Ronnie C WrightContributor IAugust 9, 2010

As the world's first Acroneticist and award-winning inventor of the Stayfine Diet, I personally know from experience and expertise that Stayfine Acronetics is a proven personal improvement program that illuminates meaning from letters found in dynamic words. Learn how to improve you by creating a simple acronetic word [PLAN] aka Program Listing Action Needed from home, work or local coffee-house designed to help you easily create your "whole word [DIET]" to 'Develop Inner Excellence Today.' 

Step 1

 [TRUTH] The Real Understanding To Health,you hold the key to opening the door.

Write 7 things you want on a writing pad. Don’t write more than one word for each answer.

Step 2

Circle all 7 one word answers known as "circle one" and then place individual circles around three words within the larger circle known as "circle one."

Step 3

Write the three words outside circle one on the pad and then place a circle around all three words known as "circle two."

Step 4

Circle one word within circle two, write the word on the pad outside circle two, and then place a circle around it known as "circle three."

Step 5

Connect circle one, circle two and circle three with lines known as a [LINK] aka 'Lines Increasing New Knowledge.'

Step 6

Study the words in circle one, circle two and circle three for sixty seconds.

Step 7

Turn the word in circle three into an acronetic word plan using the letters in the word as building blocks - for example: [GOAL] - now, 'Go Out And Live.'

  • Easy
Things You'll Need
  • Things You'll Need:
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Pad
  • Dictionary
  • These "whole word diet" [TIPS] aka 'Tools Improving Personal Success' are helpful:
  • [A]CT > Actively Create Today
  • [B]E> Believe Everyday
  • [C]ARE > Create A Rewarding Environment
  • And remember the routine objective for personal improvement is [FOCUS] which stands for
  • 'Form Optimum Concentration Unleashing - have [FUN] Feeling Unlimited Now.
  • Creating acronetic words, plans, phrases and programs may be habit forming and good for your health.
  • Personal Improvement Now
  • Love, Learn, Live
  • It's about you