The Five New York Jets Who Will Have the Biggest Impact This Season

Sammy Makki@sammymetsfanAnalyst IAugust 6, 2010

The Five New York Jets Who Will Have the Biggest Impact This Season

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    The New York Jets have began training camp in Cortland and they will play their first exhibition game on August 16 against the New York Giants.

    They made a lot of additions this off season, bringing in multiple star players. The Jets are some experts' pick to make the Super Bowl and they will have a ton of pressure on them to get there after falling 30 minutes short last season.

    So, with that being the case, which five Jets will have the biggest impact on the team this season? Find out here.

5. Antonio Cromartie

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    The Jets already had a pretty good secondary with Darrelle Revis protecting one side of the field.

    The problem was, teams started to stay away from him and Kerry Rhodes was not helping out on the other end.

    To try and get better, the Jets acquired Antonio Cromartie to pair with Revis this season.

    Cromartie's breakout season was 2007 when he made 10 interceptions and deflected 18 passes.

    Off-the-field issues have slowed him down lately, but if he can ever be the player he was in his one Pro Bowl season, the Jets defense could be downright nasty.

4. Braylon Edwards

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    He may never be who he was in Cleveland in 2007 when he received 80 passes for nearly 1300 yards, but he still wants to prove he can be that guy.

    Braylon Edwards will be in his first full season as a member of Gang Green and will be one of a bunch of Jets receivers.

    The Jets game is still on the ground, but if they want to get better as an offense, Edwards must learn how to catch the ball.

    No matter how he does, he will impact how the Jets do on the receiving end.

3. Shonn Greene

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    Down the stretch of last season and into the playoffs, Shonn Greene started taking most of the runs for the Jets. He started to take Thomas Jones' job away and for good reason.

    Greene got better as the games got more important, and was clutch in averaging more than 10 yards-per-carry on third down.

    You can make a case he's the most important player considering how the Jets built their offense around ground and pound.

    The Jets were leading the Colts in the AFC Championship game until Greene went down with an injury.

    He has to be on his game this season for the Jets to execute.

2. Mark Sanchez

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    He's the "Sanchise" but he's not the most impactful player this season. You all know who that will be (hopefully).

    But Sanchez is among the most important for the Jets, as he's the quarterback.

    Sanchez had a slightly above-average rookie season after coming over from USC. He had his moments and he made some rookie mistakes.

    Every team though has to hope their QB will make an impact, since it is a quarterbacks' league.

    The great thing about Sanchez last season was how he got better when the playoffs began. He was given some more responsibility, and started becoming more accurate in the air.

    The Jets still claim to be a running team this season, but Sanchez can elevate the offense if he becomes more rounded in his sophomore campaign.

1. Darrelle Revis

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    Assuming he will be a member of the Jets come opening night, Darrelle Revis is by far the most impactful player on Gang Green.

    The Jets have built their defense to the point where they can't succeed without him. They are not a blitzing team, so in order to have a good defense, they need someone of Revis' caliber to shut down an offense.

    Virtually every star receiver was shut down last season, and some guys twice. Even when Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens guaranteed that they wouldn't be stopped, they were.

    Ochocinco had two consecutive shots to backup his tweets and never did, being completely shut down in the playoffs.

    If the Jets can come to terms with Revis and he wasn't a fluke, then the Jets defense will be just as good as last season for a long time.