Green Bay Packers Family Night Scrimmage: My 10 Thoughts

Ryan EllerbuschContributor IAugust 7, 2010

1.) Jermichael Finley is indeed the real deal. I got a little nervous this offseason when I read reports that he skipped team meetings and missed curfews, but if TGIFinley can keep up this kind of production, he will definitely be Rodgers go-to guy in the clutch this year.

2.) Matt Flynn is still very raw and I don’t feel comfortable having him as a backup if Rodgers goes down.

3.) I want Tim Masthay to win the punting battle. He has more hang time and yardage than Chris Bryan and played a big part in holding ball perfectly for Crosby’s 51 and 53 yard converted field goal kicks. It was also great to see Mason Crosby regain his confidence again kicking in a big stadium atmosphere.

4.) Props to Sam Shields for his 98-yard interception return. I hope he makes the team in some way either as a cornerback or a key role on special teams.

5.) Quinn Porter should get cut. I remember watching him at mini camp and he either dropped, bobbled, or muffed every punt during one practice. He also slightly bobbled one kickoff tonight deep in the end zone. He has scared me enough this year already.

6.) AJ Hawk looked liked well, typical AJ Hawk, almost making a great play in the backfield but getting lucky and making an ankle tackle instead. I also like Brandon Chillar and how well he is adjusting to his new temporary position at outside linebacker.

7.) If Quinn Johnson expects to play this year, he needs to catch the ball out of the backfield, otherwise defenses will catch on that he’s a one dimensional fullback who can only power run block.

8.) Brandon Underwood better step up his game and learn how to tackle. I also hate Jarrett Bush, if that comes as a surprise to anyone. He celebrates and gets all excited when he makes the simplest plays on defense.

9.) I think Jordy Nelson has the capability and skills to become this year’s Jermichael Finley and make some big catches in the clutch and just be a reliable wide-receiver overall. Heck who knows, he could even challenge James Jones for the #3 WR spot.

10.) And last, but not least, I think this is a legit Super Bowl contending Green Bay Packers football team. Overall, Aaron Rodgers and the defense looked solid tonight in the approximately one hour and 15 minute scrimmage. I also like the fact that the players are very open in talking about the road to Dallas and their goal to win a Super Bowl this year. The Future Is Now!


Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you continue to read my Green Bay Packers articles from an inspiring and, hopefully, future journalist for a Wisconsin newspaper is a Packers beat writer. Check out my next article coming soon as I review every position and player on the Green Bay Packers heading into the 2010 season after all the final training camp cuts have been made. Stay tuned G-FORCE!