Brett Favre's 'Retirement' Drops Vikings' Ticket Prices to Lowest in NFL

SeatGeekAnalyst IAugust 5, 2010

For the moment, Brett Favre has retired and will not be playing with the Minnesota Vikings in 2010-11. Does that mean he is actually retired? Who knows? But for now, Favre’s absence from the Vikings’ roster is having a startling affect on the team’s ticket prices on the secondary market.

SeatGeek’s Team Pages track the average transaction price for each team in the NFL over the last week, and rank the teams based on price. Over the past week, since news of Favre’s retirement, Vikings’ tickets have transacted for only $45, which ranks them dead last out of the 32 NFL teams! Their current transaction price averages are also well below the Vikings’ historical average of $63. Click here to see the Minnesota Vikings Ticket Price & Fan Sentiment page.

Minnesota Vikings Ticket Prices Screenshot

Also, historical ticket prices for the Vikings have trended severely downward in the last week or so. Even before Favre retired, the uncertainty surrounding his status may have driven the price for tickets down on the secondary market. Certainly, fans’ willingness to pay a premium for tickets is a reflection of the product on the field; if an NFL legend such as Brett Favre is no longer playing for the Vikings, fans are not willing to pay as much as for tickets.

Historical Minnesota Vikings Ticket Prices




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