Mike Martz Is The Answer! Really Bears' Fans?

Bleacher ReportContributor IAugust 7, 2010

BOURBONNAIS, IL - JULY 30: Jay Culter #6 of the Chicago Bears looks for a receiver during a summer training camp practice at Olivet Nazarene University on July 30, 2010 in Bourbonnais, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Since the glory days of being the head coach for a star studded St. Louis Ram's team led by Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce, Mike Martz has contributed about as much as the comb-over on a forty year old man.  It's there, and the owner thinks it helps, but anyone on the street just looks at it and rolls their eyes.

After some health issues and a couple of disagreements with the Rams, Mike Martz was fired on January 2, 2006.  That off season, Mike Martz looked at all his options. He found two head coaching interviews with the Oakland Raiders and the New Orleans Saints.  Neither of those seemed to work, so Mike Martz became the offensive coordinator with the Detroit Lions for the 2006 season.  

With Mike Martz, the Lions showed "improvements."  In his first season as offensive coordinator with Jon Kitna as his quarterback, the Lions ranked 7th in the league in passing yards. The Lions went a very Detroit (3-13), in which Jon Kita threw twenty-two interceptions.

The Lions had very high hopes for the 2007 season.  Jon Kita predicted a ten win season, and the fans were expecting their first playoff appearance since 1999. They started the season with a smoldering (6-2) record, only to falter for the rest of the season in which they ended a disappointing (7-9), in which Jon Kitna threw twenty interceptions.  The majority of the Detroit Lions complained of too much passing which led to his firing, so did Mike Martz truly help the balding Lions? No, he just combed his flash over the balding franchise.   

The next stop for Mike Martz was in San Fran as their new offensive coordinator.  The franchise was hoping he'd bring out the best in their young quarterback Alex Smith.  Martz would never get a chance to work with Smith due to a shoulder injury that occurred in the preseason.

During his one and only season with the 49ers the team threw for about 3,800 yards, but they also threw for twenty-one interceptions.  After the season Martz was fired by their new Head Coach Mike Singletary, because the new coach wanted to run the ball much more often. Did he help the San Francisco 49ers? No, once again his team finished with a below .500 record at (7-9).  He also killed Frank Gore who had his second worst rushing season.

Now, are we really suppose to expect that Mike Martz will turn around the offense of the Chicago Bears?  A team who is led by an immature quarterback in Jay Cutler who threw a league leading twenty-six interceptions last season.  A team that has no wide receivers to speak of.  A team that plays outdoors in a winter climate.  A team that prides itself on running the ball up the throat of a defense. His system doesn't fit in Chicago.  Mike Martz's teams are at the top in the league in interceptions, and in the bottom of the league in running.  If your a bears fan don't expect to see Martz as your offensive coordinator for much longer, he doesn't fit your system.  You will crash and burn as all others have in your same position.