Latest New York Jets' Comments Merely a Negotiating Ploy

Zach BergerCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2010

Now that I've let all of the comments made by Mike Tannenbaum and Woody Johnson sink in...its time to do some evaluating.

So far, Woody's gut feeling has told him that Revis won't play for the Jets this season. Similarly, MT has admitted to making no progress in negotiations and stated that it doesn't seem likely that either side will find a middle ground any time soon.

Here's my take on their comments. Excuse my language, but this isn't ESPN so I guess I can say what I want. BULL (fill in the blank). Darrelle: Listen and listen clear. Call their bluff and push all-in.

They are trying to paint the picture that unless you cave and lower your asking price they won't give you a new contract (and you won't play this season). They want you to think that they are nowhere close to moving towards that $16 million line.

Like I said: BULL (fill it in again). Think about it this way. You own the Jets. Or you are the GM. Your choice. You are in negotiations with your star player. Doesn't have to be football...any sport you want. He is unhappy with his contract and his asking price is higher than what you would want to pay.

Let's say you are actually at the point where you don't plan on going any higher with your offers and have actually recognized that the player will not be on the field/court/etc. this coming season.

At that point in negotiations, how does it benefit you at all to go to the media and tell them that you've made no progress? How do you strengthen your hand by essentially admitting defeat to the entire world? Simple answer: you don't. You would never do that. It makes absolutely zero sense in terms of helping your negotiation process. So let's try Scenario no.2. 

You are once again an owner or general manager in the same negotiation situation. You don't want to go up to the demanded price. But you also don't want to lose your player.

In a last ditch effort to try and pull a fast one on the star, you openly tell the media that negotiations are going nowhere and you don't think you will give him a new contract until after the coming season. And all of this is coming just after you rejected his latest proposal which he thought was fair.

Don't you think that might scare Revis into waving the white flag and telling them team he is ready to lower the price if they are willing to up the guaranteed money in the offer? I certainly think so. This is simply a ploy. A dog and pony show put on for Revis' benefit. I'm going to predict that the Jets will get down to business if this doesn't work. I'd say we have a pretty quiet 5-7 days coming up, followed by one of two options.

First, I think we might see Revis begin to negotiate a contract for less than what Nnamdi Asomugha makes. If that doesn't happen, I think that the Jets will have one of those "uh-oh" moments where they realize that the season is just around the corner and Revis shows no signs of dropping his price.

If that's the case, I guarantee that management will slowly make the climb towards the Asomugha contract that has inflated the market for every defensive back contract in the next few years.

So come on...PAY THE MAN!