Can the sunken ship that is the Oakland Raiders be resurrected?

Johnny RehabCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2010

Can the sunken ship that is the Oakland Raiders be resurrected?

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    My view of the Oakland Raiders is like the Titanic: They were once a great team that has sunk to the bottom of the NFL. With the additions that was made through the draft and free agency certainly has improved the team.

    It seems as though Old Al has finally undergone a serious offseason to try and raise the once great team from the bottom.

    Here are some players that will have a key role in bringing the ship from the bottom back to the surface. Also, I have included some veteran Raider players that could have breakout seasons.

Jason Campbell

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    It wasn't all Jason Campbell's fault that he got traded out of Washington because of the organization's reluctance to add talented receivers for the former first-round QB to throw to.

    Not only that, but a bad offensive line doesn't really help either. Oakland's offensive line seems to be taking a step in the right direction, but some pieces still need to be added before the puzzle is complete.

    At one point in his career (not sure if it was '07 or '08), Campbell went without an interception longer than any other QB (I believe it was until Week Eight or Nine).

    With talented receivers like DHB, Murphy, and the underrated Chaz Schillens, the passing game seems to be back. Tight end Zach Miller is another target that I'm sure Campbell will be relying on in the short passing game.

Rolando McClain

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    My favorite player in the draft and will bring a new physical nature to the defense. Running backs will think twice before running near McClain.

    McClain will be the field general for the Silver and Black defense for years to come. He brings leadership to the team to go along with his great college resume.

    McClain is my dark horse for Defensive Rookie of the Year Award, and even though he is on an enemy's team, I still hope for the best for this kid. He needs to control his anger on the field or there will be alot of yellow flags being thrown around.

Zach Miller

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    I hope everyone has added Zach Miller to their fantasy football team. I know I have. I added him as a backup TE on almost every single one of my four teams.

    Miller can do it all. He can block and he can catch, but the most important thing is that he is a difference-maker for the team and should be utilized more.

    Miller should rack-up a ton of yards this season. With a breath of fresh air now under center, Miller should dominate in the short passing game and in the red zone.

Darrius Heyward-Bey

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    I thought the Raiders made one of the biggest reaches in the draft by selecting DHB, but from offseason reports, I've heard that he has been impressing the coaches in training camp.

    DHB didn't have a QB to throw him the ball with Russell being a huge disappointment, but now that Jason Campbell is on the team, DHB could have a breakout season.

    DHB is a speed burner and will be a good deep threat for Campbell to throw to. Louis Murphy is another very talented up-and-coming player that could turn into Campbell's favorite target.

Louis Murphy

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    Louis Murphy really surprised me last year. He catches a lot of balls and is a playmaker. It was evident last year that Murphy will get into the end zone anyway he can.

    With Jason Campbell now under center, Murphy should have a breakout season with a stable QB. I have Murphy as a dark horse for a Pro Bowl selection.

Lamarr Houston

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    It was really a shocker this year to see Old Al not select the fastest player with the best height/weight ratio with their first-round pick (though they did get him in the fourth round).

    With the influx of talented youth finally on the team, if Al can make a few more good drafts like he did this year, the Raiders could be back on top of their division.

    Houston is a versatile player who played both defensive end and tackle in college. Cable has stated that Houston will be playing defensive end for the Raiders, but I think he will be better suited for defensive tackle.

Richard Seymour

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    As much as it hurts to see the big guy in the Silver and Black, I still have high hopes for Richard Seymour.

    He had a good, but not great season last year, and he should have a stronger season this year because he was traded to the Raiders with the season already underway.

John Henderson

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    This big guy knows how to clog a hole, and I remember watching old games where in his warm up he would have a assistant slap him in the face to get him pumped for the game.

    Along with the rookie Houston, the Silver and Black's defensive line looks to stop the run this year. This may be one of the better free agents the team has picked up in a while.

Closing Notes

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    Nmandi Asomugha doesn't need his own slide because you already know that he will be the most consistent player on the team, and teams just don't throw the ball to his side of the field.

    Kamerion Wimbley is a shaky addition, and I wouldn't have traded for him because he can't get after the QB anymore. Also, he has switched from a 3-4 OLB to a 4-3 DE, which will take some time to get use to.

    Quentin Groves has been a bust of a first-round pick after being selected in 2008, but that may be due to only appearing in seven games throughout his career. He has had only two-and-a-half sacks.

    Bruce Campbell has crazy athleticism for an offensive lineman, but he is a project and will take time to develop.