What I Learned From Sesame Street: A Quarterback Observation!

D. WebbCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2010

"One of these things is not like the others, Two of these things are kinda the same,

Can you guys tell which thing is not like the others? Now it’s time to play our game."

      When I was growing up and Sesame Street was brand new, I was learning how to make football observations and analogies and didn’t even know it. This little ditty would precede an exercise in comparative observation. What is the same about the bulk of the group, which one sticks out like a sore thumb?

     As I look at the Broncos QB situation I can’t help but applying the lessons learned in my cognitive formation years. Of the three quarterbacks currently on the roster two of them are very similar in stature, athleticism, intelligence, leadership and work ethic. One of them is not. Two of the Quarterbacks on the roster are humble, hard working guys who think that every second on the field is an opportunity to improve their game and take advantage of  the coaching and support that Mc Daniels has surrounded them with including a H.OF Quarterback who volunteered to come out of retirement just to help them step up their game. One of these Quarterbacks thinks that he’s been ‘screwed over’ by the uncertainty of the CBA, and openly complained that he should be getting a huge contract this year if he wasn’t restricted. One of these quarterbacks told that same H.O.F. Quarterback “Thanks but no thanks!”!

      Josh Mc Daniels has told anybody who will listen and most analysts agree  the Broncos offense needs to have a Quarterback that can make plays with his legs as well his arm (including the deep ball) to keep defenses honest and raise the dismal third down and red-zone conversion ratio from last year. Two of these players have the athletic talent to make a lot of things happen in those situations, one has proven to be limited, predictable, and pedestrian.

I could keep beating on this point all day but in the end it is still up to the coaches and whether two of these players can live up to their potential and break through their respective ceilings before we have one have the floor fall out from under him, and the team like it did last year. I purposely omitted names (to protect the innocent) and just present the situation as I see it. Like when we were kids watching Sesame Street , it’s your job to use your own mind and figure out which players fit, and which one doesn’t.