Brett Favre Drama: Fans, Organizations, and Media Share The Criticism

Tony TuckerCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2010

NEW YORK - AUGUST 08:  New York Jets Quarterback Brett Favre speaks to the media  during a press conference to Welcome  Favre to New York at City Hall on August 8, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
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For about the past five seasons we have dealt with the "will he, won't he"
retirement drama of Brett Favre.  So the fact that a report came out
Tuesday saying he was going to retire and then denied those reports the
next day shouldn't shock anyone.
I am the biggest Favre supporter that I know and understand that this
retirement circus that has happened annual for five seasons is inexcusable.
How is it that the majority of the blame for this falls on the shoulders of
Favre?  The way I see it, this is a 50-50 split, if not more on the
organizations, media, and fans.
Fans Love It
The fans claim to be tired of the fact that Favre can't make up his mind,
when every level-headed NFL fan knows this annual dilemma is about not
wanting to go to training camp.

Every year Favre has some of the highest-rated games on televisionso I fans are watching him.
In 2008 the Vikings had trouble selling out a playoff game against the
Philadelphia Eagles and the next season, after Favre came to town, they sold out a
preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.
Fans watch, wait, and respond to all of the Favre coverage through comments
on articles, blogs, and messages boards.
Viking fans handled Tuesdays announcement better than the media, other NFL fans, and the organization and this is only their second year dealing with the problem.
Hypothetically, if you loved your job, had been doing it for 20 years, and five
days a week for one month a year you had to go in early for company seminars
talking about the same things you've listened to for years, would you want
to do it?
What if your boss said, "Why don't you just come in at the regular time and
start your shift," because he knew you had everything under control and were
going to deliver when it matter.
If you think you would still go in for those early morning seminars you're a
delusional liar.
Organizational Problem
First the Packers, then the Jets, and finally the Vikings organizations have
given all of the power to Favre.
The Packers, who finally got tired of being the hostage of the Lambeau legend,
traded him the Jets.
The Jets were smart enough not to wait around and let him walk,  moving on
with Mark Sanchez.  If they would have had a guy like Favre last season then
maybe they would have completed that magical run to the Super Bowl.
Although, Favre has been known to throw late-game INTs.

The Vikings have handled this the worst by letting Favre have all of the control and dictating when he wants to come backwhich I can't really blame them because if your options are Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels then wait until kickoff of Week One.
If the Vikings front office would have just made a run at Donovan McNabb,
they would have forced Favre's hand into making a decision, all-in or fold.
Instead they put all of their eggs into one "questionable" basket and now
wait with baited breath for his return.
Somehow that makes Favre the bad guy, will someone please try to explain
that to me?
Competitive Media Monster
My biggest problem is the media and its propensity to be the first to break
every story that comes out.  According to Favre, he never sent any text
messages to teammates saying what he was doing one way or the otherbelieve who you want.

The fact that this is the slowest media cycle of the year forces them to
find some kind of drama and drum it up.  Are they supposed to talk about
A-Rods chase for 600 when everyone could care less since they know he is a
juicer?  They could talk about the Yankees collapsing in the AL East, but we
all know they're still going to make the playoffs.
Who better than the biggest NFL superstar of the last 20 years, who can't seem
to make up his mind?
Every time Favre breaks wind they report it, before they find out if it came
from his mouth or his back side. 

It had been a pretty quiet Favre offseason up until the reports fromyesterdaythese reports have been proven false by comments from Favre and his agent.

Somehow Favre takes the majority of the blame for taking advantage of what the system is allowing. I'm not saying Favre is innocent, but I think it's about time other people started realizing there part in the Favre drama.

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