

    We take care of that by providing the reviews of all the leading critics in this one-stop shop for everything you need to hear about the newest Madden game.


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    As much as I want Team Madden to tighten the screws on its franchise modes and ship the game in a state that plays more like real football before altering in-game settings, it’s impossible to deny that Madden NFL 11 simply plays a better game of football than its predecessor. - GameShark 

IGN Review

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    I think it’s clear that this year’s Madden is geared toward the mainstream football fan—someone who just wants to come in after playing a game of catch outside and get their hands on some real NFL talent. For that audience Madden NFL 11 delivers. However, if you’re the type of player who sits alone in your living room combing the free agent wire for a player to add to your beloved franchise, I think this year’s Madden is going to leave something to be desired. - IGN


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    Improvements such as revamped AI, more realistic animation, and a new play-calling system make this the best Madden yet. - GameSpot


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    Dancing on the fine line of making an eminently accessible game that’s still deep enough for the hardcore fan base is a tightrope-balancing act that often sinks lesser developers. But EA Tiburon has demonstrated that they’re clearly up to the challenge. - Destructoid

Kombo Review

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    This year's version of Madden isn't just goodit's legendary. Madden NFL 11 boasts a host of new features, but the most dramatically noticeable are the vastly improved running and receiving games. - Kombo

Gamer Limit

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    The additions of Game Planning and GameFlow provide a simple solution to a problem that no one realized was actually there. Madden NFL 11 is inventive, intuitive, competitive, collaborative, and, most importantly, a whole lot of fun. - Gamer Limit

1UP Review

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    This year's iteration in the more than a decade old series has brought me back into the "drinking the Madden Kool-Aid" fold, because it's improved the things that matter to me. That said, Madden NFL 11 still needs some improvement. - 1UP


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    One of the true steps forward for the franchise. Some annoying issues have finally been rectified, the presentation has received an overhaul, and the brand new GameFlow play calling requires some work, but provides a worthy payoff. Couple all this with great running and tackling and you have a product that's worth full asking price. - GameTrailers


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    It may sound like a broken record of past years, but the 2011 version of Madden truly is an improvement over its predecessor. Though it’s not by a lot, it is absolutely enough to warrant a day-one purchase, especially if you’re one of those who skipped last year’s game. - GameFocus

Game Informer

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    Madden NFL 11 is a clear step forward for the franchise, but as fun as the additions are, the fact that some of its glaring mistakes remain is like getting a new stud quarterback even though the offensive line still needs an upgrade. You’re going to score, but you’re still a team with weaknesses. - GameInformer