Oakland Raiders: 2010 Week One Tennessee Titans

Salvatore MigliaroContributor IAugust 7, 2010

Oakland Raiders: 2010 Week One Tennessee Titans

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    This is a series of predictions, laying out the upcoming Oakland Raiders 2010 Regular Season.

    This is the first with 15 more on the way over the next few weeks. 


First Quarter, Close but no Cigar.

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    Raiders elect to defer the coin toss, showing boldness to the rest of the NFL in attempt to earn the respect the deserve. 

    The entire team has a chip on their shoulder. Even the rookies feel the intensity after getting so close with the team during a great off-season.

    Tennessee returns the ball to the 30 starting the game off the right way, running the ball outside with Johnson with great down-field blocks from Justin Gage and company. The drive suddenly stops at mid-field after the Titans get cocky and try to throw the ball short. Richard Seymour smacks Vince Young in the mouth with an earth shaking sack. 

    Jacoby Ford in his first NFL punt-return, gets a respectable 14 yards. leaving the Raiders at the 35. A series of great success leaves the Raiders with 7 points after DHB comes out on fire catching a screen pass and showing his clock-busting speed taking the ball into Titan territory at the 45 before getting chased down by Finnegan, slowing down because of safety help from surprise starter Myron Rolle that bears down onto him. The following plays are a great mixture of run and pass from the great Hue Jackson, giving the Raiders a Dmac 10 yard Touchdown Run. 

    The Raiders keep stuffing the Titans for the next couple of drives and the Titans aren't afraid to return the favor.

    Football Guru Jeff Fisher remembers the 2009 success of opposing offenses while they were in 2-minute offense against the Raiders.

    Stopping the Raiders at their own 30 the Titans still have to deal with horrible field position with a BOOT from Shane Lechler landing them within the 20. Either way Jeff Fisher has his mind made up. The Titans catch the Raiders by surprise running it up the gut with Johnson showing us why he almost broke the record last year, blazing past rookie Rolando McClain taking it to the 40. Angle of pursuit proves well for Mike Mitchell and he shows the world why his hit that knocked a person out in college was no joke, laying Chris Johnson out. Johnson pops back up with anger in his blood now. Now at the 40 a quick toss to Johnson gives him a Touchdown after embarrassing Mike Mitchell with a spin that leaves his ankles broken.

    The Raiders have no more success for the rest of the first quarter. Tennessee gets one or two more drives going but were stopped, again, near midfield.

    The 1st Quarter goes to the Titans.

Second Quarter, Defensive Domination.

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    The Titans start the second quarter while going nowhere with the ball, the Titan bench is stunned but Stephen Tulloch isn't about to lay down and let the Raiders do anything hyping the team up while Special Teams takes the field.

    Oakland gets a horrible return from rookie Ford. On the first play it's a toss to McFadden. Finnegan gets the hat-trick, stripping, recovering, and returning the touchdown on a quick scoop-and-score.

    The Titan fans go crazy and the Titan players are ecstatic and on the following drive pick off a deep pass to Louis Murphy out of the slot.

    Their energy cannot translate to Offensive success as Nnamdi Asomugha gets verbal. He inspires his defensive squad(And it is HIS defense). Micheal Huff gets an interception, but a phantom penalty leaves the Titans with the ball anyway. The officiating crew hates Oakland of course. The drive is ending regardless.

    In Oakland's turn they do nothing with it getting romped with DT Tony Brown sacking Jason Campbell TWICE, once on first down, and again on third.

    Defensive Domination continues through the rest of the Quarter leaving the score 14-0 Titans at the Half.

    The 2nd Quarter goes to the Titans.

Third Quarter, Wild Wild West.

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    The Raiders get a good return and come out Gunsligin'. A quick pass to Chaz Schilens leaves the Raiders inside Titan territory at the 45 after great run-after-catch ability portrayed in last years pre-season getting caught by, yet again Finnegan. The Raiders score on a Hail Mary to Louis Murphy.

    Tennessee's returner fumbles the ball but recovers it leaving them at their own 25. Chris Johnson still can't anything going after his above-par First Quarter, so the Titans look to the air with a huge bomb from Vince Young  to Sophomore Kenny Britt pulls it in all the way down to the Raiders 30. The Titans return to the run game resulting in Johnson still getting stuffed. On 3rd and long Vince Young try to scramble but McClain drags him down for a sack. The Titans leave the drive with a BOOT from Rob Bironas. The score is 17-14 Tennessee.

    Oakland comes out all guns flying again taking it down to the Tennessee 10 with ease before the defense wakes up. Janikowski bangs in a quick and easy shot from short distance. All tied up.

    The rest of the Quarter pans out around the same way, going into the fourth with a tie game 20-20.

    The 2nd Quarter goes to the Raiders

Quarter Four, Lots of Entertainment

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    So it all comes down to this. The game comes to a halt at 20-20 until the last 3 minutes.

    Chris Johnson Jukes out Asomugha rushing for a 75 yard rush for a touchdown from the outside, giving the Titans a 27-20 lead. The fans go wild.

    But its not over, Oakland has been in this position before many of times over the past few years. They look to capitalize on a mistake from Rob Bironas kicking the ball behind his head giving the Raiders two points from a safety...Wait oops...I woke up...Rob Bironas not quite getting a piece of the ball starting return at 15 Higgins comes in to return after Ford seems to have the jitters because hes having a bad day. Anyway Johnnie Lee shows his flashy skills and breaks a couple of poor tackles tying the game up on a huge return. 

    Yet again the game is tied and Tennessee is not done yet. They show us why last year was a fluke and eat the Raiders defense alive until they enter the red-zone. Bironas makes sure not to mess up and rips the ball through the up-rights.

    With Two Minutes left, Oakland gets a decent return from Higgins leaving them at the 30. 3rd down and very short comes and Hue Jackson calls the Play Action pass leaving Murphy with another clutch catch at the Tennessee 40 after Campbell completely fakes out the entire Tennessee defense. Forget calling audibles, fans are going insane. Oakland makes sure to leech every second out not using it very wisely and with 15 seconds left on 3rd down and no timeout they go to the air with a big catch from Heyward-Bey, the bust finally did it.

    DHB leaves a hero with the score being 30-34, high scoring Raiders offense possible? Yes. Probable? No.

Hope You Had Fun

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