Oakland Raiders: Why National Media Hates Them, Continues to Prove It

Josh BroudyCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2010

ALAMEDA, CA - SEPTEMBER 30:  Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis speaks during a press conference to announce the firing of head coach Lane Kiffin of the Oakland Raiders at thier training facility on Septemer 30, 2008 in Alameda, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images


When I heard about former Raiders receiving coach James' Lofton's comments last night, I was disgusted. Lofton said about current Bengal Gibril Wilson, who was flagged for a personal foul penalty during the Hall of Fame Game) "He was a Raider, you know".

The same thing when I read a report with an anonymous GM lambasting Al Davis for signing cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to a market setting deal, and blaming him for the Darrelle Revis contract dispute.

These are two more reasons why the national media hates the Raiders.

First of all, hasn't Wilson played for four teams in four years? And I suppose the Raiders teach their players to get personal foul penalties called against them? 

At least we all know Lofton will never be working for the Oakland Raiders again.

An anonymous GM had this to say to Gary Meyers:

"In our league, we let one man's stupidity ruin it. I would say, 'I'm not acknowledging it'. It's Al Davis. We are not doing that deal. If you want that deal, do what (Asomugha) did to get it. Wait until you become an unrestricted free agent." 

Not only do I not know why an opposing GM would bother to make a comment, but why do it against Asomugha?

Isn't Champ Bailey being paid 12.5 million a year in Denver?


Asomugha not only finished his rookie deal, but he even got franchised for two seasons before signing a mega $45 million dollar deal in 2009. 

Is it Davis' fault that he rewards his best veterans with long term deals? 

At the time, Asomugha was considered to be the best corner in the league. So if the highest paid player is at $12 million, I think it would be only natural to go slightly up in the dollar amount.

Plus, is it Davis' fault that Rex Ryan blows smoke up Revis' ass by telling him he's the league's best corner every day? Did Davis make Ryan do that? Actually, I bet even ESPN could turn that into a villain angle against Davis.

These latest instances further prove Oakland fans' points in claiming the Raiders don't get treated fairly by the media.

Yes, Yahoo! Sports writer Jason Cole, even you can't help but criticize the team, and then try to say that no one hates the Raiders on principle.

This guy criticized Darris Heyward-Bey for not catching a ball against Asomugha, and made it a point to use him in his column. Get over your ego, man. It was one play against the league's best corner. 

If the Raiders start winning, it will definitely get better. Oakland has been a bad team, but the following teams don't get destroyed in the media like the Raiders do.


I don't see many people completely lambasting the Browns for giving $7 million to a guy coming off of an 18 interception season? Why haven't the Chiefs gotten flack for drafting Tyson Jackson, the worst starting 3-4 defensive end in the league? Did the Rams get crucified for having a worse all-together draft in 2007 then the Raiders did?

No, to all of that.

Yet the media must berate Heyward-Bey, four months before he even steps onto a football field? Cris Carter basically destroyed Darrius Heyward-Bey in front of millions of people.

How could he do that, when he himself knows the nuances of the position. This guy is a big jerk, and I hope the rookies didn't listen to him at the symposium. 

Thankfully, DHB had the character to come on the same program, and speak mildly with Suzy Kolber. If I was him, I would've showed Carter up on National Television. My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it again. What a jerk!

They have to criticize Davis for rewarding his best players, which is what he's done as long as he's been owner? They have to portray him as a senile old man, which is completely disrespectful considering what he's done for the NFL.

I can't wait for Davis to be holding up that Lombardi trophy, basically saying "F U" to everybody whose criticized and destroyed his image for the past eight years.

The man has a lot faults, and if he didn't, the Raiders wouldn't have a record of 29-83 the past eight seasons.

As an owner, there's nobody I'd rather have at the helm of the team. Go Raiders!!!