Bengals Use Hall Of Fame Game To Tune Up For The Broncos!

D. WebbCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2010

     The Cininatti Bengals used the Hall of Fame Game Game to tune up for their next preseason opponant the Denver Broncos in a preseason rematch of last year's week 1 "Emmacutate Deflection" Game.




     Cincinatti’s Defense including the surprise of training camp Adam Jones, bent but didn’t break on the opening drive of the game. Tony Romo completed passes to multiple receivers including an acrobatic catch by Roy Williams. After a penalty that gave the Cowboys a first and ten on the 3 yard line, Tony Romo in his customary fashion, threw 3 horrible passes to wide open receivers to squander the opportunity and settled for a Field Goal.


      After a solid kick-off return, Cincinatti started in fair field position. That first drive featured a little bit of Ced Benson and a whole lot of Terrel Owens. Qwens looked sharp but dropped an easy pass that would have sustained the drive.


     Romo was one and done and the second drive began with Jon Kitna under center and he completed 24 yd and 29 yd passes to tight ends not named Witten and a wide receiver reverse to Patrick Crayton for no gain. The drive stalled and Antwan Odoms gave Bengals fans a scare by getting up slowly. Luckily he just got poked in the eye, if that can be lucky, and it wasn’t more serious.


 Cincinati’s second drive opened with a catch by Owens, but like the first is quickly stalled and forced a punt.


      Third Dallas drive opened with a blown blocking assignment and a strip sack of Kitna recovered by Dallas. Both Kitna and Romo were under pressure and running for their lives either from stellar Bengals pass rush or pathetic Dallas line play. (I know which way I’m leaning). Inability to convert another 3 - long ended another Dallas drive as Drama Dez hobbled the sidelines in a walking boot.


 *Note: Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels blowing smoke and excuses for Bryant’s behavior up his skirt made me want to hurl.


      From this point on most of the first string players were out of the game and held no relevance of interest for myself or the contest next week. While the Bengals looked shakey and unfocused for much of the starters series, the Cowboys looked much worse.

     Still the Bengals have plenty of talent and an extra week to get ready for an injury riddled Broncos squad. Look for it to be a good opening test of where we are as a team, and a good chance to see Quinn, Tebow and many others of the new blood in Denver perform under game pressure. Don't look for the immobile Orton to play past the first period.


Oh By the Way It’s almost time for Broncos Football!