Brett Favre: Playing Right Into His Hands

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IAugust 3, 2010

Forget "Survivor", "The Hills", or gasp, "The Jersey Shore." The Brett Favre Show has been the most compelling reality show these past few years even though this show only airs in the months of August leading up to training camp.

No matter how sick we are of him and his drama, we all glue ourselves to the televisions for any type of coverage on him. Bringing up his name and his future is like asking Seth Macfarlane if and when "Family Guy" would be coming back. So, after all the success last year, the dramatic playoff loss, and the ankle surgery, he now suddenly doesn't want to return due to the physical demands.

So why should we believe him?

They say Brett Favre's inspiration and ability to play changes as the time to play gets closer similar to the way a man turns into a werewolf at the arrival of a full moon. Animals such as bears hibernate every winter. Perhaps retirement is Brett Favre's annual hibernation he needs to take.

Each of the past two years, when Favre has called it quits, every single sports network from ESPN and the NFL Network to Fox Sports ran highlights of his career, as well as each analysts' respective favorite Favre moment. As a Giants fan, my favorite is the interception he threw in the NFC Championship Game that was his last as a Packer (but that's another story).

We've all seen the footage of his teary retirement press conference (to clarify, I'm talking about his first one in Green Bay), as well as him flat out say after retiring from the Jets that he was done. And who could forget last year, actually waiting until the team actually played a preseason game. Perhaps this year he's taking it up a notch and waiting for after the team to play a regular season game. Maybe he'll even wait until the actual playoffs to return?

But why would he? The answer is simple. And no, it's not money.

It's Ego.

Still on a high from the attention brought to him after accepting the award for play of the year at the ESPYs, Favre knows the only way to top that would be an announcement on his coming back. However, at this point, it has been assumed and all but guaranteed that he would be back. Knowing this, Favre runs the risk of not getting as much attention as he has each of the past two Augusts. After all, pretty much every single sports show dedicated its time to not only cover the press conference, but his arrival from the airport! I was finally able to tell how many different ESPN channels existed due to the number of channels covering it.

Maybe he didn't like the van Brad Childress picked him up from the airport in. Maybe he'd prefer a limo this time. Or maybe he wants Vikings management to show how much they REALLY need him, and make Brad Childress rent a yacht, pick him up from Mississippi, and navigate back to Minnesota.

Now, we all know that if Favre were to play, he wouldn't want to participate in mini camp. Maybe this year, he realizes he doesn't even want to play in preseason games. Or heck, maybe he doesn't want to play the first game.

I know what you're thinking. The first game is back in New Orleans against the Saints. A reason why he'd come back is to make things right.

Not so fast.

The Saints defense pummeled Favre in the game and that last interception he may ever throw was even more devastating than the previous NFC Championship Game he choked in. Maybe he doesn't want to start this season off against the Saints.

Last season's first game was against the Cleveland Browns. Yes, the Cleveland Browns. What quarterback mulling a return wouldn't jump at the chance to start off against them.

So have we heard the last of Brett Favre? That's like saying we've seen the last "Friday the 13th" movie. Sure, even if he doesn't play NOW, it doesn't mean he won't play this year, or even wait for the Vikings to make the playoffs in December and then take Tarvaris Jackson's job away again but in a totally different way this year.