Who are the Top Five Players the Eagles Could Least Afford to Lose?

Mike BurkeCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 7:  Stewart Bradley #55 of the Philadelphia Eagles walks on the field against the New York Giants at Giants Stadium on December 7, 2008 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

I saw a poll on the Eagles website the other day asking this question, and I thought it was pretty interesting. I don’t remember the exact list, but I figured I’d come up with my own.


5. Todd Herremans

He may not be practicing right now, but this is completely precautionary. Herremans will be ready to go at the beginning of the season and will probably start being a full participant in practice in a week or two.

In my opinion, Herremans is the best linemen the Eagles have. When healthy, I think he’s got what it takes to be a Pro Bowl guard.

Another reason he’s so valuable is the fact that he can bounce out to the tackle position as well. His health will have a huge impact on this team, so I hope to see him make it through the season without his foot giving him any trouble.


4. DeSean Jackson

If I remember correct, Jackson was the number one result on PhiladelphiaEagles.com , and you can understand why.

Jackson’s play-making ability is irreplaceable. He has the ability to score every time he touches the football. He has a knack for getting behind the defense and getting open in holes that develop in the secondary.

Without Jackson, I don’t think it would be the end of the world. However, he’s obviously a guy you want to have out there. The Eagles are starting to develop depth at wide receiver that they haven’t had in the past, but Jackson is the clear-cut leader of the pack.


3. Trent Cole

This guy is everything you want in a player. He’s well spoken, plays his heart out on every play, and gets results from doing so. A big offseason goal was getting him a partner in crime to make things easier on him. The Eagles think they have done so by drafting Brandon Graham, and I can’t wait to see what this duo can accomplish.

Defensive line depth doesn’t appear to be a problem on the surface, but the Eagles have many players who are still unproven. We know what to expect from Colem and the scary thing is that he should go above and beyond that in 2010.


2. Brent Celek
I don’t know how you can argue this one.

From the end of the 2008 season, through the 2009 season, this guy has really put himself on the map. He was just edged out of a Pro Bowl appearance last year in his first season as the true starter and has nowhere to go but up. I think Celek will become a quick favorite for Kevin Kolb, and I expect some big things for the two of them.

Also, the Eagles have two guys battling for a backup spot behind Celek with a grand total of zero NFL appearances. This isn’t a knock on the talent level of Cornelius Ingram or Clay Harbor, they just need to get some action in actual games.


1. Stewart Bradley

He missed the entire 2009 season due to an ACL injury, and we saw how that worked out for the linebackers.

Bradley is the glue that holds this defense together. He is exactly what you need in a middle linebacker, and I’m very glad to have him back.

I think the personnel at linebacker has improved this year, but it’s hard to see another guy who could step in and do what Bradley is capable of. Without him, you start shifting things around and probably end up with a situation similar to last year. Bradley needs to stay healthy in 2010.


So, who would you put in your top five list?