2010 Denver Broncos: Three Quarterbacks, No Controversy

Michael Keller@@MichaelK_NFLAnalyst IIIAugust 9, 2010

2010 Denver Broncos: Three Quarterbacks, No Controversy

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    The Broncos have a lot of issues to deal with this early in pre-season, not the least is the Triage ward that has taken over the locker room at Dove Valley.

    But one area that has not been a concern is that of who is the starting QB. 

The Uncertain Future

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    Poor Brady Quinn.

    He came to the Broncos like a survivor pulled from a leaking lifeboat from the S.S. Cleveland Browns.

    Affer a heralded career at Golden Dome U, with none other than the "larger than life" Charlie Weis coaching him, Quinn was to be the savior of the Browns. Unfortunately, his experience there was more like a 2 year horror show of a weak offense, a poor defense and being yo-yoed in and out of the starting role with Derek Anderson.

    Interesting tidbit: Anderson was cut so neither were considered by Cleveland to be starting QB material.

    I guess being a hunky kind of dude didn't hurt his social life but didn't do squat for his football career.

    So now he lands in Denver, clearly looked to be challenging for the starting job and probably winning it before the season started. Then here comes the draft and Tebow happens.


    CONCLUSION:  Quinn has the athletic build and above-average arm that makes Offensive Coordinators drool. Unfortunately, Brady has some accuracy issues to deal with and also an uncertain situation being like a slab of salami between two pieces of bread (Orton and Tebow).

    His chances to start this year will likely depend on his ability to grasp the offense better and an injury in someone else's future.

The Future (?)

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    Tim Tebow came into the NFL as the most hyped player in the past 10 years,  His college resume' includes a Heisman and national BCS championship.

    Unfortunately, it also includes one of the rawest talents to be drafted as a QB in the first round in more than 10 years. His lack of experience in making the 2nd and 3rd checkdown reads will be fixed with reps and coaching and watching truckloads of film.

    His footwork will also be improved with much of the same effort as with his ability to read the options. But since he took almost no snaps from under center in his 4 years at Gator U, he has a LOT of work to do on his 3-5-7 step drops.

    Maybe the biggest issue he has to deal with is his low throwing motion that has allowed many of his balls to be knocked down at the LOS or to have the ball knocked out of his hand when he carries it like a purse at his hip.

    But another area of concern is his running instinct that served him so well in college. That is one of those instincts (like placing your tongue on a cold door knob) that can have seriously negative results. Concussions and broken ribs can curtail a career in a very major way.


    CONCLUSION: TT is considered by many to be the future of the franchise and he could very well be ....... but not this season.

The Certain (Immediate) Future

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    Mr. Orton has as firm of a grasp on the starting role in Denver as he does on that football in his hand. He had his best season as a pro last year and did it on bad wheels and a compound fracture of his throwing index finger.

    He didn't make everyone sit up and say "Cutler Who?" but then he also wasn't the NFL leader in INTs like the aforementioned Mr. Cutler.

    What happened from last year to this year was a chance to fully heal his beat-up body and a chance to know this offense (almost) as well as Josh. Through OTA's in the spring and so far in camp, Kyle has shown without a doubt to be the #1 guy in the #1 position on this version of the Broncos.

    His intelligence, hard work and quiet leadership has put him in the cat-bird seat and only another major injury would likely unseat him.

    Will he take this team to the Super Bowl? Not even Saint Elway could pull that off with all the injuries and the uncertainty in the offensive line.

    CONCLUSION:  He can have a better season than last year and cement his financial situation with a big contract at the end of next year. Will it be with the Broncos? Probably not, but he will get paid and he will be starting for some NFL team in 2011. 

The Other Certainties

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    These two gentlemen will be fighting for the backup role to Mr. Orton and will have a lot of time doing this on the sidelines. They each bring some different skills and abilities to the table. Both will benefit from working with McDaniels and getting comfortable with the system.

    Quinn has the chance to prove he can paly in the NFL and so far has shown to be a team guy. He comes in with the added advantage of playing in a similar system at ND and he also has 2 years of NFL experience behind him and he has had no real injuries so far and he is in great physical shape.

    Tebow has already proven he can sell jerseys that will most likely pay back Mr. Bowlen the 8 Mill he was guaranteed and will do it before the end of the season. He will also guarantee the only sell-out in JAX this year for the first game of the season. He also will be playing catch-up in terms of mechanics and learning this very complex system.


    CONCLUSION: My gut says Brady will win the #2 job with Tebow listed as a FB/TE or some other position so that he can be used in certain situations and gain experience playing at NFL speed and physicality .