Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp 2010: Anticipation Week One

Ezri Silver@Maalot20Correspondent IAugust 7, 2010

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp 2010: Anticipation Week One

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    As the Bengals completed Week One of training camp, the arrival of Terrell Owens had been absorbed into Bengals fans' hopes and dreams in 2010.  Though the week provided the usual gamut of mid-minor injuries to remind us about the fragile optimism of the NFL, celebrity visitors and ghosts of Bengals' past visited predicting championship possibilities.

    (Photos Courtesy of: The Cincinnati Enquirer - Jeff Swinger & Joseph Fuqua II; The Associated Press via The Dayton Daily News)

Gresham Officially Signs and Reports

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    Jermaine Gresham started practicing August 3rd after reporting and signing on August 3rd.  Rahim Alem (DE), according to The Examiner's (and Bleacher Report Bengals' Co-Community Leader) Dan Parzych, was signed as an undrafted rookie out of LSU and is likely to compete for a practice squad spot.

Andre Smith Possibly Out Until Week Seven

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    Andre Smith has taken a lot of heat after his long holdout last season, quickly getting injured, lacking conditioning coming in this year, and being overweight. 

    Smith spoke with The Cincinnati Enquirer's Kevin Goheen and was quoted as saying: "When Coach Lewis feels the time is right then I'll be out there," said Smith. "When you hear criticism, it's up to you to prove the critics wrong. I had to do something right to get drafted where I was so I'll just continue to work hard, continue to condition myself and get ready for the season."

    Smith has deservedly received a bad reputation which he created by possessing enormous talent to complement his enormous girth.  There is hope that Smith's actions will follow his words, considering he has more to play for than just money but for his family as well.

    (Pictured Above: Andre Smith with his daughter)

Celebrity and Special Guest Visits

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    Celebrity sightings were the norm for Week One.

    John Calipari of the University of Kentucky Wildcats took in a morning practice while Dave Lapham (ex-Bengal and radio color analyst) chatted up Mike Brown.  Meanwhile associate head coah of the University of Cincinnati football team, Kerry Combs, met with Mike Brown later in the day.

    Bengal great Cris Collinsworth and NBC commentator was on hand to interview players and personnel in his lead up assignment to announcing Sunday's Hall of Fame game against the Dallas Cowboys.  Collinsworth would make a bold statement in favor of his former team...

    (Chris Collinsworth photograph courtesy of  Mitchell Haaseth / © NBC Universal, Inc.)

Super Bowl Endorsement

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    Cris Collinsworth declared the Bengals as Super Bowl contenders, according to Joe Reedy of The Cincinnati Enquirer.

    Collinsworth was quoted by Reedy as follows: “The Bengals are too close to not have made that go-for-it move and that’s what I thought T.O. was,” Collinsworth said.

    (Chris Collinsworth photograph courtesy of  Mitchell Haaseth / © NBC Universal, Inc.)

Defensive Progression: Mike Zimmer Motivates as He Heals

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    Mike Zimmer was the focus of a cover story by's Elizabeth Merrill focused on the inspiring yet heartbreaking story about the death of Zimmer's wife, Vikki, during the season last year.

    If Zimmer was a player, there would be a Hollywood movie in store and chances are that if the Bengals' defense performs as well as is being anticipated, that movie will be made.

    Zimmer was also quoted by Joe Reedy of The Cincinnati Enquirer regarding Zimm's focus for the coming season as follows: "We have to have the attitude that last year is over and make sure we're still competing and working hard and not listening to what everyone tell us what we are," Zimmer said.

    If the team retains at least the performance of the prior season, with the advent of a revamped passing attack, chances are the Bengals will be going much farther into the post season this year.

Quarterbacks Developing...Jordan Palmer expiration date?

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    The Bengals quarterbacks are continuing to develop.

    The depth chart reads Carson number one, J.T. number two, and Jordan number three.

    James Walker of is predicting that Jordan Palmer is going to be cut to make room for more critical position players.  I am offically calling Walker out on this one.   There is no way the Bengals are going to make this move.  Not only would it be simply bad news to challenge the starting quarterback's psyche by cutting his little brother on the principal of "business before personal," but if anyone is going to be cut at the position, J.T. should not bank too heavily on his second string status. 

    Jordan may or may not be the logical choice, but any family that is in business knows where family and business cross the lines of logic.

    O'Sullivan certainly has the experience going for him but Jordan is ready to assume the backup role behind big brother in 2010.

TO and Carson Writing a New Script

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    While the media writes with a sense of urgency and tries to expose the first fissure in the TO-Bengals saga, Palmer and Owens are working on getting on the same page and synchronizing their timing.  All indications are pointing to Palmer being well on his way to lighting up the passing lanes with TO more so than Bryant this year and Coles last year.

Vakapuna Injured

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    Fui Vakapuna, who is competing for the starting fullback spot, injured his shoulder during practice on August 4th—according to The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy.  Expected to be a minor injury with quick recovery, expect Fui to return after the game Sunday.

Kicking's One Man Race

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    While the depth chart reads that Mike Nugent is the first string kicker (and therefore probable to take the roster spot), Dave Rayner is trying to make the most of the spotlight as Rayner has been noticably absent due to a groin injury.

    Rayner was three-of-three from mid-range on Thursday, August 5th according to Joe Reedy of The Cincinnati Enquirer.

    With the Bengals semi-officially ruling Nugent out for the Hall of Fame game, Rayner may get the opportunity he needs to draw the battle closer against Ohio State product Nugent.

Crowds Continue to Swell—Players Mingle with Fans

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    The hallmark of the training camp experience for any fan, this year's raining camp is no different as the Bengals and their fans get a chance to show each other's appreciation up close.

    Crowds continue to come in droves and Bengal nation is rejoicing in this year's camp.

The Return of Odom

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    The Bengals pass-rush suffered tremendously last year when Antwan Odom went down with a season-ending achilles tendon injury.  Now, with a healthy Odom back in the fold, the defensive threat is dialed back up a notch.

    Odom's primary competition early in the season, Elvis Dumervil, is out at least four months due to a pectoral injury, which leaves open the slot of feared quarterback killer atop the NFL for Antwan to grab.

    Through eight days and 12 practices, Odom has missed only one and has gained confidence in the health of the leg. That's despite having a cold at the beginning of camp and getting the Achilles kicked during one of the practices, which caused the ankle to be a little sore," Joe Reedy of The Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Next stop, Canton, Ohio - Football's Hall of Fame

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    With Cris Collinsworth co-hosting the game for NBC Sports, Dick Lebeau (former Bengals Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach/current Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Coordinator) on-hand and little bit of history on the Bengals side.  The last time the Bengals appeared in the Hall of Fame game was 1988 when the Bengals defeated the Los Angeles Rams (pre-move to St. Louis) 14 to 7.  The Bengals went onto the Super Bowl that year.

    (Hall of Fame Sign Photograph courtesy of Gene Boldman/Dayton Daily News)

Depth Chart

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