NFL Predictions for 2010 Season: Week One Picks

Tray Leonidas@Mr_StCloud300Correspondent IAugust 8, 2010

NFL Predictions for 2010 Season: Week One Picks

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    The NFL is about to get fired up tomorrow with the preseason, and if you're hals as excited as i am you must be electric.

    One of the Toughest rookie classes around are about to come out and show that they really have. and a lot of the Veterans are going to see if they have what it takes to win the Superbowl.

    These are all in good fun, so have fun reading and enjoy!

Minnesota @ New Orleans

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    At last, Brett Favre has retired. The Vikes could definitely use the Gunslinger, as they probably have the toughest opener in the NFL

    Not too much has changed in New Orleans, as they will be looking to repeat, but the Media isn't ready to give Drew Brees Elite status just yet. I mean all he did was win a Superbowl MVP right? i digress.

    Without a Consistent Quarterback, the Vikings will suffer their first loss here, but the defenses will play tough, BOTH of them.

    Saints win 27-21

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay

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    2 pretty bad teams are coming out to play this game. Tampa Bay is inconsistent as a whole, and the Browns have Jake Delhomme... enough said.

    Since at least the QB spot is a bit better with the browns, I'm obliged to give them this one.

    Browns Win, 23-14

Miami @ Buffalo

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    Division rivals as they kick off the battle for the AFC East.

    The Buffalo bills Still do not have a consistent QB, or a Consistent anything at this point, though some fans will say they were a few plays away from the playoffs(and yes, they did show me proof of that...I digress.)

    The Dolphins, are pretty decent all over, Ronnie Brown is back, and Chad Henne is looking to have a Breakout season this year.

    C.J Spiller has his coming out party, Rushing for 147 yards and 2 touchdowns, but its just not enough to win the game.

    Miami Wins, 27-14.

Indianapolis @ Houston

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    Matt Schaub V. Peyton Manning.

    I loved this battle last year, it was one of the more underrated QB battles. Both QB's are looking to have Carrer years(even though Manning has already had a few of those.)

    This battle will go down the wire. The Colts always have a hard time in Houston, but it wouldn't be very Manning like to lose his first game, even if he has a hard time.

    Colts win, 24-20

Denver @ Jacksonville

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    Regardless of the picture that is not how this game is going to turn out.

    Even though the Broncos lost Elvis Dumervil, they are still fairly solid on that side of the ball. unless Tyson Alaulu has a Carrer Day, The Broncos are trotting away with this one.

    Besides, The Broncos have Tim Tebow, and do you know who he has? Jesus.

    Broncos win, 21-13

Cincinatti @ New England

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    The High Flying Offenses go at it in what might be the undercover game of the week.

    Moss/Holt/Welker  vs Owens/Johnson. This is probably the most high profile Wide Receiver Battle In Decades.

    With an assortment of new rookies on each team, there can be a lot of excitement in this game.

    The Difference Maker will be at the QB position.

    Carson Palmer V. Tom Brady. who would you pick?

    Patriots win, 38-31

Atlanta @ Pittsburgh

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    Ben Roethlisberger will be suspended for 6 games. safe to say he's out of the equation this time.

    but Dennis Dixon is a pretty good replacement if you absolutely need one. Matt Ryan is also looking to be quite dangerous this year after his sophomore slump.

    But we cant forget about that Steelers Defense huh? Troy Polamalu will be back at full force.

    Steelers win, 30-21

Oakland @ Tennessee

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    Tennessee would have gotten my vote for NFL comeback team of the year, despite not making the playoffs. if they started the season like they did in the last 10 weeks, the Playoffs could have looked a lot different.

    But its not about the past, They get the Raiders in week one.

    Word has it the Raiders have a pretty stifling defense. Also that they are on playoff watch.

    Of all the times i have counted them out, I'm gonna ride the bus and call the upset this year.

    Raiders win, 13-10.

Carolina @ New York(Giants)

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    The New york Giants would have gotten my vote for Bust of the year last year, i dont know too many teams who go 5-0 and not go to the playoffs. I digress.

    Since 2008 Eli Manning hasn't really Done anything but choke his way out of the playoffs for 2 years.

    Its a New season for the New york Giants... and the Carolina Panthers have Jimmy Clausen on their team. Jimmy Clausen (if named the starter) will throw for 247 yards 19 - 32, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

    Manning is going to have to show this kid how its done.

    Giants win, 31-24.

Detroit @ Chicago

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    The NFC North begins their battles with the bottom dwellers of the division.

    Lions, and Vikings, and Bears, Oh My!(Don't forget the Packers...Sorry, couldnt resist.)

    Anyway, Jay Cutler is looking to have a Better year than last year, where he threw 26 interceptions. When you play in the rough and tough NFC north, things happen. Matt Stafford didn't throw that many, throwing 20.

    I believe the running game will carry this game though, as Javhid Best rushes for 179 yards and 3 touchdowns in his coming out party. The Lions Stun the bears and get atop the NFC north, even if its for a little while.

    Lions Win, 21-13.

Arizona @ St. Louis

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    Even if Sam Bradford has a Career day against the Cardnials, It won't be much help, Their line is decimated, The Defense is questionable, the coach unsure, this is definitely going to be a down year for the Rams.

    The Cardinals are also going to have a down year, Kurt Warner Retired.

    Matt Leinart Vs Sam Bradford, I think Bradford wins that battle, but he will lose the war.

    Cardinals win, 31-27

Green Bay @ Philadelphia

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    Both of these teams have something in common, they are both looking up to another team in their division.

    The Packers are looking to take that next step, With Aaron Rodgers at the help. The Eagles also seem confident in Kevin Kolb, But is it Blind confidence, or True confidence.

    Aaron Rodgers has a Career day, While the Eagles look just as lost as ever.

    Packers win,  38-21

San Francisco @ Seattle

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    The 49ers are quite the questionable bunch arent they?

    At least they are the toughest questionable bunch I know. going 8-8 and only losing by 2 touchdowns once.

    The Seahawks have a new coach in Pete Carroll. and the 49er's are looking to be much less questionable.

    Welcome to the NFL Pete Carroll.

    49ers Win, 27-14.

Dallas @ Washington

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    Even the logos are basically Rivals.

    Dallas has owned the NFC east for the last 2 out of 3 years. the redskins are the bottom of this barrel, but they have Donavan Mcnabb now.

    They are definitely looking to get out of that barrel, but the cowboys will overpower them...they are jsut too strong in this game.

    Cowboys win, 30-17

Baltimore @ New York(Jets)

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    This game is supposed to determine who will go to the AFC championship game. I Dont think so.

    Not saying anything bad about the Ravens, but I don't think the Jets are quitte there yet.

    Sure they made it last year, and they seemed to be improved on both sides of the ball. They started signing all these stars on their team, and I believe they are fairly overrated.

    I'm not saying they aren't good, just not Super Bowl good.

    The Ravens Take this close game, as Sanchize cannot pull together his team.

    Ravens win, 23-21


San Diego @ Kansas City

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    The San Diego Chargers are the best regular season team in the NFL.

    That being said, Kansas City isn't really an offensive team this year, but their defense is looking a bit more sound with Eric Berry at Safety.

    The Chargers have Ryan Matthews at Running Back to Replace Ladainian Tomlinson, And i Believe this will be his coming out party. I predict 171 yards Rushing for Matthews as the Chargers run wild on the Chiefs.

    Chargers Win, 26-7

Thank You Very Much! Leave Predictions Below!

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    Thank you for reading! Leave all your predictions below, This is open for debate!

    Its all in fun guys, so enjoy reading, and have a great day!