5 Reasons Jerry Angelo Should Be Unemployed

Pat DurantContributor IAugust 7, 2010

5 Reasons Jerry Angelo Should Be Unemployed

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    Jerry Angelo's time is up here in Chicago.  As GM of the Chicago Bears, Jerry Angelo has had some success, but his recent failure in every aspect of his job, combined with his past inadequacies should have him joining the 10% of America that is out of work.  His blatant incompetence in almost every decision has me wondering how he ever succeeded in the NFL.  Fully understanding that many decisions were not solely his, as GM he still must take full responsibility.





The Draft Picks

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    Jerry Angelo has had some many busts that it is hard to understand how he ever worked as a scout or for player personnel in the NFL.  He has made some good late round picks that made him look like a genius, but many of those standouts were exposed the further they went on in their career (Vasher, M.Anderson).  



    Lance Briggs was by far his best pick as a GM during his tenure followed by Alex Brown in the 4th round in 2002, but when it came to drafting offensive players, he completely crapped the bed.  Here is a hilarious list of failure on both sides of the ball:

    1. Dan Bazuin (2)
    2. Michael Okwo (4)
    3. Airese Currie (4)
    4. Dusty Dvoracek (3)
    5. Michael Haynes (1)
    6. Craig Krenzel (7)
    7. Cedric Benson (1)

The Trade (part 1)

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    Jay Cutler was a Pro Bowler: FACT

    Jay Cutler is a talent:  FACT

    Jay Cutler is better than Kyle Orton:  MAYBE

    Jay Cutler is worth a starting QB, two first rounders, and a second: FALSE


    I can not recall once in the history of the NFL that a complete mortgaging of a team for one player has ever worked out for the mortgagee.  Somehow, Jerry missed the memo and said maybe it will work for the Bears.  So far, not so much.  Jerry paid way over market value for a QB that wanted out.  Cutler did not have the track record to warrant such high value; Pro Bowl or not.

    * Chris Chandler was a 2 time Pro Bowler, so what is it really worth.

The Trade (part 2)

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    The unfortunate, shocking, and untimely death of Gaines Adams has nothing to do with why this makes the list.  

     The simple fact that after Jerry traded away so many picks with the Cutler trade, he follows up 6 months later and gets rid of ANOTHER second round pick.  Leaving the Bears with the 11th pick in the 3rd round as the first opportunity to address the glaring weaknesses on both sides of the ball.


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    Muhsin Muhammad aka Melvin Campbell came and left Chicago in between tenures with the Panthers.  He was slow and bad, but The General thought it would be a good idea to pay him 30 million plus a 12 million dollar bonus coming off a career year, even though his physical attributes didn't warrant it.   Carolina actually cut him in 2005 for salary cap reasons.  Moose had a whopping 164 receptions in 3 years of blah.  Moose blamed the system, "Chicago, where receivers go to die" I blame the GM for ever bringing him here.

Clean House

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    Unfortunately the McCaskey's own the Bears and aren't going anywhere.  However, if you are not a descendant of George Halas it is time to go.  The run of mediocrity was pleasant at times, but there needs to be a change at the controls.  We have missed the boat on top talent with respect to coaching and GM's, but a fresh of breath air is needed in Lake Forest; preferably a breath that builds from the lines out.